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Here Are 15 Cleaning Tips That Every Neat Freak Should Know

Here are two words that my mother would never have used to describe me five or six years ago: neat freak.

Like most adolescents, I was way more focused on gaining any sense of control over my personal life and figuring out how to be a person than I was on cleaning my room. After all, nothing says “I’m spiraling out of control” quite like swimming through laundry to get to your bed every night.

I’m happy to report, however, that I’ve since gotten everything together and turned into an adult human who is actually weirdly obsessive about the cleanliness of her apartment. (You’re welcome, Mom.) For my fellow neat freaks out there, here are a few clever tricks that we all should know.

1. Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for everything. They’re especially great for glass shower doors!

They might also be good for getting scuffs off your bumper when you’re 17 and you have no idea how cars work. They might.

2. Give sponges a little zap in the microwave for a few seconds to sanitize them when you ultimately forget to buy new sponges at the supermarket 30 times in a row.


3. Get rid of gunk on your toaster by scrubbing it away with a mixture of cream of tartar and water.

4. Combine equal parts Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and club soda to clean water stains off of upholstery.

5. Fill a dish wand with dish soap and vinegar to easily clean your shower.

6. Clean mildew out of front-loading washers by soaking a towel in bleach and warm water and giving the gasket a good scrub.


7. Instead of coaxing a stain out of the carpet with harsh chemicals, place a damp cloth over the spot and go over it with an iron, allowing steam to release it.


8. Mix baking soda, dish detergent, and vinegar to scrub dingy cabinets.

9. Strap some microfiber cloths to your tongs to clean dusty blinds.

10. Dirty dishwasher? That’s not cute. Clean it with soda and Kool-Aid mix. You read that correctly.

11. After cleaning your faucet, keep things shiny and water-resistant by rubbing fixtures with wax paper.

12. Make your glass cooktop all shiny and new by scrubbing gently with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.

13. Bring the shine factor back to your stainless steel appliances by cleaning them with Pledge.

14. Get rid of pesky rings on wood with this mixture of olive oil and salt.


15. Since unholy heathens like to place price tag stickers smack in the middle of mirrors, you should grab a bottle of orange essential oil to clean up sticky residue.


Which of these will you try? All I’m saying is that my oven has a date with some Pledge.

(via One Crazy House)

The Addition Of A Gorgeous Coffee Bar Gave This Room A Much-Needed Makeover

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve come to terms with the fact that your body doesn’t actually work without coffee.

Devotees of this elixir of the gods plan their lives around morning cups and trips to the cutest cafes in town, but what if those two things could collide in the comfort of your own home?

If that sounds like Heaven on Earth to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Imgur user EvoLLLL decided that their space needed a facelift, so they paid beautiful homage to everyone’s favorite drinks by installing a coffee bar that doubles as wine bar. In other news, I’m probably going to move into their house. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

If you want to create a little nook that will make your house the go-to hangout spot, here’s how it’s done!

This is what EvoLLLL started with. Needless to say, it was a little dated.

First, they removed the shelves, mirrors, and trim.

Then the unit itself had to come out so that an outlet could be installed.

After sanding off the double-sided tape that was used to hold the mirrors in place, EvoLLLL chose an accent color for the frame of the cabinet.

New overhead lighting was next on the list. They purchased theirs at IKEA.

And what’s cuter than a chalkboard backdrop? Nothing.

EvoLLLL writes that using chalkboard paint is a total pain, so it’d probably be best to let each layer dry completely overnight for smooth results.

After that, the crafter created a wooden counter on the bottom and placed new trim on the three remaining sides.

For the sake of saving money and time, they reinstalled the original shelf.

To put their mugs on display and keep them within arm’s reach, they added a few hooks to the back wall.

And what coffee and wine bar would be complete without a few wine glass racks?

All they had to do after that was plug in their coffee maker and espresso machine to drive the cafe feel home.

Just don’t expect to make any frappuccinos here, folks.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I need one of these in my apartment as soon as possible. You can all come over for a cup!

For full details, be sure to check out EvoLLLL’s original post on Imgur.

What She Does With 7-Up Is Pure Culinary Genius (And It Looks So Delicious)

Okay, okay, soda might not be great for you, but you can’t deny that it’s delicious, right?

Sitting out by the pool with an ice-cold glass of fizzy goodness is basically the definition of refreshing. Speaking of foods that aren’t really healthy but taste way too good, let’s talk about cake for a second. Actually, let’s talk about soda and cake. If these two treats are high on your “gotta have this right now” list, this amazing recipe is the one for you.

I really need to learn how to bake, because this is just too good to miss.

He Took A Bunch Of Old Pennies And Turned Them Into Gorgeous Coasters You’ll Want!

Pennies are hands down the most annoying, useless bits of change ever.

Seriously, though, when was the last time you used any change for your grocery store purchases, let alone those copper fiends? For me, pennies used to be things that I just avoided and tried to pawn off on other equally uninterested people. I can’t blame those people for not wanting them, though. You can’t even use them in vending machines.

But when I came across this cool DIY project from Instructables user MrJB, my mind changed completely! You’ll understand why when you see the beautiful coasters he made.

First he gathered about four dollars’ worth of pennies.

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Then the crafter started gluing them together one at a time.

He formed them into hexagons to get a nice, rounded look.

To finish each hexagon, he added a layer of clean pennies around the outside.

The pieces with the older-looking pennies would be placed between the brighter ones.

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Next, he stacked four hexagons per coaster, spiraling them for a circular appearance.

Then it was time to glue the layers together.

But he wasn’t done just yet. For the last step, he smoothed a dollop of Vaseline onto the center of a tinfoil sheet.

This would stop the epoxy finish from bonding to the foil and ruining the coasters.

With everything ready, the crafter spread epoxy over each piece, making sure to coat all of the sides.

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After waiting 24 hours for them to dry, he used a utility knife to cut off all of the excess finish.

The only thing left to do was to test each one out. Fortunately, they were all great!

I had no idea pennies could look so cool!

I kind of need these for my home.

(via Little Things)

If you could mail me all of your old pennies, that’d be great. But if you’d rather save them to make your own shiny coasters, you can find the full instructions here.

For A Quick, Simple, And Cheap DIY Ornament, Try Glue Gun Snowflakes

Every year, I look for new and exciting DIY projects to make during the holidays.

I love to craft new and festive decorations for my home. The focal point of any wintery house is the Christmas tree. This year, I used blue lights to give off a chilly feel, and I’ve been looking for the perfect ornaments to celebrate all things winter.

That’s where this tutorial by Dave Hax comes in. He’ll take you step-by-step through creating an amazing DIY snowflake ornament, and all you need is a glue gun, some glitter glue sticks, and wax paper. It couldn’t be simpler!

You can trace pre-printed designs, or go rogue and design your own snowflakes.

Youtube / DaveHax

Read More: 20 Projects And Hacks That’ll Make You Want To Stock Up On Tinfoil

They say that every snowflake is unique, and each one of these ornaments will be one of a kind. If you know any crafters like me, share this!

She Glued $437 To Her Floor And Created Something Totally Unique

In an age that’s getting progressively more plastic-dependent by the minute, using cash seems to be a thing of the past, and using change is a hassle that most of us want to leave behind. Pennies are probably the most annoying coins of all. All they seem to do is hang out between couch cushions and clog up the works in our wallets.

And that’s what makes this woman’s home decor project so amazing. After accumulating thousands of pennies, she decided to repurpose them into something that gives her dining room an intense touch of coppery gorgeousness.

That’s right. Facebook user Gina Dagastino rounded up 43,758 pennies and covered her entire dining room floor with them.

This process was a tedious one, since each penny had to be glued to the floor individually.

To glue the pennies down, she used heavy-duty E6000 clear adhesive, which you can find at most craft and hardware stores.

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She couldn’t choose between heads or tails, so she did a little bit of both to create a unique texture. After the pennies set, Dagastino plans on going back in with some grout to ensure that everything stays in place.

You can check out the rest of the project on Facebook. It’s pretty straightforward, but seeing the process as it unfolds is helpful!

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Progress report on the dining room penny floor. The holidays and other obligations slowed us a bit,but we’re just about…

Posted by Gina Dagastino on Sunday, January 24, 2016

(via Facebook)

The best thing about DIY projects is that they often help us repurpose things that we’d otherwise leave sitting around in disuse. While gluing thousands of pennies to a floor might be a bit much for most crafters, this technique could easily be applied to other surfaces like coffee tables and shelves!

So what do you think? Will you be putting your penny collection to good use?

20 High-Impact Home Upgrades That Are Deceptively Simple

Luxurious home upgrades are usually accompanied by construction crews, headaches, and insane expenses.

Because most of us can’t leave for a few months while people gut the place or drop thousands of dollars in the process, opulent upgrades typically never make it past Pinterest. Since home blogging is now a pretty big deal, however, plenty of options have opened up for those of us who don’t have wads of money to throw at contractors!

Here are 20 high-impact home upgrades that aren’t crazy difficult (and won’t break the bank).

1. Attics are usually dark and cramped, but covering yours from floor to ceiling in light colors can create the illusion of space. Throw comfy floor cushions around and make yourself a little oasis!


2. Why waste all that space under the stairs? Install a bookshelf that’s functional and has visual appeal.


3. Get rid of all the crap you don’t need in your backyard shed, add some windows, and create an outdoor getaway.


4. Install a hidden mini fridge in your kitchen island for storing important things like white wine and beer.

5. Trade in your bed linens and opt for all white for a super-chic vibe.


6. Create the least clunky kitchen storage of all time by building baseboard drawers.

7. Create a secret room by trading in your door for a hinged bookshelf.

8. Install accordion windows to bridge the gap between outside and in.

9. Make that spare room useful all the time by building a platform and using it for hidden storage.

10. Extend deck railings and get some barstools to create an outdoor bar for entertaining.

11. Upgrade that dingy linoleum floor with a quick paint job!

12. Carpet installation can cost an arm and a leg, so add some flair to your staircase with a DIY runner.

13. Make rooms look more spacious by attaching inexpensive framed mirrors to closet doors and painting them to match.

14. Add an unexpected pop to your living room by framing your TV.

15. Use tiered cake plates to store things like spices and toiletries.

16. If you don’t feel like spending a fortune on new drawer pulls, upgrade the ones you have with metallic paint.


17. Use PVC pipes and curtains to create a cozy canopy bed.

18. Hang drapes on curved shower curtain rods to get the look of bay windows.

19. Add interest to your bathroom by mixing tiles. You could use small subway tiles for your backsplash and larger ones on the tub!


20. Unexpected pops of color are always a hit, so have some fun and paint the inside of your closet.

The best part is that most of these projects can be done in one afternoon! Which ones will you try? That canopy bed is calling my name. Just remember that at the end of the day, making your friends jealous is all that matters.

She Took A Piece Of Fabric And Made It Into A Pillow Cover Without Sewing

Oftentimes, redecorating comes at a ridiculous cost. Wallpaper, paint, new furniture…the list goes on. But when it comes to giving a couch a whole new look, you can stop at just one item: fabric you probably already have lying around.

Without even sewing or cutting her swatch of cloth, this woman gives a throw pillow a makeover in just two minutes!

I can’t believe how easy that was! If you have a plain-looking couch, you can do so much to spice it up with fun fabrics like this one. What a fast, adorable way to makeover a piece of furniture you use every day.