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19 New And Mouthwatering Pies To Make For Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Pie is one of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner.

But year after year, we all have the same kinds of pie: pumpkin and apple. This holiday season, spice things up by making a brand-new pie for dinner. Whether it’s a twist on an old classic or something completely new, you’ll get tons of compliments. It might even become your family’s new favorite dessert!

1. Turning snickerdoodles into pie is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time.

2. This white chocolate silk pie would pair perfectly with coffee and fruit.

3. Can’t get enough Girl Scout cookies? Samoas pie is here for you.

8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Pets Safe Over The Holidays

Holidays are a joyous time of year for us, but the sparkly decorations, delicious-smelling food, and noisy guests can be a sensory overload for our furry friends. Luckily, we’ve found eight tips to help keep your pets safe, healthy, and happy during the Christmas season.

Before I saw these tips, I had no idea how many dangers were lurking in plain sight during the holidays. Now, I’m making some changes to my household to ensure the safety of my pets. From securing the Christmas tree to providing a quiet place for them to rest and relax, pets can finally have the jolly holiday they deserve!

1. Secure The Christmas Tree

Pictures like these get a lot of laughs online, but failure to secure your tree can lead to pet injury and even death. Also, bacteria and fertilizers in stagnant tree water can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you have a live tree, fashion a cover out of tinfoil or a sheet to discourage your pets from using it as a personal drinking dish.

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2. Avoid Mistletoe And Holly

Instead of getting live mistletoe or holly this year, opt for artificial plants. Mistletoe is known to cause stomach and cardiovascular issues when ingested by pets, while holly results in vomiting and diarrhea.

Dad Opens The Best Christmas Present Ever And Has The Cutest Reaction

My dad is always the last person left on my Christmas shopping list. He’s not particularly hard to shop for, but what could possibly be special enough for the man who’s given me everything?

There are always the standard presents, like ties and coffee mugs, but sometimes they just don’t cut it. Most dads have reached an age where they no longer care much about material items. What they really treasure is the precious time that they get to spend with their family.

The daughter in the video below hadn’t been able to spend Christmas with her dad in 25 years. One year when the big day rolled around, she did everything in her power to change that.

This is a gift he’ll never, ever forget.

If you have a far-away family member you’re missing this holiday season, be sure to share this video with them. Maybe they will wrap themselves up for a Christmas surprise!

Get In The Festive Spirit With These 19 Red And Green Recipes

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if everything from decorations to ugly sweaters weren’t red and green.

Once the earth tones of Thanksgiving have their turn, red and green do a hostile takeover. If you ask me, it really helps me get in the holiday spirit to see wreaths and Christmas lights strung from house to house in these festive colors.

And who says the stuff on your holiday table can’t get in on the fun? Don’t be a grinch! Get some cooking inspiration from the list below and wow your guests with red and green treats that’ll take you from dinner to dessert.

1. Start off your holidays and your meal right with these festively delicious, bite-sized Caprese salads.

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2. Don’t be such a ding-a-ling! What’s more festive than a white chocolate ting-a-ling?

For A Quick, Simple, And Cheap DIY Ornament, Try Glue Gun Snowflakes

Every year, I look for new and exciting DIY projects to make during the holidays.

I love to craft new and festive decorations for my home. The focal point of any wintery house is the Christmas tree. This year, I used blue lights to give off a chilly feel, and I’ve been looking for the perfect ornaments to celebrate all things winter.

That’s where this tutorial by Dave Hax comes in. He’ll take you step-by-step through creating an amazing DIY snowflake ornament, and all you need is a glue gun, some glitter glue sticks, and wax paper. It couldn’t be simpler!

You can trace pre-printed designs, or go rogue and design your own snowflakes.

Youtube / DaveHax

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They say that every snowflake is unique, and each one of these ornaments will be one of a kind. If you know any crafters like me, share this!

This Reimagined Version Of ‘Hallelujah’ Will Give You All Of The Chills

Pentatonix first rose to fame as the winners of the third season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off.”

Since then, the talented group has released four EPs and a major label debut album. While they are most commonly known for their take on pop-style hits, when it comes to celebrating the holidays, no one sings the holiday classics quite like these guys.

As Pentatonix prepares to release their second Christmas Album, “A Pentatonix Christmas,” the group has given fans their first taste of the album with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” This creative reworking is sure to give you chills.

If this doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, I don’t know what will.

What’s your favorite holiday hit? This one is definitely up there for me!

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20 Ways To Decorate With The 10,000 Holiday Cards You’re About To Get In The Mail

If you’re like me, you probably get about a thousand holiday cards every December that you have no idea what to do with. This year, get the most out of them with these 20 decorating ideas.

Usually, I try to prop the cards up on the mantle, but there’s always far too many. With the ideas on this list, however, you can ensure that holiday cards become an integral part of your home’s holiday decorations. After all, the cards are beautiful! Why not use that to your advantage?

1. Frame a doorway with fresh or fake garland, then use clothespins to attach holiday cards.

2. Or dress up the railing on your stairs for the same effect.

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These 9 New Year’s Traditions Were Invented By And For Drunk People

When you think about it, New Year’s Eve is kind of a bizarre holiday. What better way to celebrate the coming of the new year than by waiting for a light-up ball to drop, macking on each other, and drinking weird carbonated wine from France, right?

But there are some New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations out there that make those rituals sound normal. Take these, for example.

In Mount Olive, North Carolina, the New Year’s Day pickle is dropped at the stroke of midnight.

In Ecuador, they burn scarecrow effigies that represent the end of the old year.

On News Year’s Eve in Denmark, it’s normal to throw unused plates at people’s doors.

In Mexico, Peru, and Argentina, the color of the underwear one wears on New Year’s Eve will determine their fate for the next year. One seeking love should wear red undies, for instance.

If you stuff 12 grapes into your mouth in Spain, the next year is sure to be a good one!

In Brazil, jumping over seven waves on New Year’s Day will bring you good fortune for the next year.

In Japan, bells are rung 108 times on New Year’s Day to bring “cleanness” to the country.

It’s traditional for everyone in Peru to straight-up fight each other when the holiday rolls around.

Part of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Switzerland involves dropping ice cream on the floor.

As much as I roll my eyes when my German mother puts the traditional pork on the table for New Year’s dinner, I’m thankful that I don’t have to fight my dad. Have a safe and happy new year, everyone!

Wow, This Little Town Went All Out For Christmas… Wait, WHAT? Look A Little Closer…

Reddit user tunny949  shared this “little” Christmas village recently. At first, it looks like a real town where all the residents love Christmas decorating more than anything in the world. But upon closer look, it’s his mother’s incredible creation that she puts up every year. It’s an amazing collection of all kinds of pieces she has collected over the years. He says it takes her about 60 hours and 5 bottles of wine to set up every year…and to think I struggle putting up the Christmas lights around the house. All that’s missing now is to put some fake snow onto that fan and set it to spin on extra-slow.

Here you can see the insane amount of work that goes into putting this ever-expanding Christmas village up each year. It’s a week long process!

After this, none of us are ever again allowed to complain about Christmas decorating being a drag. Source

Here Are Seriously Impressive Pumpkin Carvings. They’re No Ordinary Gourds.

It’s finally fall and you know what that means: your porch is in desperate need of a jack-o-lantern.

Instead of the same old silly face you create every year, why not try to kick it up a notch with your carving knife? Take a look at some of these impressive pumpkins and you’ll definitely get inspired to give your own fancy gourd a shot. They’re extra-gourd-inary!

1.) A geometric gourd.

2.) Peek-a-b—omg.

3.) Who needs a lampshade when you have a pumpkin?

4.) Some scary skull action.

5.) This guy has a serious case of helmet hair.

6.) Can you see the meta-pumpkin through the trees?

7.) These eyes are spooky realistic.

8.) Jack Skellington sends his regards.

9.) This would look great at Hogwarts.

10.) A Dia De Los Muertos homage.

11.) I hope this Death Star isn’t as vulnerable as the original.

12.) “Ugh, it still has its seeds.”

13.) Make use of the stem AND the olives no one in your house likes!

14.) Thank goodness this pumpkin is against cannibalism.

15.) This pumpkin is for The Birds.

16.) This guy is clearly judging you…

17.) Where the wild pumpkins are.

18.) This is a gorgeous Ganesha-gourd.

19.) I think this guy has a headache.

20.) This pumpkin had too much sugar.

21.) The last samurai pumpkins.

22.) With great pumpkins comes great responsibility.

23.) Legos creating their own likeness.

24.) Much fancier than a regular bouquet.

25.) What a dreamy carousel.

26.) Spooky shapes.

27.) Good news: rotting pumpkins can get in the fun too.

28.) Those poor oranges never saw it coming.

29.) This extraterrestrial is way creepier than E.T.

30.) Howl-oween.

31.) A pumpkin fit for a Khaleesi.

32.) This is a pumpkin feast.

33.) This pumpkin has some things to say.

34.) Art gecko.

35.) This sea turtle seems just fine on land.

36.) Ouch…

37.) Puss in Boots has never looked cuter.

38.) Wolfman seems less scary in gourd form.

39.) You’d look this mad if you tried to breathe through a pumpkin, too.

40.) Yep. This is what the child of Slimer from Ghostbusters and Tooie from Little Shop of Horrors would look like.

41.) Gourd sweet gourd.

(H/T: This Old House.)

Now you’re ready to crack open your own pumpkin and see what you can do. We can’t wait to see what you make!