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An Observant Traffic Worker Saved This Street-Crossing Pooch’s Life

If you live in Arizona and use State Route 51 on your commute, you know how busy this road can be. As you can imagine, this area is no place for a little puppy to be wandering around, but one unlucky dog recently found herself on the crowded highway.

Someone at the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Control Center was monitoring the highway’s cameras when he spotted the pooch. That’s when he decided to take action.

No one knows where the dog came from, but she was seen attempting to cross State Route 51 In Pheonix.


Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) employee Gil Estrada was monitoring the cameras that day when he noticed the terrified dog. When he picked her up in his car, she was curled up on the median.


The dog was given to the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO), and they offered to help find her a home.

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Last night, Jan. 25th, 2016 an employee who monitors ADOT cameras noticed a dog on the freeway median of SR51. The…

Posted by Arizona Equine Rescue Organization on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So far, the owners of the pooch haven’t come forward, and AERO plans to put her up for adoption. They have named her ADOT in honor of the employee who saved her life.

You’ll Never Believe What Fell Out Of The Back Of This Van On The Highway

Driving on the highway is incredibly dangerous. It’s insane that we all get from point A to point B safely as often as we do. When you think about the fact that we regularly drive giant hunks of dangerous machinery at high speeds, it all seems pretty crazy.

But on this Chinese highway, things got even more dangerous than usual one day. People were driving behind this van in Suzhou when all of a sudden, the rear door opened and a toddler fell out. The driver of the car was the child’s grandfather, and he had no idea what happened. Check out the startling footage below.

Apparently, the grandfather had the boy in the passenger seat, but he managed to squirm into the back. The rear hatch was broken, so the little one was able to open it.


(via BuzzFeed)

How scary is that? Thankfully, the boy was saved and no one was harmed. Judging by the little guy’s reaction, he was more confused than traumatized.