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This Looks Like A Normal First Date, But You’ll Reach For The Tissues 45 Seconds In

When it comes to loss, watching someone you love lose all memory of you is uniquely tragic.

People with Alzheimer’s are still right there in front of you, but the length of a dining room table can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. You can reach out and touch them, but it feels like they’re miles away. And when they look at you, they don’t make the connections they once did. They can’t. They feel like islands, attached to nothing and completely isolated.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, five million Americans now suffer from the heartbreaking condition. That’s five million moms, dads, daughters, sisters, and brothers who have no concept of who they are anymore — five million families who have to grieve the loss of someone who’s sitting right there. All we can do is make them feel as safe and happy as possible.

And that’s exactly what this woman does in the video below. Watch what happens when she asks her date to dance.

People struggling with Alzheimer’s may wake up every day feeling scared and alone, but it’s our job to ensure that they go to sleep every night knowing that they’re loved.

They Got Their Extreme Home Makeover, Then Kicked Out All Of Their Adopted Kids

When I was young, one of my family’s favorite TV shows was “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Not only were the house transformations amazing, but the stories about the families who genuinely needed help were moving. It felt right that these families who struggled so much should receive new houses and second chances.

One North Carolina family that received a new house on the show in 2012, however, is now being accused of faking it for the camera. Devonda and James Friday were chosen to receive a new home after taking in five siblings as foster parents. But now that they have the new house, none of the children live with them.

Chris and Kamaya, the two eldest siblings, say they were kicked out of the house within months and that none of them lived with the Fridays after a year.

Now adults, the two siblings also accuse the Fridays of misusing items and money given to them by “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” that were meant for a nonprofit charity they used to run. Chris also says of their adoption, “I know it was all about the money. From the first day, it was all about the money.”

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This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued Is So Sad — He Can’t Even Believe It!

While living on the streets is terrifying enough, being in a home and then finding yourself at animal control is probably even scarier for our pets.

They’ve become accustomed to a life filled with love, cushy beds, and quiet naps. Then, for whatever reason, they wind up at the county pound. It’s loud, unfamiliar, and entirely horrible.

That’s why it’s understandable that when A Place To Bark rescued this guy from animal control, he couldn’t believe someone was finally showing him compassion again.

Warning: this is heartbreaking to watch.

But after a little time and a lot of love, this scared little boy became happy again!

A Place To Bark is dedicated to helping rehabilitate and rehome pets that find themselves in high-kill shelters and animal controls. Established in 2001 in the Chicago area, the nonprofit rescue has saved more than 3,000 lives!

If you’d like to help out, you can donate here or follow along with their heartwarming rescue stories here.

What Started As A Tragedy For This Firefighter Ended In A Medical Miracle

Firefighters put their lives on the line each and every day so that we can stay safe in our homes. It’s so heartbreaking to see these men and women lose their lives and sustain devastating injuries while doing such selfless work.

One man who knows that all too well is Mississippi-based firefighter Patrick Hardison. While responding to a call for a massive house fire back in 2001, the roof caved in on him, and the scalding materials melted straight through his mask. The resulting injury changed his life forever.

Hardison — always a kind and gentle family man — decided to dedicate his life to helping others.

But on that fateful day in 2001, he sustained an injury that totally changed the course of his life. He suffered massive burns that effectively stripped away his entire face. Not only did the wound wreak havoc on his physical health, but it also destroyed his self confidence.

His emotional health was so shattered that he couldn’t even bear to look at himself in the mirror. One horrible accident robbed him of his personal identity.

With support from his family and the tireless physicians at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, Hardison underwent the most intense facial transplant procedure in medical history.

The operation took the team of 100 physicians and nurses 26 hours to complete, but fortunately, the strong guy made it through the entire ordeal without any complications.

After 14 years, Patrick Hardison was able to see his reconstructed face for the first time in what proved to be a powerful moment for everyone involved.

As he recovers, firefighters who were with him at the time of the accident come and spend time with him every week. While Hardison needs time to adjust to his new face, he’s so thankful to his loved ones and his dedicated medical team for helping him start this exciting new chapter.

To hear more of Hardison’s incredible story, check out the video below:

(via IFL Science)

It’s absolutely incredible to see what physicians can do today to improve the lives of those who protect us. Patrick Hardison risked everything to help those in need, and it’s only fair that these amazing doctors returned the favor. We wish this brave firefighter and his family all the best!

He Climbed To The Top Of A Mayan Ruin Only To Find This Heartbreaking Note

Going on a vacation to visit ancient Mayan temples and ruins is an exciting adventure for anyone. It’s really awesome to see what was left behind by one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and looking at the amazing structures they were able to create with primitive technology is incredible.

But for one traveler, a trip to see Mayan ruins had a much different effect. When he reached the top of one ancient temple, he found a heartbreaking note that really put things into perspective.

This is the bottle that was found. It contained a note detailing a heartbreaking story that needed to be shared with the world.

(via Reddit / Man0nTheMoon915)

This letter is so positive, yet so tragic. I’m glad that this person shared it with us. These words need to be heard so that everyone can learn from Katy’s message.

Her Dying Father Was Afraid He’d Miss Her Wedding, So They Did Something Special

While it might seem like weddings are all about the bride and groom, these ceremonies are usually dedicated to much more than one relationship. Weddings are about celebrating love of all kinds — especially the love of family. Dads and daughters usually share particularly heartwarming moments by the time all is said and done.

But Rachel Wolf was afraid that she wasn’t going to be able to form those special memories with her father when the big day rolled around. That’s because her dad, Dr. James Wolf, was dying from pancreatic cancer. To make sure this father-daughter duo wasn’t robbed of that experience, the family did something special.

That’s a touching moment that no one in their family will ever forget. The symbolism in this act is profound, and I’m sure Rachel will hold this moment in her heart forever.

Whoever Did This To Bertie The Pug Isn’t Human. They Need To Rot In Jail.

There’s almost nothing worse than abuse of the innocent…which includes animal abuse. Pets give us unyielding trust and love, but that doesn’t matter to abusive animal owners. It’s so hard to see pets suffer.

After all, those animals could be our pets. They could be the same defenseless puppy that we picked up out of the litter and brought into our lives. They could be the companion that snuggles with us in bed, and nuzzles us under the covers. 

That’s why today’s story is so infuriating. When rescuers found Bertie the pug, she was on the brink of death. Abused and neglected, she was no more than a couple of days away from perishing. Bertie had no access to the extreme medical care needed to save her life. That’s when our friends at Finding Shelter stepped in.

Originally, Bertie was brought to the ACCT pound in Philadelphia after a previous owner picked her up on the streets and abused her. After seeing that was starving (she hadn’t eaten in a week), diabetic, riddled with fleas and parasites, and almost completely blind with cataracts, the members of Finding Shelter knew they had to step in and save her.

After taking her in, they were able to clear up her fleas and worms, start her on a delicate refeeding program, and do what they could with her cataracts and diabetes.

Bertie is doing better, and it’s amazing to see that for such a hurt animal, sweet Bertie still has it in her to trust humans.



Unfortunately, Bertie’s story is far from unique in our world. Too often do the silent calls for help from abused dogs go unheeded, or worse, without care. Let’s not let that happen today.

Please help fund Bertie’s medical bills, or even adopt her from our friends at Finding Shelter, by going to her Go Fund Me campaign for more information. And while you’re there, be sure to check out Finding Shelter’s Facebook page to track how Bertie is doing going forward. We know we’ll be watching, too!

No One Will Ever Forget This Wedding. Or What Happened To The Groom 10 Hours Later.

You’re gonna want to grab a tissue before clicking play on this one. Actually, you should probably go ahead and grab the whole box. Rowden Go was a normal 29 year old excited to marry the woman of his dreams. And then he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. The prognosis for the aggressive cancer wasn’t optimistic…but before he passed, he made sure to keep his promise to his fianceé. With a lot of help from family and friends, including the couples’ 2-year-old daughter, his hospital room transformed into a wedding chapel.

Go passed away just 10 hours after the ceremony…and he left with a lot of love. Share the bittersweet story with your friends below.