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BAN Democrats! Katie Pavlich schools NYT journo WHINING GOP won’t ‘rethink guns’ after Alexandria

They just don’t get it, do they?

He Shot A Gun At Himself Underwater, And The Reason Why Is Just Insane

Everyone knows that pointing a gun at yourself or someone else is never a good idea, but this guy seems to have made a hobby out of it. Instead of playing sports or creating art, he spends his time testing incredible theories. For this one, he got into a pool and stood directly in front of a submerged gun. After a few seconds, he pulled the trigger.

This is physics at its finest.

Thank goodness we didn’t actually just witness a man shooting himself. Water is essential to human life, and this is just a very literal interpretation of that fact.

Marc Andreessen has the perfect response to @POTUS on the no-fly list

During President Obama’s Sunday night address he — once again — called for banning Americans on the “no-fly list” from being able to buy guns and asked the nation, “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon?”

Maybe President Obama missed that day at law school, but thankfully entrepreneur and Netscape co-founderMarc Andreessen is here to help the president answer his own question:

A perfect response. Andresssen then linked to a page from the National Archives that explains how to amend the Constitution to get “comprehensive gun control” passed:

Again, perfect. If libs don’t like the 2nd Amendment, they need to change the 2nd Amendment. (And good luck with that.)

The Issue With Halloween Is That You Don’t Know Who’s Faking It And Who’s Crazy

Around 5 a.m. on October 30, two costumed men crashed a Halloween party in San Antonio. One of them was dressed as Freddy Krueger. After a brief argument, he pulled a gun and opened fire, wounding five people.

Halloween has always made me a little nervous. With all the scary costumes about, you never know who’s just having fun and who might actually be unhinged. I always thought it was irrational fear but then I heard this story.

The five injured victims, one woman and four men, are expected to make full recoveries. As of now, the shooters are still at large.

Watch as this news reporter describes the events that led a man dressed as Freddy Krueger to shoot five people.

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I was planning to go out this Halloween, but now I’ll probably just stay home and lock my doors.

Man Finds Hidden Safe Full Of Vintage Money And Guns In His Grandparents’ House

When Redditor evilenglish’s grandparents died, he was devastated.

He loved spending time with them, and one of his most cherished memories is reading “Treasure Island” with his grandpa as a kid, which inspired dreams of finding his own buried treasure. This is why what his grandparents left for him is so special.

Their farmhouse in Tennessee was given to him, and when he went there one day to go through all of their belongings and clean it out, his fantasy of discovering hidden treasure came true.

When he opened their closet door, he was greeted with an unpleasant sight.

The carpet was dirty and disgusting, so he decided to tear it up and throw it away.

That’s when he came across this strange slab and realized it was actually a safe.

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After pulling off the metal cap, he found a combination lock. He was really excited to unlock it and see what was inside, but he couldn’t figure out the code.

He decided it was worth it to hire a locksmith, who had trouble opening it himself because of the limited amount of space he had to work with.

But after a lot of effort, the man was able to remove the lock.

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Then it was finally time to open that bad boy up!

At first, he saw what looked like a pile of wet bricks. He remembered that there had been a pipe leak in his grandparents’ house a few years ago, and concluded that some water had gotten into the safe.

The bricks turned out to be a bunch of vintage coin books.

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The moisture had damaged their covers, but the coins inside were still in pretty good condition.

There were so many items packed inside the safe. Below is only a third of them.

His grandma was an avid coin collector, so there were plenty of them.

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Some, like this silver dollar, were in mint condition because of their protective cases.

Others were only wrapped in plastic or paper, but they seemed to be fine.

Unfortunately, the stacks of dollar bills he found weren’t as well preserved.

Among the piles of money, there were also a few of his grandpa’s antique guns and wristwatches.

He even came across a few bars of silver — talk about treasure!

But the best part of his experience was probably discovering that this old toolbox was actually a treasure chest.

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When he opened it, he was delighted to see that it was chock-full of jewelry.

(via SlipTalk)

What an awesome farewell gift that these people gave to their grandson! Whether they meant for him to discover it or not, I’m sure he’ll be telling the tale of his treasure find for years to come.

‘What a load of crap’: Everytown taps celebs to ‘end gun violence’ [video]

Dreeeeeeeeam the impossible dreeeeeeeeeeeeam:

Whoa. You know, we were on the fence about senseless violence, but now we know it’s wrong. Thanks, Jennifer! Thanks, Kevin! Thank you all.

Well, if nothing else, those actors have demonstrated a remarkable ability to recite lines. Good for them! Of course, that video is basically nothing more than a hashtag campaign set to music. Notably absent were any actual ideas as to how to, you know, “end gun violence.”

Wonder why that is. Could it be because our Second Amendment-shaming betters don’t actually know what they’re talking about?

“Hypocrites” is right.

And let’s not forget about her:


Press secretary’s gun stats leave out some critical information

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest prepped the media Mondayfor President Obama’s Tuesday morning speech laying out his list of executive actions intended to reduce gun violence. The statistics, said Earnest, are alarming.

Hearing the statistics on gun-related deaths is alarming, but Emily Miller of FOX5 News in Washington, D.C., and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun,” reminds followers that not all gun-related deaths are homicides, which is likely what one pictures with the numbers coming out of cities like Baltimore and Chicago. Who knows how many people the vice president has killed by blindlyfiring a shotgun into the darkness from his front door?

Stolen? Purchased at gun shows via the gun show loophole and then stolen, most likely.

‘Thanks, Obama’! POTUS’ efforts backfire; Smith & Wesson’s business is BOOMING

Interesting … and perfect:

More from Business Insider:

Management just announced it was raising its guidance because sales have been so strong.

For the three months ending January 31, it estimates it had $175 million to $180 million in sales, up from its earlier guidance of $150 million to $155 million. This new guidance is much higher than the $155 million expected by analysts.

Earnings per share are estimated to come in at $0.39 to $0.41 per share, which is way above the $0.27 to $0.29 it previously saw. Analysts were only expecting $0.29.

So at least one area of the economy is doing well!

No, really. Thank you. You’ve done more to boost gun sales than anyone.

By all means, Mr. President. Keep railing against guns and lawful gun owners. We love watching Smith & Wesson succeed.

‘Top Shot’ champ Chris Cheng comes out as ‘gay for guns’

Chris Cheng, Season 4 winner of the History Channel’s “Top Shot” competition, came out on RecoilWeb.com today as “gay for guns.” Cheng writes on his website:

One reason why I chose to come out publicly is that I’m a gay guy in a gun world. Hunters, sport shooting enthusiasts, and collectors are too often stereotyped as part of efforts to politicize guns as we witnessed last week on the anniversary of the horrific Newtown tragedy. Take it from someone who in a single package is not only gay, but Chinese, Japanese, California-born, a college graduate, a tech geek who worked on cool Google projects, a gun enthusiast and a passionate 2nd Amendment advocate. Our community is as diverse as anyone’s.

Cheng has found plenty of support on Twitter.

This Small Village In Pakistan Is Dedicated To Doing What? Jeez.

Darra Adam Khel is a small village in Pakistan that is unlike any tiny town that you’ve ever been to. Like many places, especially small villages, Darra Adam Khel’s economy is driven by one business. Unlike, say a town in Texas that thrives solely on the cattle trade, the residents here get by on manufacturing and selling illegal firearms.  

The lone street that runs through Darra Adam Kha is lined with shops that sell one thing: illegal firearms.

With nearly 75% of the population involved in the trade, family gunsmith secrets are passed down from generation to generation.

It is said that there is not a single firearm that a Darra Adam Khel gunsmith could not recreate in their shop.

In total, there are about 2,500 gunsmiths in the village.

The manufacturing of heavy-duty weaponry was deemed illegal when the Pakistani government learned that many of the firearms were going to terrorist organizations, but the people of Darra Adam Khel continue to make them anyway.

However, the manufacturers argue that the guns that they make rarely leave the village’s limits.

Some date the beginning of Darra Adam Khel’s gun manufacturing to 1857, when it was brought to the villagers by a British Army deserter.

(via Amusing Planet)

Yikes. It’s nice to see a village work together on something, but I think I’ll be skipping this one over the next time I go on vacation.