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When He Bit Down Into A Chocolate Egg, He Tasted This Nastiness

Growing up with two brothers, I’ve been pranked countless times for their amusement.

After having bugs thrown on me and finding gross things in my food on a regular basis, I’ve become very wary of anything my siblings do around me. If only this man was as cautious about his friends…

These guys thought it would be funny to prank him, so they gave him what he thought was a delicious chocolate egg to enjoy. However, he quickly realized that his Kinder Surprise was NOT a cute toy in a plastic shell when he bit down.

He had to know that they were doing something weird.

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This is why it’s probably not a good idea to bite into anything your friends randomly hand you. They really can’t be trusted.

After Eating Uncooked Salmon, This Woman Had Worms Crawling In Her Stomach…So Gross

There are a few good reasons why we should heed people’s warnings when it comes to eating raw meat.

Nobody wants to get sick, so most of us follow that suggestion pretty well…except for when it comes to eating meals like sushi, which we consider to be safe. But after the completely disgusting experience that this lady had after eating raw fish, I’m pretty sure she’ll be skipping that takeout favorite from now on.

When a woman in Nanao, Japan, went to the hospital two hours after eating uncooked salmon, she was very sick and in a lot of pain. When the doctor put a camera down her throat and into her stomach, he discovered eleven horrifying roundworm larvae inside. And when you watch the doctor remove one wriggling larva, I’m betting you’ll overcook your meat from now on to avoid this horror.

They’re so disgusting. I can’t take this.

Well, that’s an image I’ll never be able to get out of my head. Anyone hungry for some sushi? I didn’t think so.

What Happened To This Lake Is Dangerously Gross…And It Could Have Been Prevented

The tragic thing about environmental disasters is that they usually could have been prevented if only someone had thought ahead to the consequences of their actions. However, not many people do that when abusing the environment, which leads to stories like this…

The Palm Beach area of Florida is currently battling a horrifying blue-green algae outbreak in its normally pristine waters.

The outbreak, which might be the worst ever according to some experts, has already forced the closure of several beaches in the area.

Yes, that wave is green.

The timing couldn’t be worse, either. Right now is the height of tourist season in Florida.

While the algae is harmful to humans (it can cause skin rashes and trouble breathing), the substance is deadly to marine life.

The exact cause of the outbreak is being investigated, but officials already have some theories.

Water managers believe that a drainage pipe containing nutrient-rich wastewater from nearby farms might be at the center of the algae growth.

This wastewater drains into nearby lakes which feed rivers that ultimately lead out to the ocean.

Sadly, massive algae blooms like this are becoming more common in many parts of the United States due to decreasing water regulations and a lack of oversight from local officials.

(via Palm Beach Post)

That is utterly horrifying, and ahead of the July 4 weekend, too!

I feel bad for all the residents and native marine life — hopefully this is remedied ASAP.

If You Find This In Your Salad Mix, It’s Time To Find A New Grocery Store

Let’s be honest here. No on really likes eating salad. If health didn’t factor into it, most folks would choose bacon cheeseburgers over salads any day of the week. We all know, however, that salad is good for you. That just doesn’t make it taste any better.

If you find yourself running out of excuses for not buying salad fixings when you go to the store, allow me to present you with the following video. I won’t give it all away, but let’s just say that this family found an unexpected guest in their package of salad greens.


(via Reddit)

Just when I thought that salad couldn’t get any worse, Mother Nature had to throw this my way. Well, message received. I think I’ll just stick to bacon and french fries from now on, health be damned.

You Touch These Surprisingly Dirty Things Every Single Day.

Most of us seek to live the healthiest lives possible. In order to avoid germs, we take special care of some items in our homes, but there are some spots we miss. In fact, most of these downright disgusting items are things you touch every day but may never think to actually clean.

You may want to go wash these items right away, lest you come into contact with the dreaded germs.

1.) Headphones

Headphones have been known to build up excess bacteria from sweat and ear wax.

2.) Kitchen Sponges

You can find remnants of E.Coli, Salmonella, and other food born illnesses in your kitchen sponges.

3.) Water Bottles

Coliform Bacteria is a common resident of water bottles if they are not properly cleaned.

4.) Towels

Dead skin cells that can cause staph infections have been known to linger on towels after you dry off.

5.) Kitchen Handles

Kitchen handles are breeding grounds for bacteria. If you aren’t washing your hands after cooking, you are spreading the germs everywhere you touch.

6.) Toothbrushes

Ready for this? Every time you flush the toilet, bacteria is sprayed upwards landing on whatever it can cling to. Better keep your toothbrush far far away from your toilet bowl.

7.) Yoga Mats

If you are constantly sweating on your yoga mat then you are at risk of getting ringworm and staph infections.

8.) Laundry

Every time you handle dirty laundry you are dealing with bacteria. Even transferring your laundry from washer to dryer presents the risk of handling E.Coli.

9.) Shopping Carts

Saliva, bacteria, and even fecal matter have been found on shopping cart handles. Ugh.

10.) Bath Mats

Bath mats are known as the most contaminated place in your bathroom beside the toilet bowl. The dampness of the bath mat can house mold and other bacteria.

11.) Restaurant Menus

Menus get used and reused all day at restaurants without a wash. Hundreds of people have their grimy mitts on menus, so you better make sure you don’t put that thing on your fork.

12.) Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are home to mold, yeasts, and other bacteria if you don’t wash them after you cut.

13.) Pillows

That thing you lay on all night is FULL of gross bacteria. From dead skin cells, drool, and even potentially bugs (lice).

14.) Phones

I can’t live without my phone! Well you should know that 1 in 6 phones has fecal matter on them. I think you can miss that text now.


Face it: the things you touch most often are basically the dirtiest. However, now you know where the germs live, you can EVICT THEM. Get some disinfectant wipes and rid your home of at least some of that pesky bacteria. Share this if you know someone who is a germaphobe or lives in filth. 


They Were Filming An Iguana When This Craziness Happened…What The Hell?

The “Planet Earth” filming crew was recently shooting footage of hatchling marine iguanas when they got a terrifying surprise.

Although snakes are known to eat iguanas, they typically hunt for their prey alone. It’s part of their nature that we all take for granted. Slippery, sneaky loners…that’s how I’ve always thought of snakes, until I saw this video. What the crew caught on camera is a never-before-filmed snake behavior. Take a look.

As a small iguana runs up a rock, a pack of snakes springs from the shadows. Incredibly, this is the very first time snakes have ever been filmed hunting as a group.

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As if snakes weren’t frightening enough already, now we have to worry about being attacked by a whole pack of them?! Heaven help us.

They Grabbed A Jar Of Vinegar And Discovered That Something New Was Living Inside

For most of us, vinegar is one of those things that you buy once, toss in a cabinet, and then forget about until you need it. However, neglecting your bottle of vinegar, especially if you end up leaving it in a warm spot (say, above the stove), will eventually transform it into something even more disgusting.

Redditor Hassassin30 posted these photos on the social news sharing site this week with the caption, “Something from Alien is living in our vinegar jar. WTF is it?”

It turns out that Hassassin30 had stored this bottle of vinegar in a warm, dark place, which caused the substance to “mother.”

Mothering pretty much just means that the vinegar fermented. In fact, mother of vinegar (as it’s called) is a fascinating substance.

First off, it actually doesn’t harm the vinegar around it, so you don’t have to throw your bottle away.

It can also be used to create a new bottle of vinegar if that’s your style.

You can also use the mother of vinegar in some kombucha recipes.

Of course, to do any of those things, you first need to get over how it looks.

(source: Reddit)

Now that is the power of science. To go from “Holy crap WTF?!” to “Hmm, that’s interesting” in less than five minutes is what science is all about.

The Most Disgusting Animals That People Actually Eat. Come On Guys.

Are you bored of eating regular old beef and chicken?  Are you looking to explore and try some new exotic meats? Well, I have some good news for you. Basically, each country or area of the world has a set list of what animals are okay to eat. You might be shocked when you see what some people are cooking up for dinner on the other side of the world… I hope you can stomach putting these animals in your stomach.

Pigeon – Their meat is said to be mild and tender, making Pigeon a much sought after dish in France.

Elephant – Poachers mainly hunt Elephant for their tusks, but they can also produce around a half ton of meat.

Silkworm – Said to have a bitter taste, these worms are typically fried and when you bite them, their juices POP out.

Tarantula – These Arachnids are considered a delicacy in some parts of Cambodia.

Ostrich – Ostrich meat is actually very lean and has been made into burgers right here in America.

Rat – Eating this rodent would actually give you a big boost of protein.

Roach – Eaten raw or fried, Roaches are consumed around the world and evidently have a taste similar to shrimp.

Duck Embryo – This is typically consumed in Southeast Asia as a treat called “Balut”

Fruit Bats – In Micronesia Fruit Bats Are eaten as part of a soup.

Scorpion – Fried Scorpion is served up as a snack and apparently have a taste akin to popcorn.

Snail – In case you didn’t know, Escargot is snail. A staple of most rich and fancy dinner parties.

Octopus – We all know Calamari is fried octopus, but the photo you’re seeing below is Sannakji, an octopus meant to be eaten while it is alive.

Gorilla – This endangered species has been traditionally eaten in some African cultures, even to this day.

Ant – Ants can be found in numerous dishes, the French put them in chocolate bars, while in Copenhagen they are prepared as part of a salad.

Squirrel – Squirrel brains are regularly consumed in America and are considered a delicacy in some areas of Kentucky.

Donkey – Donkey meat is served in Italy and is considered quite the treat due to its delicious taste.

Frog – Frog Sashimi is a fresh frog meal. When I say fresh frog, I mean that it is literally killed in front of your eyes and is meant to be consumed immediately.

I don’t know about you, but chicken is looking pretty delicious to me right now. You shouldn’t judge other cultures, but if you come face-to-face with one of these dishes, feel free to run away screaming. It’s hard to believe people actually eat this stuff.

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