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When They Found This Poor Cat Frozen In The Snow, They Knew They Had To Do Something

This frozen cat was able to keep one of its nine lives thanks to a couple that was quick to the rescue.

As the cat sat shivering in a puddle of water in Russia, this caring couple happened to stumble upon it, and they knew just what to do. Grabbing bucket after bucket of warm water, they took turns showering the cat in hopes of warming it up enough to save its life. After a few minutes, the couple wrapped the cat in a coat and headed for a safe place.

Watch the rescue unfold in the video below.

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This couple is proof that you don’t have to be a superhero to help save a life. Keep up the good work, guys!

Man Builds A House For A Homeless Woman After He Sees Her Sleeping In The Street

One man is taking on homelessness by tapping into the tiny-house craze that’s sweeping the nation right now.

It all started after Los Angeles resident Elvis Summers noticed a 60-year-old woman in his neighborhood sleeping in the dirt a few doors down from where he lived. Feeling like it was his duty as a fellow human to try and do something to help the poor woman, he decided to build a tiny home for her out of recycled materials.

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It took Summers five days to build the home, which comes complete with a window and sturdy wheels to move it between different locations. These materials, including the wheels and two locks for the front door, cost him about $500.

His words say it all: “Nobody should be homeless, especially in one of the richest countries in the world.”

Feeling inspired by what he’d managed to do in such a short time, Summers founded My Tiny House Project LA. He’s already built over 30 tiny houses for homeless people across the city.

Steve Harvey Thought The Cameras Were Off, And What He Said Left Everyone Floored

After taping every episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey likes to spend a few moments talking to the audience. It’s usually just a bit of small talk infused with Harvey’s signature sense of humor, but at the end of this particular taping — when he thought the cameras were turned off — he did something a little bit different.

He took a few minutes out of his day to discuss what it means to be successful and happy in life. In fact, he believes that without happiness and fulfillment, success will never come. According to Harvey, all we have to do is jump.

“If you don’t jump, your parachute will never open.” You’ll never reach your dreams unless you take a shot. It’s a tremendous message, and we’re thankful that these cameramen slyly recorded the whole thing so that we could all take advantage of his wisdom.

This Dog Was Scared, Wounded, And Starving When They Found Her. Now Look At Her!

Our Indian friends at Animal Aid Unlimited recently discovered a street dog that was in desperate need of help — and would’ve died without a rescue. The pup was suffering from a maggot-infested neck wound that was both threatening her life and making it miserable.

Without treatment she would have died in a day or two. Luckily they got to her in time and she’s been transformed into the most adorable, happy little dog now!

The men and women behind Animal Aid Unlimited really are angels on Earth.

If you’d like to contribute, please visit their site and donate! They do truly wonderful work and help animals that otherwise would be forgotten.

Kind Strangers Attend A Woman’s Funeral After Seeing A Heartbreaking Facebook Post

When 83-year-old Francine Stein passed away at a nursing home, the staff didn’t have any listed contacts for her. Stein had no living relatives.

Enter Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, who is one of several people on call at the facility when there is no one to officiate a funeral. Weinbach was so disturbed at the thought of no one showing up to say goodbye that he turned to his daughter for support.

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Just as heartbroken by the news, she took to Facebook, creating a post that asked if anyone would be interested in going to the funeral of Francine Stein with her. The post went viral, ending in a celebration of Francine’s life among kindhearted strangers.

Unfortunately, people die completely alone in nursing homes all over the country.

Unless all of these facilities start keeping detailed records of contacts and prior residences, people like Rabbi Weinbach will have to oversee funerals with few people, or no people, in attendance. For now, though, let’s be grateful for the wonderful attendees who sent Francine Stein off with love and dignity.

He Saw An Old Woman Struggling To Get Across The Street And Did Something Awesome

And they say chivalry is dead…

But according to this video of a young man in southeast China, it’s very much alive and kicking.

When an unidentified guy saw an elderly woman having trouble getting across a busy intersection, he stepped in to help. But he didn’t just hold her hand as she crossed…no, he went above and beyond the call of duty.

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Young man sweeps off an elderly lady with walking difficulty off her feet to help her cross road in #China’s Fujian

Posted by People's Daily, China on Monday, March 7, 2016

(via Huffington Post)

What a nice young man! The best part is that he didn’t leave her immediately — he made sure she regained her balance and bearings. I bet he carried her across the next street as well. That’s an old-school gentleman if I’ve ever seen one.

These Pieces Of Advice Found On Instagram Could Change Your Life.

Advice on Instagram? I know it sounds crazy, but there is actually a thriving community of unconventional advice givers on Instagram. It’s not just for sharing pictures of awesome-looking food. Some of what they’re saying is actually pretty amazing. To save you the time, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best bits of advice we could find. Some of these may in fact change your life. #5 is my personal favorite.

1.) How did I not think of this?

2.) Yes please!

3.) Excellent for beach season.

4.) All the hours I wasted cleaning up garbage juice. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

5.) I know what’s for dessert tonight.

6.) So simple, yet so effective.

7.) I’m skeptical, but I’ll give it a try.

8.) Great trick for parents especially.

9.) It’s not pretty, but it works.

10.) You can thank me later.

11.) Absolutely essential knowledge for the beer drinker in your life.

12.) That just looks dangerous.

13.) What grater hack is there? Get it?! Hehehe.

14.) Necessary for the frequent traveler.

15.) Finally those old toilet paper rolls have a purpose.

16.) Waffle batter in a ketchup bottle, awesome for camping.

17.) Always know where your straw is.

18.) I’d love my feet to smell like earl grey.

19.) All the cook books I’ve ruined. This would have been helpful.

20.) Pure genius.

I can’t wait to try out that ice cream sandwich one. Share this post below on Facebook and let us know which one of these tips you’re most excited to try.

These 17 Good Deeds Prove That Kindness Is Still Alive And Well

Over the course of a normal day, we’re a lot of things. We’re stressed, we’re tired, and we’re just trying to get by. But how often are we kind?

Probably not as often as we should be. Life is hard, and it’s easy to get so caught up in day-to-day stress that we close ourselves off.

But everyone on the outside is struggling, too. It sometimes seems like hardship is the great equalizer, which is why it’s important to acknowledge the Good Samaritans who pay it forward to those in need. The folks over at Whisper asked people to anonymously share small acts of kindness that they’ve performed in the past, and the resulting list is a testament to the power of compassion.

































The next time you’re feeling down, try lifting yourself up by empowering someone else in the process. You’ve heard the saying that a rising tide raises all boats, so why not apply that to your daily interactions? One seemingly insignificant act can create a chain reaction of the best kind.

For more of life’s little secrets, be sure to check out Whisper’s website, and download the app for iPhone and Android.

What Started As A Tragedy For This Firefighter Ended In A Medical Miracle

Firefighters put their lives on the line each and every day so that we can stay safe in our homes. It’s so heartbreaking to see these men and women lose their lives and sustain devastating injuries while doing such selfless work.

One man who knows that all too well is Mississippi-based firefighter Patrick Hardison. While responding to a call for a massive house fire back in 2001, the roof caved in on him, and the scalding materials melted straight through his mask. The resulting injury changed his life forever.

Hardison — always a kind and gentle family man — decided to dedicate his life to helping others.

But on that fateful day in 2001, he sustained an injury that totally changed the course of his life. He suffered massive burns that effectively stripped away his entire face. Not only did the wound wreak havoc on his physical health, but it also destroyed his self confidence.

His emotional health was so shattered that he couldn’t even bear to look at himself in the mirror. One horrible accident robbed him of his personal identity.

With support from his family and the tireless physicians at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, Hardison underwent the most intense facial transplant procedure in medical history.

The operation took the team of 100 physicians and nurses 26 hours to complete, but fortunately, the strong guy made it through the entire ordeal without any complications.

After 14 years, Patrick Hardison was able to see his reconstructed face for the first time in what proved to be a powerful moment for everyone involved.

As he recovers, firefighters who were with him at the time of the accident come and spend time with him every week. While Hardison needs time to adjust to his new face, he’s so thankful to his loved ones and his dedicated medical team for helping him start this exciting new chapter.

To hear more of Hardison’s incredible story, check out the video below:

(via IFL Science)

It’s absolutely incredible to see what physicians can do today to improve the lives of those who protect us. Patrick Hardison risked everything to help those in need, and it’s only fair that these amazing doctors returned the favor. We wish this brave firefighter and his family all the best!

Her Babies Were Screaming And She Had Nowhere To Turn…Then This Man Showed Up

If you’re a parent, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the feeling of eyes boring holes through your head at the store as your little ones wail away.

It happens. That’s what babies do. But the last time Tawny Nelson, a single mother of four young children, trudged through that awful experience, the stakes were much higher. It wasn’t just embarrassing. Her babies weren’t just crying for the sake of it. The five of them were stranded because her car died and she had no one she could call.

Sadly, relying on the kindness of strangers isn’t always a fruitful endeavor. Countless people passed by the struggling mother and her daughters with little more to offer than disapproving glances. Just as she was about to give up hope, however, there was a knock on the car window.

These little ones and their mom only had each other.

The kiddos shown here are nine, five, and two years old. Their youngest sister, who is not pictured above, is only six weeks old.

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They really needed groceries one day, so Nelson packed up her adorable crew and they headed over to their local Winn-Dixie for some food.

Because the mom was having issues with her truck, they only drove when they absolutely had to. This was obviously a worthy trip, but she worried in the back of her mind that it wouldn’t be a happy one.

Sadly, it was like Murphy’s Law took over the family’s entire night, since everything that could go wrong did. It was pouring outside, the kids were hungry, and much to Nelson’s horror, her car was totally dead.


One of the girls had accidentally left a light on inside the car while they were shopping, which drained the battery. Nelson checked under the hood to make sure it wasn’t just loose, but that unfortunately wasn’t the case.

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What really left her feeling stunned was the fact that try as she might, she could not get anyone to help her.

“I must have asked more than 20 people in the course of two hours for a jump. They all ignored me. Not even a no. Just acted like I didn’t exist,” she explained to reporter Frank Somerville. By that point, her youngest girls were sobbing because they were confused, tired, and hungry. Her oldest daughter frantically tried to calm them down.

After a while, Nelson just couldn’t take it anymore. “I felt like the worst mom ever,” she said. She crumpled up in the driver’s seat and cried.

But the most amazing thing happened a few minutes later. She heard a knock on the window and saw a man standing in the pouring rain.


When she rolled the window down, he handed her a bag full of chicken and biscuits along with a big bottle of water. “Feed those babies and yourself, young lady,” he said. “I have a tow truck on the way and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home.” A few minutes later, the tow truck arrived as promised, as did the man’s wife. They made it home safe and sound.

Much to Nelson’s surprise, however, the overwhelming kindness didn’t stop there.


The next morning, she realized that the man had returned with a mechanic, who quickly got to work replacing the battery and alternator. When the technician was finished, the old man went back home without a word. “The elderly gentleman then left and did not return,” she said. “When I asked what I owed the mechanic and if I could make payments, he smiled, telling me the older man had paid for all of it.”

“He said that the only payment the older man wanted was for me to never give up and keep being an amazing mom.”

“I’ve never cried so hard in my life,” she said. “Things had been absolutely awful. More so than I care to explain. And without knowing us or our situation, this kind man helped us in ways he will never know. What he did revived my faith when I was falling apart. But he wouldn’t even take a hug.”

“I’ll never be able to thank him. But I certainly hope one day I can do what he did for me for someone else.”

Just remember that performing a single act of kindness could change someone’s life. If you want to read more of what this incredible mom had to say to the reporter, you can do so here.