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This School In Malaysia Was Forced To Shut Down Due To Spirit Possession

When a few people think they’ve seen a ghost, we can safely call them crazy, but what happens when an entire school full of people thinks that their building has been overrun by spirits? Well, that’s a different story.

SKM Pengkalan Chepa 2, a school in Kota Bharu, Malaysia, had to be shut down when students and teachers alike claimed that they’d encountered some sort of supernatural entity.

School officials did just about everything they could to quell those fears by bringing in police, priests, scholars, and even witch doctors. That being said, students and teachers have yet to return.

It all started when students at the school claimed that they’d seen a black figure roaming the halls.


Kids and adults came forward with similar stories. Some believed that an entity was holding them down, and others thought ghosts were trying to enter their bodies. Over 100 people shared their encounters.

A senior staff member told the BBC that it’s possible the disobedience of the students caused the spiritual uprising. She brought up the students’ penchant for throwing garbage around. “Perhaps they hit some djinns and offended the spirits.”

Djinns are spirits in Islamic mythology that are frequently referenced in the Quran. You might know them in their anglicized form as “genies.”

The school was closed so that Islamic priests could read from the Quran in an effort to ward off these spirits. Malaysian witch doctors were called in to perform exorcisms. The school also hired counselors to talk to those who were affected by the madness.

Experts say that this is a textbook case of mass hysteria, which usually involves collective delusions that spread rapidly within a tight-knit group. That conclusion still might not be enough to get terrified students and staffers back in the classroom.

They Noticed Items Moving Around, So They Set Up A Camera And Saw Something So Scary

When YouTuber Mark Apsolon noticed that items in his bedroom kept moving around, he decided to set up a camera. What he recorded is beyond creepy.

Although many of these types of videos are investigated and found to be hoaxes, that doesn’t make them any less interesting. On the one hand, you can never be quite sure which ones are real paranormal encounters. On the other, if they are fake, they require some skilled special effects work. In the case of Mark Apsolon, which is it?

Watch the creepy footage and let us know. Do you think this is a real ghost or just a hoax?

Closet doors don’t just open by themselves.

And what the hell is that thing by the bed?! It looks like the girl from “The Ring” is trying to steal his lamp.

Read More: Museum Staffer Is Petrified As Leaflets Fly Off Of Shelves — Was It A Ghost?

If there was even the slightest chance this thing was in my bedroom, I’d be sleeping on the couch (or just moving out).

This Woman Turned Her Lights Off For Bed But Was Awoken By Something Sinister

Even if you’re not the least bit afraid of the dark, when you find yourself alone at night in bed, the slightest noise probably sets you off.

What was that? Is there someone outside? Is there someone INSIDE?

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I find that the quickest way to quell these irrational thoughts is to pull my dog close and pray for morning. Generally, I don’t have an issue getting there. BUT, when I watched what happened to this woman after she turned off her lights before going to bed, I can’t help but wonder if she made it to the a.m…


While nothing is known about the woman or where this was taken, I can only hope the video is a hoax. And if not, I imagine she moved the next morning.

I have a camera in my living room that I turn on when I’m away, and I know how spooky it is when you get alerts that something moved only to look at the footage and not see anything…

From now on, I think I’ll sleep with a nightlight.

This Hotel In New Hampshire Has A Seriously Creepy Backstory

New England, being the oldest part of modern America, is chock-full of haunted places. Since Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 interpretation of “The Shining,” haunted hotels have given Americans the collective creeps.

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One of the scariest of these old, haunted resorts is the Mount Washington Hotel, which is located in scenic Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, near the base of Mount Washington.

The Mount Washington Hotel first opened its doors back in 1902. Self-made millionaire Joseph Stickney financed the entire $1.7 million project himself.

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However, a little over a year after the hotel opened, Stickney died suddenly. For the next 10 years, his wife, Princess Carolyn, managed the hotel and spent her summers there. After her death in 1936, strange activity began happening.

In the years since her death, Carolyn’s ghost has been spotted pretty much everywhere on the property. Staffers even set an extra place for her in the dining hall every night.

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Princess Carolyn’s ghost was investigated at one point by the TAPS team for the Syfy show “Ghost Hunters.” During their investigation, they managed to get a few recordings of her voice speaking from beyond the grave.

And they aren’t the only ones who have experienced this phenomenon. Here is some freaky EVP footage from the Princess Room at the hotel.

Of course, Carolyn isn’t the only ghostly resident of the Mount Washington Hotel. Guests have reported encountering a dark figure in one of the building’s newly renovated wings. Some have even heard children giggling late at night.

(via Blogspot)

If you’re in the mood for a haunted vacation, the Mount Washington Hotel still takes reservations. Want to get an in-depth look at the property’s freakiest hangout spots? Strange Escapes, a paranormal-themed tour company, has an upcoming trip to the resort planned. Learn more here.

Exploring A Condemned Duplex Is Creepier Than You Might Think

For many people with an adventurous streak, there is nothing more interesting than exploring abandoned homes and buildings.

There’s just something about the experience that really gets your blood pumping. It’s so interesting to spend time in these spaces and wonder what happened inside those walls before they succumbed to disuse and neglect.

Sure, everything is broken down, but you can usually walk away and go about your daily life as usual afterward without being too disturbed. Unless, of course, you’re Redditor Asherbaby.

Asherbaby and one of his friends decided to explore a condemned duplex located directly behind the friend’s house.

The exploration started innocently enough.

But things quickly took a turn for the worse. I really hope that’s not blood.

Then they started noticing these bizarre tally marks on the walls.

It looks like someone was stuck in here for days, marking each one with a line and watching time slip away.

They just went on and on and on…

In the corner of one room was this creepy-looking video camera.

And what scary abandoned house would be complete without a bunch of handwritten letters sitting around?

They were scattered everywhere.

When Asherbaby put these photos up online, commenters said it looked a lot like the home of a schizophrenic.

Despite the obvious signs to stop, they continued exploring.

While nothing happened to them, Asherbaby said that the place had a really bad vibe.

(source: Reddit)

If I know my horror lore (and I do), Asherbaby and his friend are due for a visit from a very creepy demon or ghost in the near future. Sorry, guys.

What Happened Live On The Air During This Show Is Beyond Disturbing

Demonic possession is a bit of a touchy subject. Some people believe 110 percent in demons and their ability to influence our lives. Others, however, think demons are just another form of fantasy and an excuse for people to indulge their superstitions. Whichever camp you fall into, when video of a supposed demonic possession surfaces, it’s hard not be shocked by it. Take this video, for example…

In it, a Thai model by the name of Thippawan “Pui” Chaphupuang is being interviewed on a talk show. Everything is going fine until about 13 minutes into the interview. That’s when she informs the hosts that she is possessed by a “pop,” a cannibalistic spirit in Thai folkore. Pui then supposedly allows the demon to speak through her to the hosts…and well, things get creepy.

For those who can’t speak Thai, one of the hosts asks the demon, “Why can’t you leave her?” To which it replies, “Someone sent me here!” The demon then goes on to demand pig’s blood, according to the translation.

Creepy, right?

Looking For A Creepy Summer Home? How About The Amityville Horror House?

Even if you’re not a big fan of horror movies and supposed stories of true hauntings, you’ve probably at least heard about the infamous Amityville horror house.

That house, which is located at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, is now for sale. The asking price is $850,000.

The story of this horror house begins in 1974. One fateful day that year, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo went on a killing spree. By the end, both of DeFeo’s parents and all four of his siblings were dead.

Initially, DeFeo claimed that the murders were the work of a hitman, but he soon confessed and was sentenced to life in prison. He’s still behind bars today.

Not long after, the new owners of the home claimed to be haunted by several angry spirits. Their tales of paranormal activity became the basis for Jay Anson’s popular book “The Amityville Horror,”and for all subsequent films.

Despite widespread tales of ghosts and demons, there has never actually been a documented haunting on the property. Rather than the Amityville horror, locals refer to the rumor as the Amityville hoax.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

Regardless of whether the house is haunted or not, the new owners could make a killing if they opened up an Amityville horror-themed bed and breakfast. (Okay, maybe “make a killing” isn’t the best phrase.)

Want To Take Your Possessed Doll On Vacation With You? Better Fly Thai Smile Airways.

Remember in the ’80s when Cabbage Patch Kids were insanely popular? Well, take that popularity and add the souls of unborn children and you have the Luk Thep craze!

Yes, the most popular dolls in Thailand are said to be possessed by the spirits of children, and the only way to make them happy is to clothe them, feed them, and even buy them their own seats on airplanes. It all seems a little silly to treat a doll this way, but do you really want to anger the troubled soul that dwells beneath the plastic?

Adults and children alike have taken to a new fad in Thailand: Luk Thep dolls. Also known as “Child Angels,” these dolls are said to be possessed by the spirits of children.

The dolls were created by Mae Ning, who says she calls on the Hindu goddess Parvati to transmit the souls of unborn children into the dolls.

The dolls are to be treated like they are real children, receiving food and gifts. Thai Smile Airways even allows passengers to purchase tickets for their Luk Thep dolls, so owners can take them on vacations.

Why must these possessed dolls be appeased so? Well, taking care of a Luk Thep is supposed to bring the owner good luck. If the doll is neglected, the owner is signing him or herself up for misfortune.

(via Mysterious Universe)

So while Cabbage Patch Kids seem to be waning in popularity, what makes me think Luk Thep dolls will have continued relevance is that fearing the wrath of a child ghost is weaved into the product’s marketing campaign! The company is basically saying, “Buy this or be cursed forever!”

It’s quite genius when you think about it…

What These Parents Saw On Their Baby Monitor, I Can Never Unsee. Who Needs Sleep Anyway?

Reddit user zzzzzxx and his wife were presumably taking a well deserved rest from the thankless job of being parents of a newborn when – suddenly – this image popped up on their baby monitor. It appears to be their child summoning an undead mutant from the netherdimension.

Here are some things that look similar but are somehow less terrifying than whatever devilry that is.

Lord Volemort leading the Death Eaters into battle.

Freiza from Dragonball Z charging up for Saiyan-slaying power blast.

One of the zombies from Will Smith’s I Am Legend ‘s skin melting from the sun.

That creppy almost-human creature from the movie Splice finishing eating something that was once alive.

So if you wanna suede your friends from having children, give this a share on Facebook!

The Stories That Surround These Haunted Cemeteries Are Creepily Intriguing.

If you believe in ghosts and want nothing more than to have a paranormal experience, your best bet is probably visiting a cemetery (preferably at night). But you can’t just go to any cemetery and expect to see a phantom. You got to find one with a history of spooks. 

If you’re looking for ghosts, these cemeteries are full of different bumps in the night for you to investigate. They are some of the most haunted (or at least the creepiest, even if you don’t believe in the paranormal).

1.) Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg was one of the hardest fought battles of the Civil War. In the battlefield’s cemetery there are often sightings of the apparition of a barefoot man in Texas militia garb who walks from the cemetery to Devil’s Den every night. Supposedly he also talks to his witnesses, saying “What you’re looking for is over there,” before pointing towards Plum Run and then vanishing.

2.) Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama: For some unexplained reason this cemetery has a playground, and supposedly the children of the local cemetery spooks like to play here after dark. People claim to see swings moving on their own and the sounds of invisible giggling kids in the night.

3.) Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Bremen, Illinois: The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove is a famous legend in the area. Many people have claimed to have seen the woman sitting on a tombstone, staring tragically off into the distance.

4.) Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland: Most of the the sightings here surround a fixture in the cemetery called ‘Black Mausoleum’. Some of the encounters have actually turned violent, the phantoms often giving visitors scratches, bruises and even broken bones.

5.) La Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina: The spirit of a girl by the name of Rufina Cambaceres supposedly haunts this Argentine graveyard after she was wrongly pronounced dead and buried alive. They she spends her eternal nights digging up other graves to make sure no one suffers the same fate.

6.) Western Burial Ground, Baltimore, Maryland: Edgar Allen Poe was buried here after he was found drunk in a gutter on the streets of Baltimore. This cemetery is also the home of the Skull of Cambridge. Thought to be the skull of a minister, it was encased in cement because locals claimed they could here screaming coming from the grave that held it.

7.) Highgate Cemetery, North London, England: In addition to being the site where the bodies of both Charles Dickens and Karl Marx have been laid to rest, this cemetery is also the home of the Highgate Vampire, who in the 70s was rumored to roam the surrounding forest performing black magic on those he captures.

8.) St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana: This is where the tomb of the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau resides. Some claim she will still perform dark spells for those who are brave enough to knock on the door.

9.) Los Angeles Pet Cemetery, Los Angeles, California: Supposedly, Rudolph Valentino’s Great Dane, Kabar, haunts the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery. He has been known to give visitors ghostly licks and nudges from beyond the grave.

10.) Stull Cemetery, Douglas County, Kansas: Known to be one of the Seven Gates to Hell, this cemetery, and in particular this creepy church is filled with otherworldly goings on, including the birthplace of Satan’s subhuman son.

11.) Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt: King Tut and his pharoah friends supposedly haunt the tombs still being disturbed by excavators and tourists to this day. Visitors have claimed to have seen ancient Egyptians rituals performed by people long dead, and even whole chariot races down the halls of the crypt.

These might not be the best places to have a picnic, but if ghosts are your thing, there’s no better place for a monster mash than the cemetery. As Halloween draws closer, you may want to keep these places in mind…