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Geraldo Rivera revives fight with ‘NPR ass kisser’ David Folkenflik


Fox News host Geraldo Rivera wants his followers to read his lengthy Facebook post describing what really happened in Tora Bora in 2001, and not what “lying leech” David Folkenflik, now an NPR correspondent, alleged as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Rivera’s post apparently was inspired by Folkenflik’s appearance on C-SPAN to promote his recent book, “Murdoch’s World,” and his allegations that Rivera lied about being on the scene of a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan that killed three Americans.

Unfortunately, Rivera posted the wrong URL to his Facebook post, but Folkenflik himself popped up with the correct link, as well as some tweets of his own.



Rivera writes, in part:

For the last 12 years I have been haunted by a slanderous hatchet job by a left-wing public radio reporter who worked at the time for the Baltimore Sun. David Folkenflik’s December 2001 story essentially accused me of pretending to witness an incident of friendly fire in Afghanistan. As I explained in an on-the-air apology to my audience and via satellite phone from Tora Bora to Folkenflik himself, (he’s a TV critic who has never covered combat), I made an honest mistake.

In the fog of war, on a day I narrowly escaped a sniper’s bullet, I confused the aftermath of a friendly fire incident I covered in Tora Bora, with a more widely reported friendly fire incident several hundred miles away in Kandahar.

What is clear is what I have consistently maintained; that I made an honest mistake, confusing one incident of friendly fire in Tora Bora with another in far-off Kandahar. I again apologize for the error. To judge how grave a mistake it was, ask yourselves, to what extent would it have been commented on if it concerned any other correspondent? Folkenflik is a phony, and those of you in the press who lauded him should be ashamed of yourselves. In your desperation to get Fox News, you slandered me, my brave team, and much more importantly, the innocent victims of both al Qaeda and the allied bombing in Tora Bora on and around December 5, 2001.

Folkenflik still isn’t buying it.











NPR’s Steve Inskeep weighs in.


Rivera’s parting shot (for now):


Geraldo: ‘Nudie selfie’ mocker Rep. Gohmert is ‘scrawny & envious’


After a Fox & Friends segment featuring Geraldo Rivera, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert said he agreed with Geraldo that the director of the CDC shouldn’t resign, but went on to say that Rivera has greater expertise in another area:

Louie Gohmert calls Geraldo Rivera a "selfie nudie" expert http://t.co/s8uIH5cwpX | AP Photo pic.twitter.com/rdV1jcNjF9

— POLITICO (@politico) October 17, 2014

Brian Kilmeade scolded Gohmert for making fun of Geraldo’s notorious selfies:

Here video of @replouiegohmert zinging @GeraldoRivera and getting scolded by @kilmeade for doing so… http://t.co/GkJFy9qedo

— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) October 17, 2014

Geraldo took to Twitter to fire back at Gohmert:

Rep Louis Gohmert is exactly what's wrong with Congress. He's a whiny, name-calling ideologue with no original ideas& he's scrawny & envious

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) October 17, 2014

A search for Rivera’s self-awareness came up emptier than Capone’s vault:

@GeraldoRivera @johnnydollar01 How can you accuse someone of "name-calling" and then call him names?

— David B. Cohen (@DavidBCohen1) October 17, 2014

Because he’s Geraldo, that’s why!



Did Geraldo Rivera’s topless selfie work? There’s good news from Kobani

Why is Geraldo Rivera using a topless selfie in a tweet about Kobani?

Geraldo Rivera has a question for advocates of West Africa travel ban

‘Why God? Why????’ Geraldo subjects Twitter to another topless selfie [pic]


Annnnnd there go our appetites:


Will he never learn?




‘70 is the new 50:’ Geraldo Rivera tweets sideways topless selfie; World groans

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Geraldo: Focus on ISIS crossing southern border part of ‘xenophobic goal’


Geraldo Rivera says those who are citing the ISIS threat as another reason to secure the southern border aren’t really interested in protecting America:

Appalling how anti-immigration activists twist ISIS story to suit their xenophobic goal vs the South while ignoring Real threat from North

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) September 15, 2014

Rivera says the real threat is from the north and not the south.

Well, just to be safe, how about this?

@GeraldoRivera Perhaps after a few more attacks here in North America, enough will realize that the ENTIRE border must be secured.

— BuilderBrent (@BrenttheBuilder) September 15, 2014

Worth a try!



Hypocrisy much? See ‘tough guy’ Geraldo Rivera beclown himself over ‘ISIS butchers’

Geraldo: CNN host a ‘dope’ for believing he wants ISIS literally beheaded

Eric Bolling sends first Snapchat; Geraldo asks, ‘Is that where selfies disappear?’

“The Five’s” Eric Bolling sent his very first Snapchat message today, and the lucky recipient was Sen. Rand Paul, who announced just yesterday that he’d joined the auto-deleting photo messaging service. Why? Because of the NSA, that’s why.

Here’s Bolling’s first attempt.

Fellow Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera knows a thing or two about deleting selfies, and apparently wants to know more.

Geraldo Rivera: NRA’s definition of Second Amendment is stupid

That’s the whole tweet, so a lot depends on how you think the NRA defines the Second Amendment. Geraldo Rivera thinks the NRA’s definition is stupid.

The NRA seems to take it quite literally, as written. Is that the problem?

Is this the point of contention? Muskets vs. modern firearms?


Hopefully Geraldo will follow up with a little more explanation.

Should Obama appoint an ‘anti-Ebola czar’? Geraldo Rivera says yes

Is Ebola a problem that can be solved by another “czar”? Geraldo Rivera thinks so:

Only way to contain the Ebola virus is to find a vaccine. It is the highest national priority. A travel ban will slow, but not stop spread

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) October 3, 2014

President must appoint single anti-Ebola Czar to command all assets military-medical-transportation to fight scourge We need central command

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) October 3, 2014

If it was up to me the Ebola Czar would be the Surgeon General of the USA, Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak. He must be given extraordinary power

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) October 3, 2014

A “czar” isn’t as necessary in tackling the problem as a common sense awakening in the Obama administration.

@GeraldoRivera Yes we need some more of the president's incompetent appointments to get involved. Great idea Geraldo!

— Peggy L Price (@peggylprice) October 3, 2014

@GeraldoRivera smh. Another gov't bureaucrat given extraordinary power. Good idea. Their all so responsible with what power they r given.

— james hotaling (@bklyncook) October 3, 2014



Geraldo Rivera: Focus on ISIS slipping through southern border part of ‘xenophobic goal’