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How You Can Use These 10 Every Day Objects In Other Ways Is Genius. Absolutely LOVE #7.

Here are a bunch of really clever ideas for what you can do with 10 every day items… things like glass wine bottles, old bicycles or milk crates. With these ideas, hopefully you can turn something that you thought was junk into your very own work of art. Or just a really cool sofa made from wooden pallets. Hopefully these clever ideas will inspire you in some way.

1) Uses for wooden pallets.

2) Plastic spoons.

3) Old dresser draws.

4) Wine bottles.

5) Bottle caps.

6) Tires.

7) Credit Cards.

8) Bicycles.

9) Milk crates.

10) Globes.

Some of those ideas are really great, in fact I kinda want to go to my local thrift store now to pick up some old globes! Share these cool DIY ideas with your friends below.

What This Guy Did With Some Wood And A Power Drill Will Make You Feel Patriotic

Did you know that there’s a U.S. Flag Code?

It’s a long list of rules for displaying, disposing of, and respecting our country’s national symbol. While this guy’s project technically goes against the part in the code stating, “The flag should never be used as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything,” according to a Reddit commenter, there’s no need to worry. “Courts have ruled that would be an unconstitutional infringement on your right to freedom of speech.”

So, if you want to recreate his inspiring piece of furniture, here’s how to get started!

Wanting his flag table to be proportionate to the real thing, he sketched out some designs.

He decided on different waxes and stains to achieve the red, white, and blue hues.

He went to Home Depot to load up on wood.

He made sure to get everything cut to size there.

He tested his specs out and they worked for his space!

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So he started staining! These are pieces of the frame and red stripes.

Looking good.

Then it was time for the canton section.

He began putting the frame together.

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Well-placed pocket screws hold much of the table together.

With supports in place on the bottom of the table, he put on some hairpin legs.

Then it was time for the stars! He drew up the pattern on a computer program.

A friend of his was able to print the stencil out…

And after a coat of silver spray paint, the stars look perfect!

Finally, he applied two coats of spray polyurethane and two coats of brush-on satin-finish polyurethane.

We salute your creativity, sir!

(source Reddit)

How amazing is that? I’m pretty jealous of this table!

He Took Apart Old Skis And Transformed Them Into This Backyard Must-Have

Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to relax during the summer months?

When it comes to summertime, relaxation is usually the last thing on my mind. The unbearable heat makes it nearly impossible to get comfortable enough to even toy with the idea of taking an afternoon siesta.

In times of insufferable heat, try imagining that you’re in a much colder place. Apparently, just thinking about being in a cooler climate can trick your brain into believing that you’re not melting. I’ve never had the mental stamina to get this to actually work, but I think Redditor yourheynis is on the right track.

He collected some skis and repurposed them into an awesome, summer-ready porch swing that will transport you to wherever your imagination would like to go.

Redditor yourheynis began his porch swing by collecting used pairs of skis that he found at thrift stores and yard sales.

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Using a variety of techniques, he removed the bindings from all of the skis.

He then laid them out until he had the desired size and pattern he wanted for his swing.

Even though he’d never created something like this before, he managed to build a sturdy frame.

With his angle cutter in hand, he removed 20 inches from each ski to create a uniform edge.

He then assembled and attached the skis to the seat.

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Next he measured and cut the skis again to create the back portion of the swing.

With a beer at the ready, he sanded down the metal edges. Safety first!

Two coats of gloss later, the skis looked brand new!

Our builder went through quite a few drill bits, but countersink holes were eventually added.

He then used two-by-six boards to serve as back supports for the frame.

Next up was hardware.

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Using scrap pieces, he created arm rests.

He found time for another beer before attaching brackets to the arms for extra support.

He then screwed the arms down.

After that, the holes for each chain were added.

Our builder cut off and sanded down the exposed screws to ensure that no one would get hurt.

Using a 20-foot chain, he created a loop and hung it from the underside of his deck.

The swing and chain then became one.

After attaching everything and making sure it was stable, the swing was ready to help this do-it-yourselfer and his friends get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Who knew summer and winter could collide in such an awesome way? If you need me, I’ll be busting out my old skis.

What This Dad Made For His Son’s Bedroom Will Make Every Star Wars Fan So Jealous

What was your childhood bedroom like?

Okay, now that you’ve got that picture…what do you WISH it had been like? Well, in an effort to make his little boy’s bedroom dream into a reality, this dad gave his son’s room an epic makeover fit for a starship commander.

While BrooklynEWD‘s family was out of town, he completely decked out his four-year-old son’s room…and honestly, as a grown woman, even I’M jealous of the results.

This was the space he wanted to fill in his son’s room.

BrooklynEWD worked long and hard on the overall layout before he got to work cutting wood and assembling things.

He started out with the simple frame, making sure it was sturdy enough for everyone to pile on top for story time.

Things finally started coming together! The stairs have built-in storage and the dad left space under the bed for something extra special.

After everything was pretty much put together, BrooklynEWD sanded and primed the wood.

He added a round hatch door, a coat of blue paint with gold details, and even made unique stencils for the wording.

But what’s under the bed is the truly awesome piece. While he left a lot of it unfinished so he and his son could work on it together…

He made a spaceship control panel!

He bought the various buttons and toggles online and crafted the dash and chair himself.

And after just a week of working day and night, the project was finished!

Looks like someone is pretty pleased.

BrooklynEWD said, “We’re looking forward to continuing this project over the next few years.” What a cool father-son DIY! Ultimately, the dad said he just wanted to teach his kid that you can make things on your own, “and that not everything has to come from a store.”

Well, I think he definitely achieved that goal!

She Took A Piece Of Fabric And Made It Into A Pillow Cover Without Sewing

Oftentimes, redecorating comes at a ridiculous cost. Wallpaper, paint, new furniture…the list goes on. But when it comes to giving a couch a whole new look, you can stop at just one item: fabric you probably already have lying around.

Without even sewing or cutting her swatch of cloth, this woman gives a throw pillow a makeover in just two minutes!

I can’t believe how easy that was! If you have a plain-looking couch, you can do so much to spice it up with fun fabrics like this one. What a fast, adorable way to makeover a piece of furniture you use every day.