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Guilty Dogs Try Their Best To Hide The Fact That They Definitely Did Something Bad

You know what are the best? Videos of guilty dogs.

The pups in this video both look extremely guilty as their owner interrogates the two adorable suspects. The crime in question was a heinous one. Someone had the tenacity to ruin a perfectly good shoe.

While the two dogs, sitting side by side, both look like they might be responsible for the misdeed, the pit bull looks especially guilty. Starring sheepishly at the floor, the little guy does his best to avoid Dad’s gaze. He even went so far as to hide behind his brother’s back!

In the end, neither of these two cuties owned up to the crime. But personally, I think they were both in on it.

When He Found Feathers All Over The House, He Tracked Down Who The Culprit Was…

I’m no detective, but as a dog owner, I’ve had to improvise when I come home to find my pups and the garbage can tipped over…

Who is covered with old food? Who looks the most guilty? Who’s the good dog?

These are all probably questions that Imgur user ablom2009 asked when he woke up to find feathers all over his home. With three possible culprits and one assumed victim, he got to work investigating the scene of the crime.

When ablom2009 woke up to this scene, he first assumed the worst: a poor bird had flown its last flight.

Here’s the first suspect, Fenway. A possible motive? Well, he’s a dog. Potential alibi: He’s a good boy.

Moving on through the house and into the kitchen, the damage continued.

Ablom2009 found his second suspect, Brittany, but quickly moved on…her alibi is pretty solid — she’s 13.

As ablom2009 walked into the living room, it became clear who was to blame…

Jackson had guilt written all over his face…and paws, and fur.

“Wasn’t me!”

Thankfully no birds were harmed in this crime. We can’t say the same for the couch cushions…

This Smart Jack Russell Terrier’s Trick May Be Forced, But I Still Love It.

Some dogs know how to fetch. Other dogs know how to roll over. This smarty-pants Jack Russell Terrier knows how to say yes and no (sort of). The dog’s owner is obviously coaching him along with this whole charade. However, you still have to give the pup props for putting up with all of the coaxing.

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He deserves a treat, even if it’s just for being patient.

This Dog Has The Funniest Reaction When He Sees His Own Shadow. What A Goofball

Ever seen a dog chase its tail? It’s funny…but this is even better. When this adorable German shepherd looks at the floor and sees his own shadow, he simply doesn’t know what to do. First he paws at it, whines…even has his owner try to “help” him. But the best part comes near the end…

It looks like his shadow will live to fight another day! He was a worthy adversary.

Our advice, don’t tell this fluffy guy about that pesky tail that keeps following him around. We wouldn’t want him chasing two unreasonable things!

Benny The Bulldog Plays The Cutest Game Of Peekaboo The World Has Ever Seen.

Most of us have probably played a game of peekaboo with our dogs before, either getting a look of real excitement or utter confusion back. But have you ever seen a dog join in on the game, actually playing peekaboo back? That’s exactly what Benny the Bulldog does when he’s bored.

Watch as Benny slowly raises his head from under a coffee table to meet the stare of his owner, before lowering his head back again and doing it all over again. You can see he loves every second of it.

(Source: Benny The Bulldog)

Oh good, there you are Benny! Thought you had left for a second…