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When He Bit Down Into A Chocolate Egg, He Tasted This Nastiness

Growing up with two brothers, I’ve been pranked countless times for their amusement.

After having bugs thrown on me and finding gross things in my food on a regular basis, I’ve become very wary of anything my siblings do around me. If only this man was as cautious about his friends…

These guys thought it would be funny to prank him, so they gave him what he thought was a delicious chocolate egg to enjoy. However, he quickly realized that his Kinder Surprise was NOT a cute toy in a plastic shell when he bit down.

He had to know that they were doing something weird.

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This is why it’s probably not a good idea to bite into anything your friends randomly hand you. They really can’t be trusted.

This Teen With Down Syndrome Just Made History For His High School In One Play

What is your favorite memory from high school?

Unfortunately, for me, it was getting out of there and moving on to better things — I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, and I’m sure many of you will agree. I have no huge victories besides graduating and I’m actually pretty okay with it, but I now wish that I had gotten more involved so I could have awesome memories to share — like the one this young man has.

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Seth McGee was born with Down syndrome, but he has no limitations when it comes to playing his favorite sport at Ridgeland High School. During one of his football team’s games, he scored an amazing 65-yard touchdown — but it’s how everyone reacted that will blow you away!

He has such great friends.

I bet that was such an awesome moment for him — it’s definitely a story he’ll be retelling for many years to come. There’s nothing left to do but give the man and his team what they deserve.

They Pulled Off An Epic Heist By Sneaking Into A Movie Theater In The Weirdest Way

Young people love doing things that they’re not supposed to do. That’s a fact. Perhaps, for example, you were one of those rebels who tried to sneak into movie theaters as a teen — but you most likely didn’t do it the same way these two did.

YouTuber Bo Johnson and his friend Matthew have had a lifetime dream of sneaking into a movie theater dressed as one person. But instead of going the traditional route of standing on each other’s shoulders, they took a different approach.

That was hilarious! I can totally imagine the thoughts going through the ticket seller’s head. He was probably pretty sure that there was another person hiding under there, but didn’t want to risk saying anything offensive if there wasn’t. Well played, guys.

Helpful Bird Feeds Two Hungry Great Danes Some Tasty Milk-Bones. What A Friend!

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But did you know that birds are dog’s best friend?

Don’t believe me? Well then prepare to be amazed as you watch Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feed his two best buddies some Milk-Bones, by fishing them right out of the box and throwing them onto the floor, where the two grateful Great Danes eagerly wait for their treats.

I suspect it’s payment for protection from the family cat.

(Source: rrry1950)

These three partners in crime are just too adorable. I wonder if I can teach a bird to feed me cookies the same way?

Didn’t Think Cats And Dog Could Be BFFs? You’ve Been Lied To For Far Too Long!

Cat and dog people, we’ve been lied to for so, so long.

For years, everyone’s told us that it’s one or the other…that felines and canines simply don’t get along. But if there’s one thing we know after watching this adorable video, it’s just how wrong those people are. Rolling around together, sleeping, and cuddling, our furry friends actually never seem to want to be apart. They’re basically the epitome of friendship.

As it turns out, we all can just get along!

If Your Favourite TV Shows Were “Game Of Thrones” Houses

Mash-ups are coming.

1. Friends

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: A sofa
House motto: Pivot.
Enemies: House Geller have an on/off war with House Green thanks to a dispute about whether or not they were on a break.

2. Doctor Who

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: The TARDIS
House motto: Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
Enemies: House Dalek.

3. The Simpsons

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Blinky the three-eyed fish
House motto: You don’t win friends with salad.
Enemies: House Flanders.

4. The Walking Dead

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Sheriff’s hat
House motto: We burn the ones we love, and bury the rest.
Enemies: House Woodbury, House Dead.

5. Arrested Development

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: A banana
House motto: There’s always money in the banana stand.
Enemies: Themselves.

6. Breaking Bad

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Heisenberg silhouette
House motto: I am the danger.
Enemies: House Fring, House Salamanca, House Pinkman, House Schrader, House Welker, House Beneke, House Fly.

7. House of Cards

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: The Washington Monument
House motto: Shake with your right hand. But hold a rock in your left.
Enemies: Anyone who is in their way.

8. Lost

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Dharma logo
House motto: Don’t tell me what I can’t do.
Enemies: Who the fuck even knows.

9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Mr Pointy
House motto: The hardest thing in the world is to live in it.
Enemies: House First. There was also a brief disagreement with long term ally, House Rosenberg.

10. Orange is the New Black

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: A screwdriver
House motto: Bitches gots to learn.
Enemies: Former ally, House Vause.

11. Sherlock

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: A scarf
House motto: Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.
Enemies: House Moriarty.

12. True Detective

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Antlers
House motto: The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.
Enemies: House Tuttle, House Childress, also anyone who stops them from drinking.

13. Parks & Recreation

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

House sigil: Lil’ Sebastian
House motto: Treat yo’ self.
Enemies: House Eagleton.

If “Harry Potter” Were Told Through “Friends” Episodes

The One Where They Figure Out the Exact Function of a Rubber Duck.

Warner Bros / Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed

1. The One With the Boggart
2. The One Where Hermione Needed to Sort Out Her Priorities
3. The One Where Oliver Wood Made Everything Subtly Sexual
4. The One Where Bellatrix Was So Damn Thirsty for Voldemort
5. The One Where Seamus Blew Something Up
6. The One With the World Champion Quidditch Player
7. The One Where McGonagall Was a Boss Bitch
8. The One When Harry Was an Angsty Teenager
9. The One Where No One Followed Any School Rules
10. The One Where Harry Was a Sassy Bitch
11. The One Where Filch’s Cat Dies
12. The One Where Filch Tries to Reintroduce Capitol Punishment

Warner Bros.

13. The One Where Dumbledore Could Have Saved Everyone a Lot of Time
14. The One Where Gryffindor Gets 500 House Points for No Reason, Really
15. The One Where Umbridge Was Almost Worse Than Voldemort
16. The One With the Sorting Hat
17. The One With Dumbledore’s Brother and a Goat
18. The One With the Dementor
19. The One Where Everyone Gets Loaded on Butterbeer
20. The One Where Snape Showed Extreme Favouritism
21. The One Where Hermione Turns Into a Cat
22. The One Where Fred and George Did the Perfect Prank
23. The One Where They Got Lost in Knockturn Alley
24. The One That Draco’s Father Heard About
25. The One Where The Dursleys Go to the Zoo
26. The One Where There Are Far More Important Things Than Books and Cleverness
27. The One Where Hermione Saved Everyone’s Arse
28. The One Where Hermione Saved Everyone’s Arses (Again)

Warner Bros

29. The One Where Dudley Became Wider Than He Was Tall
30. The One Where Sirius Made Bad Life Choices
31. The One With the Triwizard Tournament
32. The One Where Every Hogwarts Student Got Obese From All the Feasts
33. The One Where Gilderoy Got His Hair Done
34. The One Where Peeves Steals Neville’s Books
35. The One Where They All Met Aragog
36. The One Where Ron Ate a Vomit-Flavoured Bertie Bott
37. The One Where Neville Turned Out to Be Cool
38. The One Where Hermione Was 100% Done With Everyone’s Crap
39. The One When They Stole a Flying Car
40. The One When Ron Got a Howler
41. The One When Petunia Was a Jealous Bitch
42. The One When Ron Became Roonil Wazlib
43. The One Where Ron Had the Emotional Range of a Teaspoon

Warner Bros

44. The One Where They Solemnly Swore They Were Up to No Good
45. The One Where They All Took Liquid Luck
46. The One Where Rita Skeeter Ruined Everything
47. The One With Draco, the Amazing Bouncing Ferret
48. The One Where Snape Saved the Day
49. The One Where Harry Was Dumbledore’s Man Through and Through
50. The One Where Fudge Made a Complete Idiot of Himself
51. The One With the Time-Turner
52. The One With the Exact Purpose of a Rubber Duck
53. The One Where Cho Cried Because Harry Kissed Her
54. The One Where They Found the Room of Requirement
55. The One With the Regurgitating Toilet in Bethnal Green
56. The One With the Vanishing Cabinet

Warner Bros

57. The One Where Harry Reminds Everyone He’s an Orphan
58. The One Where Harry Got a Coathanger for Christmas
59. The One Where Dobby Died
60. The One Where They Raised Harry Like a Pig for Slaughter
61. The One Where Snape Killed Dumbledore
62. The One With the Grim
63. The One Where Hermione Slapped Malfoy Right in the Face
64. The One Where Harry Discovers the Prefect’s Bathroom
65. The One With the Band That Needs No Introduction
66. The One With the Jinxed Broomstick
67. The One Where Trelawney Made a Real Prediction
68. The One With the Swallowed Snitch
69. The One Where Dobby Gets a Sock
70. The One With the Moving Staircases

Warner Bros

71. The One Where Harry Couldn’t Even Go Into a Bookstore Without Making the Front Page
72. The One With Hagrid’s Dad
73. The One With the Other Minister
74. The One Where Ron Just Got Long Hair All of a Sudden and Went Through Puberty in, Like, Two Years
75. The One With the One-Sided Media Coverage
76. The One With Rita Skeeter
77. The One With the Quick Quotes Quill
78. The One Where the Weasley Twins Bounced Snowballs Off Voldemort’s Face
79. The One With the Dark Mark
80. The One With U-NO-POO
81. The One When Mad-Eye Moody Did Mean Things to a Spider
82. The One With Babbity Rabbity
83. The One Where All Was Well

19 TV Moms You’d Totally Want To Be Friends With IRL

Get out of my TV and into my minivan.

1. Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She’s also her kid’s BFF. That may annoy you, but let’s be real — this means she probably knows some stuff worth knowing.

Holla at Your Girl When: You want to quit motherhood because your teen just told you they hated you.

2. Jessica Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She has high expectations when it comes to her kids, so she’ll hold you to a high standard too. Don’t worry; it’s good for you.

Holla at Your Girl When:
You’re this close to a spending spree and need to be talked off the edge. #RetailTherapy

3. Kristina Braverman (Parenthood)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She always shows up. She doesn’t even try to dodge life’s curve balls; she just catches them and throws them back.

Holla at Your Girl When: You need an ally. Who else would stand by your side while you fight to stake your claim as team mom?

4. Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis (Full House)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Balance. Becky has got that elusive work/life balance down cold.

Holla at Your Girl When: You can’t stop crying over spilled milk (or coffee). The working-mom struggle is real.

5. Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Patience is a virtue, so many of us find ourselves coming up short on. But when it comes to Marge, girl has plenty.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re trying to master her brand of zen with your own wild child.

6. Callie Torres (Grey’s Anatomy)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She will make it her mission to get you out of your shell. Callie is passionate, and when she loves, she loves all the way.

Holla at Your Girl When: The dance floor is dominated by sorority girls and you need a partner to “Shake It Off” with.

7. Harriette Winslow (Family Matters)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Girlfriend is boss and can teach you how to be about it at home and at work.

Holla at Your Girl When: You don’t feel “mom” enough. Her side-eye is legendary and will surely snap you back into shape.

8. Mellie Grant (Scandal)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Mellie is always ready to take off her invisible hoop earrings and fight for the things (and people) she believes in.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re the incumbent PTA president and there’s a formidable challenger lurking.

9. Gloria Pritchett (Modern Family)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She says all the things you secretly wish you said — and maybe some things you’re super glad you didn’t.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re on a mission to retire the mom jeans and reclaim your MILF status.

10. Rainbow Johnson (Black-ish)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Bow stays true to who she is, even in the face of her snarky mother-in-law.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re ready to come to terms with the fact that you married a mama’s boy.

11. Peg Bundy (Married…With Children)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Peggy is definitely feelin’ herself and all about self care (to the fullest).

Holla at Your Girl When: You need to binge on bonbons and daytime television.

12. Doris (Caillou)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She’s the mother to the most annoying child to grace our televisions and has yet to lose it.

Holla at Your Girl When: You just can’t take any more whining.

13. Stef Foster (The Fosters)

ABC Family

Why She’d Be Your BFF: Love. Stef has opened her heart to receiving love in whatever form it takes in her life.

Holla at Your Girl When: You need backup at any time (your best friend just happens to be a po-po).

14. Rochelle Rock (Everybody Hates Chris)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Every day she’s hustlin’. Rochelle is no stranger to hard work or standing up for herself.

Holla at Your Girl When: Your man just lost one of his two jobs and you’ve got to make your next move.

15. Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Lily loves her crew so fiercely, she’s not afraid to meddle to make things right.

Holla at Your Girl When: Your junior high schooler brings home her high school boyfriend and you’re looking to stealthily break them up.

16. Louise Jefferson (The Jeffersons)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Even when you royally blow it, Louise is right there. She reminds you of the importance of forgiving yourself and others.

Holla at Your Girl When: You need to let some things go. Life has been a little blurred ever since you started giving everyone the stink eye.

17. Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: She knows how to embrace second chances. Here’s the story, Carol was a divorcĂ©e and single mother when she met Mike.

Holla at Your Girl When: You want to give love another try but aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to a minivan.

18. Topanga Matthews (Girl Meets World)

The Disney Channel

Why She’d Be Your BFF: She’s just so darn likable. Plus, she dreams big.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’ve decided to quit the internet if another article that says moms can’t have it all pops up in your Facebook feed. I mean, do they even know Topanga Mathews, Esq.?

19. Angie Lopez (George Lopez)


Why She’d Be Your BFF: Back in the day she taught you what your milkshake could do, and now she’s a master of keeping the flame alive.

Holla at Your Girl When: You’re ready to “warm it up” in the bedroom and want to try something new.

Robin Williams Had The Best Cameo In “Friends” History

The late actor crashed Central Perk in Season 3, and it’s the best. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1408029247); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3417733”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1408029247); });

1. In Season 3 of Friends, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal made amazing guest appearances.

In Season 3 of Friends, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal made amazing guest appearances.

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NBC / Via youtube.com

2. They play best friends who crash the orange couch in Central Perk.

They play best friends who crash the orange couch in Central Perk.

View this image ›

NBC / Via youtube.com

3. Robin Williams’ character is going through a hard time because he thinks his wife is cheating on him.

Robin Williams Had The Best Cameo In "Friends" History

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NBC / Via reginaphilange.tumblr.com

4. And the six friends can’t help but listen to the ridiculous conversation.

Robin Williams Had The Best Cameo In "Friends" History

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NBC / Via reginaphilange.tumblr.com

5. Williams is absolutely hilarious, and he totally brings his A game.

Robin Williams Had The Best Cameo In "Friends" History

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NBC / Via reginaphilange.tumblr.com

6. Watch the hilarious scene here:

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ni6VPBIiFRY. NBC / Via youtube.com