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How This Guy Peels Coconuts Is Literally Insane — I Hope He Has A Good Dentist

If you’ve ever cracked open a coconut on your own, you know how terrible it can be…but this man may have learned the secret to making that process a little bit easier.

It doesn’t seem like a safe method, but it’s very efficient. Just make sure that you consult your dentist before trying this at home.

(source: Marcin Sroka)

I want to know what this guy has going on with his teeth, because I’m pretty sure I’d need dentures after doing that.

5 Strange Places That Are Blacked Out By Google Maps

It’s probably safe to say that Google Maps is one of the greatest technological innovations of the last 10 years. With just a few clicks, you can view any place on the face of the Earth.

Well, almost any place.

There are some areas of Google Maps that, for one reason or another, are concealed or obscured in some very obvious ways. Here are the five most suspicious-looking ones…

1. Junction Ranch, CA

Google Maps

Junction Ranch is in the middle of California’s Mohave Desert. There lies a mysterious airstrip…some believe it’s part of the China Lake proving grounds, which is an air force testing location for drones. While that’s suspicious in and of itself, even weirder is that only parts of the base are obscured from Google Maps. When you zoom in on the base’s location, there are parts of buildings intentionally scratched out. What’s going on down there?

2. Sandy Island

Google Maps

Sandy Island was discovered by Captain Cook during his explorations of and around Australia in the late 1700s. However, despite the island being seen on maps for the last 200 years, the area where Sandy Island is supposedly located is mysteriously blurred out on Google Maps. Something fishy is going on there.

3. Thule Air Base, Greenland

Google Maps

During the Cold War, the U.S. had B-52 bombers carrying nuclear weapons on a regular basis. This strategy was supposed to serve as a deterrent to the Soviets. However, accidents happen and in 1968 a plane carrying a nuclear payload crashed while taking off from Thule Air Base in Greenland. During the crash, the nuclear weapon was said to have released a significant amount of radiation into the surrounding environment. The area of the crash is still blurred out on Google.

4. Kangtega, Nepal

Google Maps

This mysterious area in the Himalayan Mountains is completely blacked out on Google Maps. While the potential reasons why it’s blocked range from a military base to Nazi UFOs, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know the full story. That is, unless you want to hike up all 22,000 feet to find out.

5. Siberia, Russia

Google Maps

Russia’s vast northern forests are seemingly a hotbed of paranormal and generally unexplained activity. While most of us wouldn’t bother looking at a forest on Google Maps, the Russian government isn’t taking any chances. Deep in the Siberian wilderness is an area of land that from far away looks normal…however, when you look closer, it’s very obviously copied and pasted from another place. The geography just doesn’t synch up. So that begs the question, what’s going on here?

Check out a video discussing all five of these places.

Well, those are pretty darned mysterious. I wonder if Google is working in league with some evil forces in the world to cover these sites up, or if something else entirely is at play.

This Massive Shark Is Older Than America And She’s Still Alive And Kicking

Shark Week 2016 has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of ocean predators out there prowling the water for their next meal.

When we compare ourselves to sharks, sure they outmatch us in the physical strength and ferocity departments, but there’s no way they beat us in the age department, right? We humans live longer, more fruitful lives than sharks. Well, not if we’re talking about Greenland sharks.

The Greenland shark, also known as the gray shark, has some amazing genetics. A study of several deceased female Greenland sharks found that the largest one had lived for about 400 years and only died quite recently.


The study looked at the bodies of 28 Greenland sharks in total. Of those 28, eight were at least 200 years old when they died.


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The biggest shark researchers looked at was probably born around 1620. That would make her older than the United States!


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When Greenland sharks are born, they grow at the maddeningly slow pace of about one centimeter per year. Most only reach sexual maturity around the age of 150.


Who knows what keys to aging further study of these Greenland sharks might uncover…


(via Mysterious Universe)

Now that is amazing. I would love to see a whole special on the Greenland shark. I wonder how they would stack up against the more ferocious predators in the ocean…

He Died While Diving, And His Camera Was Running The Entire Time

On the coast of the Red Sea lies one of the world’s most infamous scuba locations, and it’s known locally as the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is an underwater sinkhole that goes down about 96 meters (or 314 feet). It’s a popular spot for free diving, but it’s also earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous locations in the world.

Despite regulation by authorities, about two divers per year are defeated by the sinkhole. The most famous death at the hole happened when diving instructor Yuri Lipski got lost back in 2000.

Lipski foolishly decided to dive to the bottom of the hole on his own.

He managed to reach a depth of 304 feet. However, at this depth, nitrogen narcosis began to impact his mental state, causing him to become disoriented.

Once he realized that he would not be able to escape, Lipski removed his oxygen mask and quickly perished.

When a diver was sent to retrieve Lipski’s body, they discovered that he had brought a video camera down with him. The camera attached to his helmet ended up recording the entire ordeal — including the moment of his death.

The video below is not for the faint of heart.

(via Reddit)

That poor guy. I can’t even imagine how horrible his final moments must have been. Let this be a reminder to bring a buddy with you when you’re doing anything risky, no matter how skilled you are.

You Might Say This Guy Had Trouble Letting Go…Some Called Him A Romantic

Losing a loved one is never easy and the grieving process can take years if it ever really ends. Grief can take many forms including ways that are strange and don’t make much sense to outside observers. While a little bit of understanding in these situations can go a long way, when it comes to the grieving process of Carl Tanzler following the death of his beloved in 1931…well, that’s another story.

Tanzler, pictured below, was born in Germany in 1877. He and his family (wife and two daughters) immigrated to the U.S. in 1926 before settling in Zephyrhills, Florida. With everyone settled, Tanzler left his family and took a job as a radiologic technologist at the U.S. Marine Hospital in Key West. That’s where the creepy side of the story begins…

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While working at the hospital, Tanzler met Maria Elena “Helen” Milagro de Hoyos, a local woman whose family was from Cuba. From first sight, Tanzler said he fell madly in love with her.

At the hospital, Hoyos was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which was almost always fatal at the time. Despite Tanzler using all of his limited medical knowledge to save her, Hoyos died of the disease in 1931.

After her death, Tanzler paid for all of her funeral costs and even commissioned the building of a large, aboveground tomb for her. For the next several years, Tanzler paid frequent visits to Hoyos’ grave. That is, until one night in April 1933, when he broke into her tomb and stole her body.


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At home with the body, Tanzler attached Hoyos’ bones back together using coat hangers and wires. Next, he fitted the “body” with a new set of glass eyes. As Hoyos’ remains continued to decay, Tanzler replaced her skin with cloth and plaster. Eventually, he replaced her hair with a wig. He also stuffed the chest cavity with rags to help keep its original form. The body never left Tanzler’s bed.

Tanzler kept Hoyos’ body until rumors of his activities finally reached the dead woman’s family in 1940 and they investigated. When police searched his home, they found the reassembled body and Tanzler was arrested.


Strangely enough, Tanzler never actually served any jail time for his grave robbing. His case went to trial in 1940, but the judge ruled that the statute of limitations had run out. When Tanzler died in 1952, his body was found in the arms of a life-sized effigy he had created of Hoyos.

The creepiest part of this whole story is that there is no evidence that Hoyos, when she was alive, ever reciprocated any of Tanzler’s feelings for her.

Stories About This Canadian Cult Leader Will Seriously Freak You Out

Cult leaders are, as you might imagine, not the best people. However, some are worse than others. Canadian Roch “Moïse” Thériault, leader of the so-called Ant Hill Kids, was one of those people. As with most cults, things started out normal enough, but Thériault quickly became a cruel, tyrannical leader who was eventually strapped with a life sentence.

The Ant Hill Kids banned together in 1977 to listen to Thériault’s motivational speeches. He deliberately crafted those speeches in a way that solidified his position of authority.

He fancied himself a prophet and convinced his followers that he was doing God’s work when he hurt and abused them.

The group made most of its money by selling baked goods, and those who did not bring in enough money were subjected to extremely harsh punishments.

Getty Images

Members were routinely punished with whips or blows from a hammer, and many of these abuses were administered by Thériault. Thériault was also known to hang members from the ceiling and pull out every hair on their bodies.

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While those sound terrible, people who tried to leave the commune fared far worse.


Their punishments included breaking their own legs with sledgehammers, sitting on hot stoves, shooting each other in the shoulders, and eating dead mice. To prove their loyalty, Thériault sometimes commanded members of the group to cut off each other’s toes with wire cutters. These extreme forms of abuse led to the death of at least one follower.

Eventually, Thériault’s deranged ways became his downfall.

Getty Images

Gabrielle Lavallée was a follower who had endured insane abuse under Thériault. In the years leading up to her escape, she suffered burns from welding torches on her genitals, a hypodermic needle breaking off in her back, and even the removal of eight teeth. She managed to briefly escape from the cult in 1989, but was brought back. At that point, Thériault proceeded to torture her by cutting off her arm and part of one breast.

After Thériault stopped, Lavallée managed to get away again. That time, she contacted the police.


Officers then raided Thériault’s compound. The madman was arrested and eventually sentenced to life in prison, and he died in jail back in 2011 at the age of 63.

(via Mental Floss)

I think this guy deserved a lot more than he got in the end. Let’s just hope that he’s burning in a very special place right now.

An Intruder Just Broke Into Their House And Watched Them Sleep For Over 10 Minutes

Are you paranoid about making sure that your windows and doors are securely locked at all times to prevent unwelcome strangers? Well, if you’re not already, you will be after you watch this video. It’s from a surveillance camera inside the Chicago home of Jordan Buranskas and her boyfriend, Jack Mackercher.

The footage shows a creepy man in a white hoodie standing at the top of the stairs, watching the couple while they slept on the couch. To say it’s unsettling would be an understatement.

He’s the ultimate creep.

(via Elite Daily)

The scariest part is that they only noticed this guy while reviewing the footage trying to figure out where Jordan’s purse went (which he did, in fact, steal). If he hadn’t taken anything, they would never have known that he was there.

She Was Removing Some Old Wallpaper When She Found This Chilling Note Underneath

Ah, Paris…the City of Light.

While much has been written about the romantic destination, all the novels, poems, and letters in the world cannot match the experience of actually being there.

But while Paris is magical to visit, it also harbors a less well-known and wholly creepy side…something that Redditor wingspantt learned all too well during her time studying abroad there.

Wingspantt writes that she spent one semester living and studying in Paris while attempting to learn French. During this time, she stayed with her aunt, whom she had never met before.


Her aunt lived in an older, quaint apartment. Toward the end of wingspantt’s time in Paris, her aunt asked her to help remove some old, ugly wallpaper in one of the rooms. Seems simple enough, but that’s where you’re wrong…


As they started to remove the wallpaper, they found these old and decidedly creepy writings in French.

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As her French was not that great, wingspantt’s aunt translated. Turns out, it was a long, rambling letter addressed to the man’s wife (or ex-wife, or maybe even a lover) and daughter. While the subject isn’t clear, a few of these translated sentences will send shivers down your spine…

“One day you will understand, my dear child, that I could have watch you grow old, and that the savage behavior of your mother prevented me to do so. And to think that I created [something] so that one day i could be home every night, but your mother didn’t understand the subtlety of the game. I leave, I don’t know where, but I promise with all my heart that I will come to see you very often.”

“My child, I no longer have the morale and I can no longer find the strength to fight with your mother because I loved her far too much.”

“You must understand that it has become necessary for us to halt this union in which your mother has no sense of life as such.”

“(Something) I’m incredibly tired I want to… I want to sleep and… (something) my beautiful daughter. You must (something) this life.”

“Your mother has no idea what she really is.”

“You were wonderful, I was so deeply happy. Despite everything, I still love you. Goodbye.”

Naturally, this made her aunt curious about the man who used to live in her apartment. After asking around, the neighbors told her he was a quiet man and worked as a political cartoonist. He mostly kept to himself, they said, then one day, he just disappeared.

(source Reddit)

Now that is what I call a mystery! Even though I’m not sure what went down in that apartment, if I were her aunt, I’d move…

If you want to see some theories on who the man was, just check out this thread.

Be Careful Exploring Abandoned Places…They Might Not Be So Empty

For the adventurous among us, urban exploration is an exhilarating pastime. However, you must be careful when you’re exploring these places. Abandoned buildings are sometimes not as abandoned as you might think. That’s a lesson that urban explorer Jaroslava Langova learned in a terrifying way. Watch it all unfold in the video below.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

(via Reddit)

I think I peed myself a little bit there at the end. It’s not like I had any urban exploration plans, but if I did, this video would make me think twice.

What They Found On A Hike Is Bizarre And Incredibly Morbid…This Isn’t Normal

When you go for a hike, it’s always a good idea to let at least one person know where you’re going and how long you plan to be there. Usually, nothing happens and you come back safe, but there’s always that chance of disaster. Or, in the case of Redditor indigoaway, a chance of a brutal sacrifice by a possible cult.

He and a friend were on a hike when they found something deep in the woods…

Indigoaway decided to go on a spontaneous hike with a friend. Not long after they began exploring, the two stumbled upon a rusted old barrel. From the outside, it just looked like trash, inside, though?

Well, it was filled with bones and other organic debris. Indigoaway’s friend had come across it a month earlier, too.

Even though what we’re probably looking at are animal bones, it’s still an extremely freaky thing to find in the middle of the woods.

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Indigoaway said it looks like someone used a saw on the bones before throwing them into the barrel and burning them…oh, and the heads? Nowhere to be found.

While many Reddit commenters say this looks like the work of poachers trying to cover up their illegal hunting, indigoaway claims the woods are known for cult activity. Whichever explanation you believe, I don’t think it makes this discovery any less freaky.

(source Reddit)

Much of this sounds like the opening scene to a sequel of the Blair Witch Project. If I were them, I’d have hightailed it out of there.