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Rapper Nelly arrives in Ferguson, tells crowd ‘We can’t overreact’


“Hot in Herre” rapper Nelly arrived among the protesters in Ferguson, Mo., this evening, entrancing reporters and addressing the crowd with a bullhorn.


What next?


Nelly telling the crowns they need a plan

Crowd ask Nelly what’s his plan

Nelly doesnt have one

#WhenLifeComesAtYouFast— Rik Rocc (@Rik_FIair) August 19, 2014

LeBron James, Other NBA Players Wear “I Can’t Breathe” Shirts Before Game

Monday night’s Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers game at Barclays Center drew protesters speaking out against Eric Garner’s death. Britain’s royal couple were also scheduled to attend.

1. LeBron James wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt before Monday’s game at Barclays Center, joining other professional athletes in protesting the death of Eric Garner.

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

2. Fellow Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving was among several other players showing his support for protesters.

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

4. Nets players, including Kevin Garnett and Deron Williams, joined the Cavs star in wearing the shirt.

Robert Deutsch/Usa Today Sports

5. Jay Z, one of the owners of the Nets, posed with the players.

6. Outside, a crowd gathered as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expected to arrive to their first NBA game.

First sign aimed at Will and Kate at the #royalshutdown protest. #RoyalsInUSA

— ellievhall (@Ellie Hall)

8. It was the latest show of protest by professional athletes against the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police.

Bulls star @drose doesn’t talk after game about #ICantBreathe shirt http://t.co/yWSCIJnCNC (h/t @abc7chicago) #NBA

— AP_Sports (@AP Sports)

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released a statement after the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt over the weekend.

“I respect Derrick Rose and all of our players for voicing their personal views on important issues but my preference would be for players to abide by our oncourt attire rules,” Silver said.

10. In recent days, a number of NFL players have also worn messages of protest.

R.I.P Eric Garner

— DavinJoseph75 (@Davin Joseph)

‘He deserved to get shot:’ Hate flow after female Ferguson police officer shot


As Twitchy reported tonight, a police officer in Ferguson, Missour, was shot tonight after another inflammatory night of protests.

Cue the anti-cop schadenfreude in 3, 2, 1…

#Ferguson pd we care just as much about that pig being shot as you did about #MikeBrown

— Top Secret Source (@mogem2) September 28, 2014

That cop shouldn't have charged a police officer. He deserved to get shot. #ferguson #FergusonPD #policebrutality #blackonbluecrime

— Anonymous*LosAngeles (@creativerobd) September 28, 2014

Let's see how the mainstream media will cover #Ferguson now that a pig is shot as opposed to Mike Browns murder

— Sarona Bedwan (@zataardiva) September 28, 2014

Here come that statuses about how the officer in Ferguson, MO deserved it, after what happened to Michael Brown.

— Michael Pallas (@michael_pallas) September 28, 2014

Idgaf if a cop in Ferguson was shot. They probably deserved it.

— Grumpy & Lumpy (@omgLSP) September 28, 2014

Fucking pig get shot; 300 men will search for me. My brother get popped and don't no one hear the sound.

— Jennifer. (@JennyWHOA) September 28, 2014

This person hopes and “preys” the “killer pig” dies:

Authorities: Police officer shot in Ferguson http://t.co/59Qeldrx12 via @YahooNewsI HOPE & PREY THE KILLER PIG DIES !!!!! KILLER PIGS !!!

— RON BOONE (@SEABOARD8) September 28, 2014

More “pig”-bashing:

So the pig lived and the boy is dead? #Ferguson

— Cassandra (@CassandraRules) September 28, 2014

Stay classy. RT@CassandraRules: So the pig lived and the boy is dead? #Ferguson

— Carl Gustav (@CaptYonah) September 28, 2014

FYI: The officer is woman. Not that it’ll stop the hate.

#Ferguson officer shot is a woman. http://t.co/TFj8ZFpx1r

— Michele (@Kristyannasmom) September 28, 2014

This just in COP SHOT #ferguson I wonder if he had his #handsup … Bitch! Hurts doesn't it pic.twitter.com/3CinIByxt7

— Anonymous*LosAngeles (@creativerobd) September 28, 2014

‘OUTRAGEOUS!’ HuffPo’s Reilly continues to make Ferguson all about him


Law, schmaw! Everything is about Huffington Post justice reporter Ryan Reilly.


Wait, how can that be?



Some had little sympathy.


Gasping! Remember, Reilly is the journo who tweeted that he believed ear plugs were rubber bullets. That is not a parody. It happened.

He’s still tweeting photos, though, even after that debacle.


Ding, ding, ding!

As Twitchy reported, Reilly also tweeted out a photo that included the license plate of someone who was supporting the police. Justice reporter?


Reilly should be safe, though.



It’s all about him and all about the narrative he is seeking to push.




Funny that.

And what about this?


Just when you thought some members of the media couldn’t possibly sink any lower, “journalists” like Reilly and the dangerously inflammatory Chris Hayes come along to show that oh yes, they can.


This sadly sums up media’s irresponsible Ferguson reporting brilliantly

Inflammatory! Could mace boy Chris Hayes have made a more irresponsible Ferguson tweet than THIS?

Ferguson riots have ‘officially gone too far’: Chris Hayes threatened with mace

‘Science much?’ Is THIS the reason HuffPo dweeb journo confused rubber bullets with ear plugs?

#CanAnyoneConfirm? Rubber bullets, ear plugs; same diff! Help confused Huffpo journo

WaPo reporter: Mocking reporter for misidentifying ear plugs is a ‘cheap shot’

‘confirm’ more [photos]

‘Speechless!’ You won’t believe what Huffpo journo arrested in Ferguson thought were rubber bullets [photo]

This nutshells the danger of rubber bullet-confusing journo’s reporting in Ferguson

Bully pulpit bam! Question for media, Obama about Ferguson journo arrests reveals their utter lack of self-awareness

‘No justice no peace! Stop racist police!’ Code Pink still stirring Ferguson pot [pics]


Well, we’ll give this much to Code Pink: They’re tenacious. They are committed to making themselves part of the Ferguson narrative, no matter what.

Today, they’re back at it:




Hey, smart take!



Keep it up, Pinkos. You’re doing great!



‘This meme is just freaking absurd’: Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin ruins #HandsUpFriday

Code Pink begs for Ferguson attention in DC; Sorry, loons, THIS is only way to get Obama’s [photo]

Full Twitchy coverage of Code Pink

Morons! Here are Donna Brazile, MSNBC ‘vomiting Vox’s’ Hong Kong, Ferguson lie


The lows just keep getting lower for “lean forward” MSNBC.

As Twitchy reported, the idiots at Vox claimed that Hong Kong protesters were standing in solidarity with Ferguson. By putting their hands up. It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t, you know, Vox.

Epic mockery ensued, including a mock-tastic photo-filled hashtag. A WaPo reporter humiliated himself by defending Vox’s moronic lie.

VOX: Clickbait For Stupid People. http://t.co/jTk79FEERG. Sadly, it works. smh

— Christy J. (@NObamaGirl) September 29, 2014

@voxdotcom Wow – Vox proven to be wrong again. How many times will that happen this week? You really are stupid people.

— Me in Jersey (@Me_In_Jersey) September 29, 2014

Also stupid? MSNBC.

Hong Kong protesters mimic Ferguson’s "hands up, don’t shoot": http://t.co/GPgTP5Xd3T (Photo: Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty) pic.twitter.com/g0BsbQcrDg

— msnbc (@msnbc) September 29, 2014


@msnbc This is truly pathetic, and yet a predictable angle for you. Wow.

— Elefante (@Calle_Elefante) September 29, 2014

Yep. Truth? Whatever! MSNBC has false narratives to push!

@msnbc You are the lowest of the low.

— winsome (@wfmccl) September 29, 2014

MT @msnbc: Hong Kong protesters mimic Ferguson’s "hands up, don’t shoot": pic.twitter.com/7Gjuv7Rudx

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

Except that those protesters in the picture said they didn't even know about Ferguson. https://t.co/ZfH31XaUZC @msnbc

— RB (@RBPundit) September 29, 2014

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. That's saying a lot for you MSNBC. @msnbc

— Ryan B. Leslie (@RyanBLeslie) September 29, 2014

But wait! Another stupid thing enters the mix: Take it away, always befuddled Donna Brazile!

Hong Kong's protesters are using the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture from Ferguson, Missouri. #handsupdontshoot. http://t.co/TtUGvZcIGY

— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) September 29, 2014

Oh sweetie.

.@msnbc Bush started it. pic.twitter.com/B497VzeAvY

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014


On the plus side?

Nothing kicks off a Monday like a giant cup of stupid. Thanks @msnbc @WesleyLowery @voxdotcom #HandsUpDontShoot

— Jonathan (@JR_Delage) September 29, 2014

So there’s that!

Update: An exit question for Ms. Brazile:

@donnabrazile Did it dawn on you that ppl half way around the globe, fighting for their very freedom have no idea what #Ferguson even is?

— Paul Renick (@trumandie28) September 29, 2014


#HandsUpDontShoot: Don’t look now Vox, but your epic stupidity has a mock-tastic hashtag [photos]

‘No one is that dumb!’ Oh yes, Vox is. Take a look at THIS epic idiocy sparking snark [photo]

‘You’re embarrassing yourself’: WaPo reporter defends Vox’s Hong Kong/Ferguson knee-slapper

Twitchy coverage of Vox buffoonery

Instagram blocked and other updates from the ‘umbrella revolution’ in Hong Kong [photos]

‘Nailed it in advance’: Snark-elicious new angles on Hong Kong story

‘Invented in Missouri’: Hong Kong protesters using Ferguson ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ gesture?

‘I want freedom’: Massive crowds, tear gas at Hong Kong democracy protests against China [photos]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes warns Ferguson police; Lack of self-awareness astounds



Oh yes, another progressive of pallor sought to scold over the Ferguson, Mo.,  looting and riots. Enter ace douche MSNBC’s Chris Hayes:


Behold the terrifying power of Chris Hayes! Or something?


Who knows? We’ve lost our cuckoo pants to English dictionary.


But wait, there was more!


Truth. Lapdog media won’t show anything that doesn’t further their wanted narrative.



But back to his oh-so-scary threat to the police:


Speaking of bikes, remember this?


Self-awareness meter says “staggering lack.”


‘Free smug!’ Salon prog of pallor writer scolds white people for condemning Ferguson looting

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ bike stolen — will the guilty party lean forward?

Predictions: Which one will be Obama’s oh-so-brilliant statement on Ferguson riots?

Bogus rumor: Column of tanks headed to Ferguson, Mo.

Hapless rioters attempt to shatter bus stop shelter with a trash can [Vine video]

‘And the riots have started’: Protest escalates in Ferguson Mo. [pics, Vine, video]; Updated: Looting, vandalism, violence

New Black Panthers reportedly at protest, riots in Ferguson, Mo. [pics, Vine video]

Now someone is shooting at Ferguson, Mo., police

‘Breaking Bad style’: Ferguson, Mo., looters load ATM onto truck

Tensions rise in Ferguson, Mo., as angry anti-police protests intensify [Vine video]

‘F*ck the police’: ‘Disturbed’ online protesters want #JusticeForMikeBrown

Ferguson protesters livestream themselves threatening police, families


Another Ferguson live-streamer is taking some heat from his viewers. Presumably the point of live-streaming the protests is to keep the police honest, but there are some people watching online and recording the actions of the activists shooting the video. Twitchy reported on live-streamer Bella Eiko getting reported for child neglect. Viewer calls child protective services on Ferguson protest live-streamer

Now live-streamer Bassem Masri is getting called out for allegedly threatening police and their families on video.



Twitchy coverage of Ferguson protests

Instapundit slams ‘legally illiterate’ Cornel West for Ferguson remarks


Academic and activist Cornel West was arrested Monday as part of a civil disobedience campaign that capped off a weekend of #FergusonOctober protests.

Dr. Cornell West arrested. #ferguson pic.twitter.com/HwlXPLNOqc

— Craig Cheatham (@CheathamKMOV) October 13, 2014

While many supporters were shocked at what they saw as yet another overreach by police, West himself said he had come to Ferguson to be arrested.

"It's a beautiful thing 2 see people on fire for justice, but I didn't come here 2 give a speech…I came here to go to jail" – Cornel West

— Rachel C. Abrams (@RachelAbramsNY) October 13, 2014

@Kristyannasmom @CheathamKMOV Of course he wanted that to happen – that's why he's there – getting big picture in news!

— winsome (@wfmccl) October 13, 2014

@Kristyannasmom @CheathamKMOV It's called civil disobedience, a choice that comes with legal consequences. That's the whole point.

— Lynn Pounian (@Panger2014) October 13, 2014

@wfmccl Yep, only way he gets attention. That's all this is about.. Attention. @CheathamKMOV

— Michele (@Kristyannasmom) October 13, 2014

And while West said he wasn’t in town to give a speech, he did speak long enough to utter something ridiculous.

@CornelWest : "Everybody knows if you shoot somebody down, you're supposed to be arrested…Somebody has to be held accountable." #Ferguson

— Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) October 13, 2014

@Yamiche: @CornelWest : "Everybody knows if you shoot somebody down, you're supposed to be arrested." Legally illiterate.

— Instapundit.com (@instapundit) October 13, 2014

@instapundit Which is par for the course for @Harvard alumni it seems. I thought they were a good school? @Yamiche @CornelWest

— George Eliseo (@GeorgeEliseo) October 13, 2014

They just hate self-defense. Cops can't do it, citizens can't do it. That much is obvious @instapundit @Yamiche @CornelWest

— Aaron Worthing (@AaronWorthing) October 13, 2014

Poor @CornelWest hasn't had cogent thought since affirmative action was invented, and likely not before. RT @instapundit @LauraBxd @Yamiche

— Law of Self Defense (@LawSelfDefense) October 13, 2014

@instapundit @CFLancop @Yamiche @CornelWest Everybody knows if you shoot AT someone, they shoot BACK.

— Scott (@NorthCounty3303) October 13, 2014

@instapundit Do either @Yamiche or @CornelWest know that the circumstances of the shooting are paramount to whether there is an arrest? #smh

— CFLancop (@CFLancop) October 13, 2014

Not everyone appreciated West’s presence in Ferguson in the first place.

Take note how Cornel West is the story and not the #FergusonOctober movement. #StayWoke

— PragmaticObotsUnite (@PragObots) October 13, 2014

@PragObots Of course he is…that was West's entire purpose for going down there.

— Pamela Jones (@goodnewsgoddess) October 13, 2014

@goodnewsgoddess But let some folk tell it, Cornel West is the new MLK. People are too impressed by theatrics.

— PragmaticObotsUnite (@PragObots) October 13, 2014

@PragObots Symbolism or Optics over substance…which is why Cornel West cannot point to ONE victory he helped to create for AA community.

— Pamela Jones (@goodnewsgoddess) October 13, 2014


#Ferguson PD not interested in Cornel West's words. #FergusonOctober pic.twitter.com/IQwA2Q8TL4

— Robert Cohen (@kodacohen) October 13, 2014

Who is? RT @kodacohen #Ferguson PD not interested in Cornel West's words. #FergusonOctober pic.twitter.com/UFzhdWcDUT

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 13, 2014


16 Memorable Crime Stories We Published This Year

A high school teacher who abused his students. A Georgia prison allegedly covering up the rape of a trans inmate. The chaotic aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. The brief life and baffling death of an unarmed man shot dead by police in a Wal-Mart. A disappearing wage thief. The downfall of Mississippi’s most progressive prison reformer. Here are a few of the most memorable crime stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2014.

Teacher Leaves Elite LA School After Alleged Student Affair, Inappropriate Relationships — By Katie J.M. Baker

Inside the turmoil at Marlborough, one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive high schools. The teacher left Polytechnic School only after inquiries from a BuzzFeed reporter, and the headmaster also later resigned. Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed

How A $50 Meth Deal And A Botched SWAT Raid Left A Baby Maimed — By Michael Hayes

When police raided a suburban Georgia home, looking for drugs and weapons, a stun grenade would leave a 19-month-old fighting for his life and his family facing more than $1 million in medical debt. Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed

How Police Caught The Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Abused 8 Black Women — By Jessica Testa

Prosecutors say Officer Daniel Holtzclaw made a mistake after a series of sexual assaults on black women in Oklahoma City — he profiled the wrong woman. His family says he’s a victim of “solicited testimony” from women who have “personal motives” to lie. AP Photo / Via Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

Michael Brown’s Neighborhood In Ferguson Is Dying — By Joel Anderson

No matter what decision the grand jury makes, the residents of Michael Brown’s apartment complex have made up their minds — they want out. David Goldman / Via AP Photo

The Prison Reform Blues — By Albert Samaha

Chris Epps wanted to reform Mississippi’s harsh, decrepit prison system. Now he’s facing three centuries in the slammer. Rogelio V. Solis / Via AP Photo

The Case Of The Missing Wage Thief — By David Noriega

A restaurant company allegedly owned by the Chinese government was ordered to pay its workers millions in back wages. Then it completely disappeared. Jon Premosch / Via BuzzFeed

The Brief Life And Baffling Death Of John Crawford III — By Michael Hayes and Alison Vingiano

“How does somebody go into a Walmart and not come out alive?” Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed

Is A Georgia Prison Trying To Cover Up The Rape Of A Transgender Woman? — By Jessica Testa

Zahara Green’s recent lawsuit against prison officials may reveal how the state is failing to protect transgender people — or even recognize them. Matt Odom / Via BuzzFeed News

What Kind Of Creep Sells A Celebrity’s Naked Photos On The Internet? — By Charlie Warzel

The on- and offline search for the prime suspect in the celebrity nude-photo hacking scandal. Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed

Ferguson’s Angry Young Men — By Joel Anderson

Dismissed as “agitators” and “fools,” Ferguson’s young protesters are actually ordinary young black men — and some women — who are leaderless but united by anger. And some don’t think the old civil rights guard achieved much: “I feel in my heart they failed us.” Joel Anderson / Via BuzzFeed News

The Life And Last Days Of Jordan Davis — By Michael Hayes

When Michael Dunn was on trial for killing a 17-year-old in Jacksonville, most didn’t know much more about the victim other than that he was shot over a dispute over “loud music.” But before Jordan Davis became another symbol of Florida’s deeply divisive “stand your ground” policy, he was just a kid. Photos courtesy of Lucy McBath, Ron Davis, and Aaron Johnson / Justine Zwiebel / Via BuzzFeed

In West Virginia, Playing Hooky Can Get You Locked Up — By Katie J.M. Baker

West Virginia has a juvenile incarceration problem that’s costing one of the poorest states in the country millions of dollars. Families say it’s because judges are too quick to take their kids away. West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services

Here’s What Happened When One Soldier Reported Sexual Harassment In The Military — By Alison Vingiano

Katie Rapp, a soldier who reported sexual harassment while she was deployed in Afghanistan in 2011-2012, recorded her four-hour interview with a sexual assault investigator and provided it exclusively to BuzzFeed News. Katie Rapp

Eighty Years Of Fergusons — By Adam Serwer

The story of violent black protest in the U.S. is an old one — it’s self-destructive but it sometimes gets results. AP Photo

The Revenge Porn Fixers — By Ryan Broderick

This year’s celebrity nude photo hack may be the most high-profile example of “revenge porn” — humiliating women by spreading private photos. A dedicated group of activists, led by the mother of a victim, has been pushing for more aggressive laws, but can this really be stopped? Macey J. Foronda / Via BuzzFeed

Facebook For Felons — By Joseph Bernstein

Kamaal Bennett built a social platform for incarcerated gang leaders. It’s already changing how they see themselves, and the outside world. Chris Ritter / Via BuzzFeed News