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He Thought His Dad Had Forgotten His Birthday…But Then This Happened

Braheim Fowler is all of us when he thought his dad forgot his birthday.

You can almost feel his heartbreak at first. You see him trying to keep a brave face, but hiding his head with his hat so the camera can’t catch his disappointment.

He’s so upset! Don’t let them see you cry, though…

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But then his dad sends him to get something out of the trunk…

Someone must be cutting onions in here…

I hope you hit all the home runs, ever, in the whole, wide world, Braheim. Also, happy birthday!

They Told Granny To Close Her Eyes Before Showing Her Something Incredible

We’ve seen hundreds of videos involving surprise pregnancy announcements, but as adorable as those videos are, this one gives them all a run for their money.

YouTuber Jeff Deal and his wife had a very big surprise planned for his grandmother when they showed up at her house one day. Before they began, they told her to keep her eyes closed and sit down.

“It is with immeasurable joy that I introduce you to your great-grandson, Jordan Chase,” were the words Grandma heard as she opened her eyes and instantly started crying. The couple had been trying to adopt for nearly 20 years, so this was a very special moment for everyone involved.

These are the experiences that make life worth living. Don’t you feel like you’re right there in the room with them? There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the love of family.

Nothing Will Inspire You Quite Like Duncan The Two-Legged Pup.

Duncan is a boxer puppy who loves to run around just like any other dog, but there’s something about him that’s quite different. Because of a birth defect, Duncan had to have his hind legs amputated. That might sound debilitating, but Duncan hasn’t let it get in between him and his fun.

Watching him play at the beach makes it seem like he has twice the energy of a normal dog, even if he only has half as many legs as one.

Look at him go!

There’s no questioning if Duncan’s a good boy.

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Youtube Star Pays Off His Parents’ Mortgage, And Gets Their Reaction On Video.

Talk about a good son. When Timothy DeLaGhetto, a comedian and rapper from California, dropped out of college five years ago his parents were worried. DeLaGhetto quit school to focus on his entertainment career. 

“My parents always wanted me to stay in school and get a degree,” said DeLaGhetto. Despite their wishes that he stay in school, DeLaGhetto’s parents supported him while he pursued his dreams. 

Earlier this week their faith in their son was rewarded. DeLaGhetto hand delivered them a check for $210,000 to pay off their mortgage, in addition to another $130,000 he paid the bank for their house. The best part though? He caught it all on video.  

The message of the video, DeLaGhetto said, was that he wants people to remember not to take their family for granted.

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