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He Thought His Dad Had Forgotten His Birthday…But Then This Happened

Braheim Fowler is all of us when he thought his dad forgot his birthday.

You can almost feel his heartbreak at first. You see him trying to keep a brave face, but hiding his head with his hat so the camera can’t catch his disappointment.

He’s so upset! Don’t let them see you cry, though…

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But then his dad sends him to get something out of the trunk…

Someone must be cutting onions in here…

I hope you hit all the home runs, ever, in the whole, wide world, Braheim. Also, happy birthday!

Navy Father Gets Home Early From Deployment And Sneaks Up To Surprise His Son

This Navy SEAL wasn’t supposed to return home from deployment for another few weeks, but when he found out that he was coming back ahead of schedule, he knew that he had to surprise his young son.

The little boy’s tears of joy after he hugs his father could melt even the coldest heart!

I don’t even have words to describe how cute this is. The little guy just missed his dad! After seeing that, I think I’ll give my dad a call.