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Twitter hit by mother of all fake news bombs as CNN’s Brian Stelter links to Dan Rather’s Facebook page

After what seemed like months of back-and-forth between President Trump and CNN over fake news and “violent” wrestling GIFs, the New York Times went and surprised everyone Monday night with one of those Trump-Russia bombshells everyone had come to expect. Sure, the sourcing was anonymous, but it turns out the story was solid.

For almost a full day there, it seemed as if the news media had remembered its core mission: to rid America of its elected president after failing to prevent said election. And speaking of journalists who failed to prevent an election, look who popped up just as the country was digesting some real news:

‘Nopes to Snopes’! Snopes’ plea for funding goes EMBARRASSINGLY (hilariously) bad

Snopes might go out of business … and there was great rejoicing.

Oh Snopes, you really did this to yourselves. When you were covering basic information and debunking myths and rumors that was fine, but when you started with the political slant that allowed the Left to push a narrative that you ‘proved true’ you shot yourselves in the foot.

‘Don’t do this’: Is Twitter making a ‘HUGE mistake’ in the fake news fight?