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Ellen Barkin blasts ‘warmongering Cheneys’ for position on climate change


For actress Ellen Barkin, the science is settled: The Cheneys are bad, horrible, awful, terrible people for viewing President Obama’s policies as bad for America while also not falling in line on “climate change.”


Uh huh. And nobody has joined the “save the planet” movement for the money, right Ms. Barkin?


‘Liberal heads are going to explode’: Dick and Liz Cheney launch new non-profit

Chinese Lake Three Times The Size Of Los Angeles Dries Up In Just Weeks

China’s Poyang Lake is — or rather, was — the largest freshwater lake in the country.

A drought began in September, and the lake has since dried up and become grassland that can be traveled across on foot. Once three times the size of Los Angeles, it’s now almost completely dry.

Poyang Lake is connected to the Yangtze River and used to span over 1,737 miles. Full of life, it was home to freshwater fish and a large number of shrimp.

Now, the lake is nearly unrecognizable from above.

There have always been fluctuations in the water level of the lake during the dry season, but the drought that the region is currently experiencing is unprecedented.

Getty Images

According to the Jiangxi Hydrology Bureau, Poyang Lake’s low-water period has been growing longer and longer since 1952.

As An Elephant Calf Was Drowning, Something Absolutely AMAZING Happened. Check This Out.

Animals are much smarter than most people give them credit for. When disaster struck within this herd of elephants, they didn’t act helpless. Instead, the adults elephants proved just how intelligent and caring they are. A tiny elephant calf attempted to cross the swollen Ewaso Nyiro in Kenya, but it proved to be too much for the little guy. The youngster was submerged in the swift current, but thanks to some quick thinking of his mom, wasn’t swept downstream.

The little calf thought it would be okay to cross…

Sandy Gelderman

But the water was too high for the little one.

Sandy Gelderman

He was caught up in the current almost immediately.

Sandy Gelderman

But mom was there to save the day.

Sandy Gelderman

To see mom’s heroics in action, watch the video below. It’s hard to believe that these magnificent creatures are this intelligent. Absolutely amazing.

(H/T Daily Mail) It’s about time more people realize that animals have thoughts and feelings, too. This video proves that this elephant mother definitely does. She was horrified to see her baby in trouble and would do anything to save him. Share her awesome save with others!

These Powerful Ads Will Change The Way You Think About The World.

I could go on and on about the importance of knowing your impact on others, the environment and our culture. Just ask my family about the earful they get every Thanksgiving. But these amazing ads say more than I ever could. 

From donating blood to sharing the road, these powerful and clever ads will get to you. Big time.

1.) We can all be superheroes.

2.) Share the road.

3.) Not the best place to park.

4.) Backseat doesn’t mean automatically safe.

5.) That light isn’t coming from your anatomy.

6.) Mm, sushi…

7.) Autocorrect the way you message.

8.) Using a little can save a lot.

9.) This danger in this photo isn’t real, but you are.

10.) Little things can be a big problem.

11.) What you’re really doing when you use your phone.

12.) Ready, aim…

13.) A belt is easier than a back.

14.) This isn’t the family resemblance you want to see.

15.) You aren’t in this big a hurry.

16.) A second helping hand.

17.) Now you see it…

18.) Words can be stronger than bombs.

19.) The gift of life.

20.) What’s really under the sea.

21.) Patience really is a virtue.

22.) Would you like heart disease with that?

23.) Vroom or boom?

24.) Dogs are a commitment, not a toy.

25.) That table will only get longer.

26.) Can you do your daily routine in one of these?

(via Distractify.)

There’s a lot more to think about than you probably knew, but it only takes a little bit from each of us to make a big impact.

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If You Can’t Spot What’s In Any Of These Photos, Look Again. It’s Staring Right At You.

The amazing thing about animals is… basically everything. Some are powerful, others are sneaky, and then some are just flat out majestic. But they all have one thing in common: an instinct to survive. And the way they survive is sometimes so perfect that you can’t help but be in awe. All of the animals below beautifully blend into their surroundings. Some so they can better stalk their prey, and some so they can avoid turning into a predator’s next meal. Check these out.

Bark Spider

Buff-Tip Moth

California Stick Insect

Childrens Stick Insect

Common Baron Caterpillar


Eastern Screech Owl


Even domesticated cats

Indo-Chinese Flying Lizard


Leaf Bug (mimicking a living leaf)

Leaf Bug (mimicking a dead leaf)

Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Leafy Sea Dragon



Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko


Orchid Mantis

Peppered Moth


Pygmy Seahorses



Stick Insect


Willow Ptarmigans

And this little guy shouldn’t be left out 🙂

My favorite is probably the Leaf Tailed Gecko. But the pup at the end is a close 2nd! Share these incredible ‘hidden’ animals with others below.

Gov’t arm-twists Redskins’ owner; Dennis Miller suggests relevant name change

Given the circumstances cited above, Dennis Miller’s proposed name change for the Washington Redskins might be the most accurate suggestion yet.



‘Washington Butthurt’: Idea for a #NewRedskinsName? Better clear it with these guys first [pic]

‘Insane’: Latest scare tactic about climate change is ‘epic stupid’

The man-made climate change fear-mongering can now reach higher levels … and that’s because it might soon float away:

Now climate change is messing with our gravity http://t.co/HVUY1iEiel via @Slate pic.twitter.com/ONr4DY9TdM

— Climate Desk (@ClimateDesk) September 29, 2014

Everybody panic!

“Implications that would make even Isaac Newton blanch” Climate change is affecting gravity. Seriously. http://t.co/NkX59iNcSS

— Heather (@hboulware) September 29, 2014

What natural occurrences will they use next to push the coming climate change apocalypse?

@hboulware Ye gods, that is epic stupid on display: pic.twitter.com/Qy0ENPrkOa

— Physics Geek (@physicsgeek) September 29, 2014

Climate change is affecting gravity now. These people are insane.

— CounterMoonbat (@CounterMoonbat) September 29, 2014

Wasn’t antarctic sea ice recently in the news?

.@hboulware What the…?? The Antarctic ice extent broke all time records. The water in solid or liquid form still exists on Earth

— Deo Volente (@diaz_robert) September 29, 2014

@hboulware I see their little out. “in the region” (which means precisely dick) allows them to act as though it matters. Extent still record

— Deo Volente (@diaz_robert) September 29, 2014

@hboulware global warming?! Oddly, just six days ago I believe Antarctic sea ice set a new record high…

— Just a guy. (@INukeYou) September 29, 2014

Yes, but once gravity stops holding the ice down it could all float away, or something. The science is settled.



‘At this rate’: Bette Midler envisions location of Summer Olympics due to ‘climate change’