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‘Hoo boy’! Mark Pryor’s Ebola flub inspires ‘perfect’ potential GOP ad [video]


MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt recently caught up with Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor, where she asked him if he thought the White House has handled the Ebola crisis effectively thus far. That’s a fair question, considering that this past August, Pryor made Ebola a campaign issue. It’s also a pretty straightforward question. Unless you’re Mark Pryor, apparently:

Hoo boy. https://t.co/AJK4prI3Jk #ARSen

— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) October 7, 2014

Transcript (forgive us for the weird punctuation — Pryor was having a hell of a time getting his words out):

Hunt: Do you think the Obama administration has done an appropriate job handling the Ebola crisis?

Pryor: Uuuuuuuummmmmm … I would say that … it’s, uh, it’s hard to know, uh, because, uh, I haven’t heard the latest briefing on that to know all the det— I mean, I read the paper and all, but my impression is that we have people over there, both from CDC and other medical-type people, and even some engineers to try to build, um, you know, medical facilities. That’s what they need over there. They need the medical infrastructure …

Hunt: Have we been aggressive enough in helping treat it?

Pryor: Uuuuuummmmmm … again, I have to see the latest numbers.

OK, now it’s our turn to say “uuuuummmmmmmmmm.” What the heck was that?

By far the most educated response on Ebola I have seen “@guypbenson: Hoo boy. https://t.co/x0U544Favi #ARSen

— Beckeelynn (@beckeelynn) October 7, 2014


Wow Pryor's answer on Ebola just now on #morningjoe – he has no clue.

— Cam Mason (@cam_mason) October 7, 2014

In the time it takes Mark Pryor to answer this Ebola question he could have already shown symptoms. http://t.co/dTBGlAAhbg

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) October 7, 2014

Yeah but did you see the selfie he took with Clinton lol omg 💘💖😻 RT @guypbenson: Hoo boy. https://t.co/sBv5psX1lG #ARSen

— L (@OrwellForks) October 7, 2014

Sorry, Mark. Not even that selfie could redeem your performance.

But it could be great for Pryor’s GOP challenger Tom Cotton:

Perfect NRSC Ad: Mark Pryor Ebola clip, followed by this https://t.co/whU5lje09A #YoureWelcome

— Scott Lincicome (@scottlincicome) October 7, 2014

Get on that, NRSC!

‘Visibly angry,’ seething president takes out frustrations on white ball

President Obama is always the first to claim that no one is more frustrated, angry, or upset than he is whenever his administration meets a setback. In a lengthy article in Friday’s New York Times, sources at the Ebola meeting for which the president had to cancel a DCCC fundraiser said the president was “visibly angry” at the incompetence on display:

Beneath the calming reassurance that President Obama has repeatedly offered during the Ebola crisis, there is a deepening frustration, even anger, with how the government has handled key elements of the response.

Those frustrations spilled over when Mr. Obama convened his top aides in the Cabinet room after canceling his schedule on Wednesday. Medical officials were providing information that later turned out to be wrong. Guidance to local health teams was not adequate. It was unclear which Ebola patients belonged in which threat categories.

“It’s not tight,” a visibly angry Mr. Obama said of the response, according to people briefed on the meeting. He told aides they needed to get ahead of events and demanded a more hands-on approach…

Funny how often the NYT runs stories reassuring us that Obama's heart is in the right place or that he's angry about right things.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) October 18, 2014

I get that White House wants us all to know that Obama is very, very angry about Ebola. But does @nytimes need to help them so credulously?

— Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) October 18, 2014

Is there actually more than 1 'Obama is so angry' story, or is it just a macro that NYT and others insert for incompetence?

— Brian Faughnan (@BrianFaughnan) October 18, 2014

Obama is angry again, just like he was about the IRS breach.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 18, 2014

I wrote a while back about Obama’s always being more concerned and angry and upset than everybody else. http://t.co/tmS05ROKqI

— Charles C. W. Cooke (@charlescwcooke) October 18, 2014

In anyone surprised that days after demanding aides get ahead of events, the president’s hands-on approach to the Ebola crisis involves the shaft of a golf club?

Pres Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir. Bright sunny Fall day.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 18, 2014

But he's so mad about Ebola leadership @markknoller: Pres Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir. Bright sunny Fall day.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) October 18, 2014

Seething over Ebola leadership from tee to green RT @markknoller: Pres Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir. Bright sunny Fall day.

— Brad Cundiff (@bradcundiff) October 18, 2014

@bradcundiff @hleecar @markknoller Strangely more comforting than if he were to be taking a special interest in it.

— Stephen Hollingshead (@PolicyDr) October 18, 2014

.@markknoller Kicked the #Ebola can over to @RonaldKlain and now it's play time AGAIN – before more fundraising

— Sandy (@RightGlockMom) October 18, 2014

Did we mention that new Ebola czar Ronald Klain didn’t even call in to Wednesday’s meeting? He must have been busy filling out his Form W-4 or something.

.@markknoller Thank god, things are back to normal.

— proud USA fan (@proudusafan) October 18, 2014

@RichardGrenell @markknoller NIH is closer than Ft. Belvoir to White House. Obama should visit Ebola nurse Nina Pham there.

— Kristinn Taylor (@KristinnFR) October 18, 2014

Crisis averted. Hired a hack. Told NYT I was mad. Blamed Bush/GOP. @markknoller Pres Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir. Bright sunny Fall day.

— The 57th State ℅EF™ (@EF517_V2) October 18, 2014

Our "phone it in" President, doing the hard work for America. RT@markknoller: Pres Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir. Bright sunny Fall day.

— Carl Gustav (@CaptYonah) October 18, 2014

Laserlike RT @markknoller: Pres Obama golfing at Ft. Belvoir. Bright sunny Fall day.

— Christie (@RepRepublic) October 18, 2014

@markknoller Well isn't that special? #Nero

— Texbarb (@texbarb) October 18, 2014

Sen. Mary Landrieu comes out in favor of mandatory Ebola quarantine

As Twitchy reported, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal earlier this month blasted the president’s response to the Ebola crisis with his classic four-step “Barack Obama School of Crisis Management.”  Republican Jindal has long urged a travel ban on flights from those West African countries where the virus is rampant, while Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu has accused Republicans of “fear mongering,” preferring instead to demonstrate personally that Ebola can’t be transferred via a righteous keg stand.

Last week, the Washington Times reported that Landrieu “was pleased the Homeland Security Department is tightening airport screening for passengers from three West African countries with an Ebola outbreak, screening she urged in a letter to the administration;” however, she wasn’t on board with a quarantine or ban on commercial flights, accusing Republicans of using the African virus outbreak to “create fear” here in the United States.

That was last week, though. Landrieu has suddenly become more comfortable with a mandatory 21-day quarantine on travelers from the hot zone.

Enough with the rubber stamp talk, OK?