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This Woman Almost Filmed Her Own Death When This 2×4 Flew Into Her Windshield

Wendy Cobb will probably never forget the 40 seconds you’re about to see.

She was driving along a highway in Shelby, North Carolina, when she noticed that two cars in front of her were holding up traffic illegally. Carefully, she took out her iPhone and started filming it, probably with the hopes of reporting it later. That’s when a piece of wood came careening through her car’s windshield, nearly taking her life…

The two-by-four came dangerously close to Cobb in the car, but luckily none of the shattered glass really affected her.

She feels lucky to have survived the incident, and who could really blame her? This is a crazy freak accident.

(via Daily Mail)

While it’s technically not anyone’s fault, this is exactly why it is so dangerous to leave giant pieces of trash on the road. Presumably, it fell off another truck. It was then kicked up into her car and easily could have killed Cobb or another driver. Even if she hadn’t been filming, this all happened so fast that defensive driving probably wouldn’t have helped.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

You’ll Never Believe What Fell Out Of The Back Of This Van On The Highway

Driving on the highway is incredibly dangerous. It’s insane that we all get from point A to point B safely as often as we do. When you think about the fact that we regularly drive giant hunks of dangerous machinery at high speeds, it all seems pretty crazy.

But on this Chinese highway, things got even more dangerous than usual one day. People were driving behind this van in Suzhou when all of a sudden, the rear door opened and a toddler fell out. The driver of the car was the child’s grandfather, and he had no idea what happened. Check out the startling footage below.

Apparently, the grandfather had the boy in the passenger seat, but he managed to squirm into the back. The rear hatch was broken, so the little one was able to open it.


(via BuzzFeed)

How scary is that? Thankfully, the boy was saved and no one was harmed. Judging by the little guy’s reaction, he was more confused than traumatized.

Not Everyone Can Park Perfectly, But These People Can’t Park At All…Wow

It’s pretty much a proven fact that most human beings are incapable of driving.

Unsurprisingly, these same human beings tend to be just as bad at parking. Finding a parking spot is difficult enough without these people wreaking their special brand of havoc on the world. And while most of us just ignore an annoying park job, some decide to write not-so-nice notes to let horrible parkers know just how much they disrupt society.

To honor the worst parkers in America and the revenge-seeking note writers that hate them, here are 29 horrid park jobs and confrontational notes that will make you exercise extreme caution the next time you’re pulling into a spot.

1. I certainly hope he wasn’t taking his permit test.

2. This office building has found a new way to celebrate disobedient parkers.

3. You know it’s real when someone has time to type out a note and include a diagram.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF’); });

4. I can’t even begin to list all the things wrong with this park job.

5. This driver forgot to read between the lines.

6. I don’t think that’s how handicap spaces are supposed to work.

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7. See Spot Park

8. You tried.

9. Who would even think of doing this?

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10. This brings a whole new meaning to the game four square.

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11. When all else fails, aim for below the belt.

12. The objective of parking isn’t to emulate a can of sardines.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI4_BTF’); });

13. Congratulations, you suck!

14. Finding a spot in the snow can be difficult, but no worries, this tyke found a space (or two) for his bike.

15. People are idiots.

16. This guy’s been watching way too much “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

17. Bad parking: not just for cars anymore.

18. You know what they say about guys who drive big trucks…they can’t park to save their lives.

19. This driver never learned how to follow simple directions.

20. So close.

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21. This is what happens when Mr. Potato Head can’t find a parking spot thanks to someone else’s horrible driving.

22. When there aren’t any spots, park in the driving lane.

23. This driver won’t take NO for an answer.

24. Parking lot Tetris

25. Monkey see, monkey do.

26. I hope he drove with those boots on, because who would boot a car parked like this?

27. Don’t make people doubt their grammar!

28. Anything you can do, I can do better.

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29. But no one takes out their parking aggressions quite like this man:

With people like these on the road, I think I’ll stick to public transit.

These Powerful Ads Will Change The Way You Think About The World.

I could go on and on about the importance of knowing your impact on others, the environment and our culture. Just ask my family about the earful they get every Thanksgiving. But these amazing ads say more than I ever could. 

From donating blood to sharing the road, these powerful and clever ads will get to you. Big time.

1.) We can all be superheroes.

2.) Share the road.

3.) Not the best place to park.

4.) Backseat doesn’t mean automatically safe.

5.) That light isn’t coming from your anatomy.

6.) Mm, sushi…

7.) Autocorrect the way you message.

8.) Using a little can save a lot.

9.) This danger in this photo isn’t real, but you are.

10.) Little things can be a big problem.

11.) What you’re really doing when you use your phone.

12.) Ready, aim…

13.) A belt is easier than a back.

14.) This isn’t the family resemblance you want to see.

15.) You aren’t in this big a hurry.

16.) A second helping hand.

17.) Now you see it…

18.) Words can be stronger than bombs.

19.) The gift of life.

20.) What’s really under the sea.

21.) Patience really is a virtue.

22.) Would you like heart disease with that?

23.) Vroom or boom?

24.) Dogs are a commitment, not a toy.

25.) That table will only get longer.

26.) Can you do your daily routine in one of these?

(via Distractify.)

There’s a lot more to think about than you probably knew, but it only takes a little bit from each of us to make a big impact.

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Together, These Brothers Are Going Blind. Before That Happens, They Are Doing This.

Tod and Justin Purvis are brothers who are both slowly going blind. The two suffer from a rare degenerative eye disease known as Choroideremia. The disease begins during childhood, but usually leaves the sufferer blind sometime during adulthood.

In 2010, they decided they wanted to see America before Choroideremia took their eyesight. Although they lived on different sides of the country, they teamed up for an epic road trip. Their journey took them 13,000 across America…

And they documented the whole thing.

Tod, 43, (left) and Justin, 38, (right) are both slowly losing their eyesight to Choroideremia, a degenerative disease that eventually leaves the sufferer blind. Tod still has half of his vision, while Justin only has about 15 percent of his vision left. They both experience tunnel vision.

They set off on a road trip to see the sights across America before they both could no longer see.

The goal of the trip for Tod and Justin was to find the country’s most picturesque spots.

Tod enjoying the Nevada dessert.

The two drove the whole way in a Ford Escape. Justin is declared legally blind, so Tod drove.

Hanging out with snakes.

What cross country trip would be complete without a small film crew to document the journey? They brothers filmed their trip and made a documentary about it.

The documentary was released last year and won numerous awards. It is available for rental or purchase on Vimeo.

Now that their American road trip is complete, Tod and Justin say they still want to get out there and see more of the world.

“I want to see everything – it’s not just landmarks, it’s museums and art galleries. It’s not just America – we want to see the world,” said Tod.

Justin enjoying himself at a wine tasting along their journey.

Choroideremia, the disease Tod and Justin suffer from, affects about 1 in every 50,000 people. It mostly occurs in males.

“If I do love my vision,” said Tod. “I will miss the sight of sunsets the most.”

It’s revealed at the end of the film that the brothers’ eyesight is actually much worse than they thought. They started filming thinking that both Tod and Justin had at least half of their eyesight, but that was not the case. This is where the film gets the name Driving Blind. They were pretty much driving legally blind the whole time.

Here are a couple of trailers for Driving Blind.

Via: The Daily Mail

That is such an amazing journey, even if it was a bit dangerous toward the end. You can learn more about Tod, Justin, and their documentary here.