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SERIOUSLY? CBS News spots ‘downside’ to improving economy (Tony Katz translates)

SERIOUSLY!? Eric Holder draws ‘ABSOLUTE RED LINE’ for Trump as eyes roll

The anti-Trump Resistance “take to the streets if Mueller is fired” talking points were sent out last week, and former Attorney General Eric Holder joined in by taking an approach his former boss made famous:

REALLY? Dean Obeidallah floats MOAB alternative (that would also have saved $$!)

The Trump administration is hearing plenty of criticism from the Left for dropping a MOAB in Afghanistan which reportedly killed 36 ISIS fighters. Comedian and member of The Resistance, Dean Obeidallah, presented an alternate plan:

Not all heroes spell out ‘RESIST’ in really big letters with their bodies, but these did

Aside from North Korea launching another missile into the Sea of Japan, it’s been a typically slow Saturday in the news. That hasn’t kept The Hill in particular from bringing it.

Not only did the site help amplify the totally spontaneous and not-at-all media conscious act of a sweet 9-year-old bringing James Comey a plate of cookiesto thank him for his service; it also helped bringthe brave actions of some 200 resistance fighters to a national audience.

‘Sick, sick, sick!’ OUCH: Why did Trump, Sanders win in NH? James Woods offers truth bomb – twitchy.com

Will actor James Woods jump aboard that “Trump Train”? Well, he hasn’t so far, but he does think he knows the reason why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won in New Hampshire. Take a gander:

Hmm. Neither the GOP nor Dems will like that response. What do you think? Here’s what some had to say:


Well, here’s a valid reason:

So, heck of job again, Barry!

REALLY!? CNBC’s John Harwood points out ‘#AmericanHeroes’ and sends eyes rolling

Reporters were doing what reporters do on Capitol Hill today, in this case asking a Republican U.S. senator about a bill they’re working on:

DAAAMN: Jenna Jameson drops the mother of all tweet-bombs on David Duke, VAPORIZES him

On Saturday, Trump tweeted this regarding the Charlottesville, Va. rally.

Because why not? Sheriff David Clarke appointed to DHS position in Trump admin; Update: Or was he?

D’OH! Sarah Sanders catches CNN in ANOTHER #FakeNews fail, Kal Penn joins mockfest

As you know, CNN had another embarrassing day and had to correct a story that began as a “bombshell” and ended as a fizzled dud.

White House Press Secretary added insult to injury after spotting CNN making a different goof: