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When A Yellow Lab Found A Baby Bunny In Her Yard, She Had The Best Reaction

Meg is your average, adorable yellow labrador retriever. She goes about her days playing in the yard, but on one special afternoon, she came across a tiny new playmate. Thankfully, Meg’s dad, David Jackson, was nearby and filmed the incredible meeting.

Be prepared to die from cuteness overload.

Little John Stamos (aka the bunny) just stole my heart.

I think we could all benefit from bookmarking this video and coming back to it later when we need a pick-me-up.

25-Year-Old Rescue Dog Could Be The Oldest Pup In The World

If there’s one wish all pet owners share, it’s that our furry friends could live forever.

Although that’s obviously impossible, this dog’s humans should consider themselves lucky. They might share their home with the oldest dog on Earth!

Tara the rescue dog is 25 years old, and she’s owned by Burt Ward, the actor who played Robin in the 1960s Batman series. Ward is so passionate about animal rescue, in fact, that he and his wife care for 50 rescue pups!

If you want to learn more about Tara’s incredible life, check this out.

What a happy girl! It’s easy to see that she’s lived her long life to the fullest, and we wish her many more years to come.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go track down some of that food for my dog.

Guilty Dogs Try Their Best To Hide The Fact That They Definitely Did Something Bad

You know what are the best? Videos of guilty dogs.

The pups in this video both look extremely guilty as their owner interrogates the two adorable suspects. The crime in question was a heinous one. Someone had the tenacity to ruin a perfectly good shoe.

While the two dogs, sitting side by side, both look like they might be responsible for the misdeed, the pit bull looks especially guilty. Starring sheepishly at the floor, the little guy does his best to avoid Dad’s gaze. He even went so far as to hide behind his brother’s back!

In the end, neither of these two cuties owned up to the crime. But personally, I think they were both in on it.

These Honest Dog Shaming Photos Put Dog Shaming Photos To Shame

Dog shaming is a popular meme on the internet lately. The basic concept is that a dog shamer’s dog misbehaves, he/she adorns a sign on their beloved friend stating what the dog did, snaps a picture, and presumably Rover’s dog friends will see it and mock him at all the popular dog barbecues. Does it really work though? These honest dog shaming photos may have the answer.

Somehow I don’t think this weird form of medieval torture is getting through to our canine friends. If you love the pooches and are mystified that people actually do this, give this a share on Facebook!

No One Wants This Two-Nosed Dog And I Can’t Figure Out Why. He’s The Best!

The nose knows what it wants, so why doesn’t anyone want to adopt this lovable pooch in Glasgow, Scotland? Snuffles is a Belgian Malinois Shepherd mix, a breed known for high intelligence and wonderful personalities. But he has been sitting by himself in the Dog’s Trust Rehoming Center. No one wants to adopt him because he was born a little different than the rest of the dogs at the shelter…

Snuffles is a genetic oddity. He was born with 2 noses.

Dogs Trust

This dog up for adoption is still cute as a button, but people are turned off by his nose.

Dogs Trust

The nostrils aren’t fused together and they can even move independently of each other.

Dogs Trust

Snuffles is only 4 months old and he already has lived in 4 DIFFERENT homes.

Dogs Trust

For now, he is hanging out at the Dogs Trust.

Dogs Trust

It’s hard to understand why no one wants to take this adorable dog home.

Dogs Trust

Just because he is different…

Dogs Trust

Doesn’t mean he is a bad dog.

Dogs Trust

Snuffles is an affectionate, smart and fun-loving puppy full of bounce and love. Would you take him home?

Dogs Trust

If you live near Glasgow and would love to take Snuffles home, visit the Dogs Trust site and contact them! There is no reason that a dog like Snuffles should go unloved. In fact, we think he is even cuter because of this congenital defect. Some dogs are bred to look this way, so why won’t anyone love Snuffles? Is it just because he doesn’t fit the “breed standard?” Source: DailyMail Share this article – let’s help Snuffles find a forever home. *UPDATE: After receiving more than 60 inquires, Snuffles has found a new loving home in Scotland. 🙂

People Were Shocked When They Saw A Wrecked Semi, But When They Saw The Driver…

Pet owners know that when it comes to car rides, our furry friends have some seriously mixed feelings. There’s the dog that’s terrified, the one who wants to ride literally in your lap, and the other who’s so excited the whole time you’re on the road.

In Minnesota, though, it appears there’s a whole new category — dogs who dream of driving themselves!

In the small city of Mankato, police were alerted to a rather unusual automobile accident. A semitruck had crashed into a parked car in a parking lot…but when they saw who was driving, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

(via NY Post)

I guess no one will be asking this pooch for his insurance information. Hopefully the dog learned his lesson and won’t be getting behind the wheel of a car ever again. You need to practice before you can drive!

Kitten Decides To Annoy His Husky Friend During Dinnertime — So Funny!

All this husky pup wanted to do was enjoy a good meal in peace, but the family kitten had other ideas and decided breakfast time was the perfect moment to launch a ninja attack!

It’s safe to say the dog was less than impressed with the playful kitten’s surprise pounce.

The patience of that beautiful dog is impressive. Then again, it’s impossible to be angry at such a cute kitten.

Prepare Yourself For 20 Of The Absolute Cutest Puppy Noises Ever

Unless you’re Doctor Dolittle, it’s almost impossible to know what your dog is thinking.

It’s 2016 and we still haven’t created a device to translate what our favorite pooches have to say. No matter how hard we try to decode what our furry friends are trying to communicate, there’s just no way of knowing for sure.

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What I do know is that in their failed attempts at communications, dogs can make some pretty hilarious sounds. Whether it’s a bark, yelp, yell, squeal, or growl, you can guarantee that it’s going to be the cutest, most adorable thing you’ve heard all day. So for all my dog lovers out there in cyberspace, here’s a compilation of the 20 best doggy dialogues I’ve ever heard.

1. It sounds like he’s saying, “up, up, up.”

2. This chatterbox even talks in his sleep.

3. Is this pooch gargling mouthwash while he barks?

4. Is this a dog or a chew toy?

5. I think this pup might have swallowed a canary.

6. How can you disagree with that whine?

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7. Sleeping puppies produce some of the best sounds imaginable.

8. There’s a special place in my heart for newborn puppy cries.

9. No matter pure bred or a mutt, their yelps are contagious.

10. When will the ringing in my ears stop?

11. What’s better than one puppy whimpering? A whole chorus of pups.

12. That whine is like music to my ears.

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13. When his owner lets him get a word in, this dog proves his bark is worse than his bite.

14. That must be a horrifying dream he’s having.

15. I’m not the only one that growls when I get presents.

16. Are they singing “Home On The Range?”

17. This pup’s perfecting his falsetto.

18. Someone give this dog a bone.

19. This pup snores louder than I do.

20. Prepare yourself for cute puppy noise overload.

If I die tomorrow, at least I can die knowing I just witnessed the absolute cutest doggy noises known to man.

Her Did Dog Went Missing…Where He Was Found Shocked Her To The Core

Twelve-year-old Maverick is one tough cookie. First surviving a potentially deadly car strike, and then freeing himself from a hunting trap, he’s got an incredibly strong will to live. But this recent story just might be the most convincing evidence of that.

After going out one day for a bathroom break, he suddenly disappeared. Little did his owners know, he was on the side of the road slowly falling into a sinkhole! While his family spent the next three days frantically searching, Maverick was stuck in the hole praying for help…

What a strong dog! After three days, he didn’t give up hope — and thank goodness his owner recognized his calls for help. We hope he stays out of harm’s way for the rest of his days.

This Puppy Was About To Be Eaten. Yes, Eaten. But Check Out What Happened.

People throughout the world see dogs as “man’s best friend.” They are animals with deep feelings and they can be one of the most loyal and loving companions you could ever have. For most people, resisting a dog’s charm is simply impossible. This fluffy ball of love is named Scout. He originally lived in China in the town of Yulin. However, now he lives in Washington D.C. with an American family. That’s because his original owner was trying to slaughter and eat him.

All he wanted was love…

But he was inches away from being slaughtered for FOOD.

There is a town in China called Yulin that celebrates a “dog meat festival” every year. Annually, restaurant owners and street vendors sell dog and cat meat to both locals and tourists. This tradition goes back generations as a celebration of the summer solstice. It’s possible there was a point in history where this made sense or wasn’t an atrocity, but now animal rights activists are fighting against the slaughter of innocent animals in the name of this festival. According to CNN, many locals are still accustomed to eating dog meat: Ask a local when the tradition of eating dog meat began and you’ll likely be met with a dumbfounded expression — it is akin to asking someone when people started eating beef. For many in the city, eating dog meat is a hard habit to break, despite changing attitudes about the treatment of animals in China.

We decided to censor this image of dog meat for sale in a shop in Yulin City recently. If you want to see the uncensored version, it’s linked below.

Uncensored version (warning: you probably won’t like it). Thankfully, groups are attempting to change how people view dogs across China. Ending the consumption and sale of dog meat is an important… soon maybe this festival will come to an end. Because of the controversy, dog meat prices are rising and the festival is being protests. In the future, pups like Scout will be safe. For now, I’m glad someone was able to take that lovable dog away from the street vendor that was trying to kill him. Visit the International Humane Society’s blog to learn about this terrible tradition. Share this with others by clicking below. They need to know about the terrible treatment of dogs in cities around the world.