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Don’t Tell This Dog He Isn’t Smart. See How Clever He Can Be. Aww…

If Doggie High School existed, this lovable mutt would be at the top of his class. When he was faced with a predicament, he found a solution like a champ. I’m honestly in awe of what he came up with!

It was raining outside, but this pooch really wanted to go out…

Hmm…what’s he doing?


(via Piximus)

This is the kind of creative problem solving that will get you far in life, pup. 

When A Yellow Lab Found A Baby Bunny In Her Yard, She Had The Best Reaction

Meg is your average, adorable yellow labrador retriever. She goes about her days playing in the yard, but on one special afternoon, she came across a tiny new playmate. Thankfully, Meg’s dad, David Jackson, was nearby and filmed the incredible meeting.

Be prepared to die from cuteness overload.

Little John Stamos (aka the bunny) just stole my heart.

I think we could all benefit from bookmarking this video and coming back to it later when we need a pick-me-up.

15 Animals That Don’t Give A Damn About Our Stupid Human Laws

Humans have made up a lot of rules to keep order, but in the animal kingdom? Things are still a bit more wild!

The 15 animals on this list don’t give a damn about stupid human rules. Do we seriously expect a sign to keep dogs out of a park? Or a front door to keep kangaroos from breaking in and eating all of our toilet paper? From the looks of things, some of these animals are completely aware that they’re breaking the law, but they couldn’t care less.

1. “A sign won’t stop me! My kind has been climbing these rocks for centuries.”

2. Bold move, bird. You are a true rebel.

3. This mama cat is already teaching her baby how to break the rules.

Mama cat teaches her kitten how to break the rules.


Watching A Snow Bengal Kitten Become Friends With A Lab Puppy Is Way Too Precious

At Maplewood Bengals in New York, they raise Bengal kittens — and they’re insanely cute. These exotic cats are adorable on their own, but this particular kitty’s new best friend really ups the precious ante.

These two love playing together, and even though the puppy looks a little bit sleepy in the video below, it’s clear that this dynamic duo is prepping for a lifelong friendship.

It’s a shame that all BFFs can’t be this cute! I have a feeling that these two never fight like cats and dogs.

25-Year-Old Rescue Dog Could Be The Oldest Pup In The World

If there’s one wish all pet owners share, it’s that our furry friends could live forever.

Although that’s obviously impossible, this dog’s humans should consider themselves lucky. They might share their home with the oldest dog on Earth!

Tara the rescue dog is 25 years old, and she’s owned by Burt Ward, the actor who played Robin in the 1960s Batman series. Ward is so passionate about animal rescue, in fact, that he and his wife care for 50 rescue pups!

If you want to learn more about Tara’s incredible life, check this out.

What a happy girl! It’s easy to see that she’s lived her long life to the fullest, and we wish her many more years to come.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go track down some of that food for my dog.

An Observant Traffic Worker Saved This Street-Crossing Pooch’s Life

If you live in Arizona and use State Route 51 on your commute, you know how busy this road can be. As you can imagine, this area is no place for a little puppy to be wandering around, but one unlucky dog recently found herself on the crowded highway.

Someone at the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Control Center was monitoring the highway’s cameras when he spotted the pooch. That’s when he decided to take action.

No one knows where the dog came from, but she was seen attempting to cross State Route 51 In Pheonix.


Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) employee Gil Estrada was monitoring the cameras that day when he noticed the terrified dog. When he picked her up in his car, she was curled up on the median.


The dog was given to the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO), and they offered to help find her a home.

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Last night, Jan. 25th, 2016 an employee who monitors ADOT cameras noticed a dog on the freeway median of SR51. The…

Posted by Arizona Equine Rescue Organization on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So far, the owners of the pooch haven’t come forward, and AERO plans to put her up for adoption. They have named her ADOT in honor of the employee who saved her life.

These Honest Dog Shaming Photos Put Dog Shaming Photos To Shame

Dog shaming is a popular meme on the internet lately. The basic concept is that a dog shamer’s dog misbehaves, he/she adorns a sign on their beloved friend stating what the dog did, snaps a picture, and presumably Rover’s dog friends will see it and mock him at all the popular dog barbecues. Does it really work though? These honest dog shaming photos may have the answer.

Somehow I don’t think this weird form of medieval torture is getting through to our canine friends. If you love the pooches and are mystified that people actually do this, give this a share on Facebook!

People Were Shocked When They Saw A Wrecked Semi, But When They Saw The Driver…

Pet owners know that when it comes to car rides, our furry friends have some seriously mixed feelings. There’s the dog that’s terrified, the one who wants to ride literally in your lap, and the other who’s so excited the whole time you’re on the road.

In Minnesota, though, it appears there’s a whole new category — dogs who dream of driving themselves!

In the small city of Mankato, police were alerted to a rather unusual automobile accident. A semitruck had crashed into a parked car in a parking lot…but when they saw who was driving, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

(via NY Post)

I guess no one will be asking this pooch for his insurance information. Hopefully the dog learned his lesson and won’t be getting behind the wheel of a car ever again. You need to practice before you can drive!

Her Did Dog Went Missing…Where He Was Found Shocked Her To The Core

Twelve-year-old Maverick is one tough cookie. First surviving a potentially deadly car strike, and then freeing himself from a hunting trap, he’s got an incredibly strong will to live. But this recent story just might be the most convincing evidence of that.

After going out one day for a bathroom break, he suddenly disappeared. Little did his owners know, he was on the side of the road slowly falling into a sinkhole! While his family spent the next three days frantically searching, Maverick was stuck in the hole praying for help…

What a strong dog! After three days, he didn’t give up hope — and thank goodness his owner recognized his calls for help. We hope he stays out of harm’s way for the rest of his days.

This Dog Loves Accordion Music So Much, She Sings Along! Just Too Precious.

If you needed a little pick-me-up, then Jessie the dog has you covered. When her owner, Will, decides to pull out his accordion to play a tune she can’t hold back her joy. There’s something about music that Jessie loves so much. Watch what she does when he begins to play…

I dare you not to smile when you see it!

(Source: MrMeow98)

This gets my Grammy award vote any day, well done, Jessie! Share this singing dog with your friends below. Their day is going to be so much better when they see this.