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When They Set Up Their Fireworks, They Weren’t Expecting This Kind Of Show…

If your Independence Day festivities involve hot dogs and some harmless fireworks or sparklers, you’re not alone.

I’ve personally never set off fireworks in my yard…half of the reason is because they’re illegal in my home state, and the other half is because I’m terrified something like this will happen.

Weiner dog + fireworks = hilarity

Fido there just can’t get over himself. He’s not quite sure where those huge bangs are coming from, but he’s super proud of his new chew toy!

Thankfully, no one got hurt…but everyone got a great story for the 4th of July!


When You See Who Is Walking With This Dog, You’ll Squeal!

Raccoons are pretty sneaky rascals. And despite what you might think about the ones you’ve caught rooting through your garbage, they’re pretty darn cute.

Case in point: Pumpkin the raccoon.

Then again, if you need further proof, look no further than this adorable duo. When this precious pup was out for his regular afternoon stroll, he was accompanied by an unexpected new friend.

Aaannndd I’M IN LOVE.

I know you shouldn’t touch wild animals but every bone in my body wants to yell, “CAN WE KEEP HIM, DAD??”

This Dog Cannot Bear To See Her BFF Leave For School Every Morning — It’s SO Cute

For Dixie the dog, the worst part of every weekday is the morning. Hopping into the car with her family, she stressfully paces around when they arrive at their destination. Watch how heartbroken the poor pup becomes when she realizes her best friend has left for school…AGAIN:

She just loves him so much…3 p.m. couldn’t come sooner!

This Smart Jack Russell Terrier’s Trick May Be Forced, But I Still Love It.

Some dogs know how to fetch. Other dogs know how to roll over. This smarty-pants Jack Russell Terrier knows how to say yes and no (sort of). The dog’s owner is obviously coaching him along with this whole charade. However, you still have to give the pup props for putting up with all of the coaxing.

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He deserves a treat, even if it’s just for being patient.

This Dog Has The Funniest Reaction When He Sees His Own Shadow. What A Goofball

Ever seen a dog chase its tail? It’s funny…but this is even better. When this adorable German shepherd looks at the floor and sees his own shadow, he simply doesn’t know what to do. First he paws at it, whines…even has his owner try to “help” him. But the best part comes near the end…

It looks like his shadow will live to fight another day! He was a worthy adversary.

Our advice, don’t tell this fluffy guy about that pesky tail that keeps following him around. We wouldn’t want him chasing two unreasonable things!

What This Dog Does For A Baby Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today.

There are lots of ways to soothe a fussy baby–you can feed them, change them, pick them up, give them a beer, but none may be quite as cute as Charlie the dog’s method of cheering up his human baby sister, Laura. 

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I like it.”

As a fellow Laura, I can attest that dogs bringing me things always melts my heart, and Charlie’s entertainment does not fail. Check out this video of a dedicated pooch making sure his tiny human has a ball! Or, as it turns out, a bunch of balls!


If you liked this, you can also check out the rest of Charlie and Laura’s adventures over on their YouTube channel