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An Observant Traffic Worker Saved This Street-Crossing Pooch’s Life

If you live in Arizona and use State Route 51 on your commute, you know how busy this road can be. As you can imagine, this area is no place for a little puppy to be wandering around, but one unlucky dog recently found herself on the crowded highway.

Someone at the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Control Center was monitoring the highway’s cameras when he spotted the pooch. That’s when he decided to take action.

No one knows where the dog came from, but she was seen attempting to cross State Route 51 In Pheonix.


Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) employee Gil Estrada was monitoring the cameras that day when he noticed the terrified dog. When he picked her up in his car, she was curled up on the median.


The dog was given to the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO), and they offered to help find her a home.

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Last night, Jan. 25th, 2016 an employee who monitors ADOT cameras noticed a dog on the freeway median of SR51. The…

Posted by Arizona Equine Rescue Organization on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So far, the owners of the pooch haven’t come forward, and AERO plans to put her up for adoption. They have named her ADOT in honor of the employee who saved her life.

Her Did Dog Went Missing…Where He Was Found Shocked Her To The Core

Twelve-year-old Maverick is one tough cookie. First surviving a potentially deadly car strike, and then freeing himself from a hunting trap, he’s got an incredibly strong will to live. But this recent story just might be the most convincing evidence of that.

After going out one day for a bathroom break, he suddenly disappeared. Little did his owners know, he was on the side of the road slowly falling into a sinkhole! While his family spent the next three days frantically searching, Maverick was stuck in the hole praying for help…

What a strong dog! After three days, he didn’t give up hope — and thank goodness his owner recognized his calls for help. We hope he stays out of harm’s way for the rest of his days.

This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued Is So Sad — He Can’t Even Believe It!

While living on the streets is terrifying enough, being in a home and then finding yourself at animal control is probably even scarier for our pets.

They’ve become accustomed to a life filled with love, cushy beds, and quiet naps. Then, for whatever reason, they wind up at the county pound. It’s loud, unfamiliar, and entirely horrible.

That’s why it’s understandable that when A Place To Bark rescued this guy from animal control, he couldn’t believe someone was finally showing him compassion again.

Warning: this is heartbreaking to watch.

But after a little time and a lot of love, this scared little boy became happy again!

A Place To Bark is dedicated to helping rehabilitate and rehome pets that find themselves in high-kill shelters and animal controls. Established in 2001 in the Chicago area, the nonprofit rescue has saved more than 3,000 lives!

If you’d like to help out, you can donate here or follow along with their heartwarming rescue stories here.

Tortured Bait Dog is Rescued From Life of Misery

Eldad Hagar, dog rescuer extraordinaire, found a badly hurt pit bull in an Los Angeles alley. He followed her until she collapsed from exhaustion. Her face was badly torn, she had injuries all over her body. It was obvious she was being tortured for months. So he saved her.

Cadence was found in an alley, badly hurt and collapsed from exhaustion.

She was used as a bait dog; tortured and attacked by other animals in dog fighting rings.

She was taken immediately to the vet to address her numerous injuries.

Soon after healing from her surgery, she experienced (and accepted) something amazing: the love of another dog.

A recently rescued pit bull licked her wounds and she accepted the touch of another animal, thankful to be loved at last.

She experienced many firsts after being rescued… even wearing adorable outfits.

Next, Cadence needed to have her eyes fixed. They were in such a condition where she might lose her sight if she didn’t receive surgery.

Although most dogs wear this cone with shame, Cadence was joyful to be loved and have her eyes fixed.

She even gave out as many kisses as she could.

Soon, the vet cleared her: her eyes were as good as new.

While living at her foster family’s house, she learned many new things, like how to swim…

And how to be loved.

The transformation she experienced is unlike any we have ever seen.

Now, Cadence can live the life she was meant to life. She will be full of happiness and joy, sharing love with everyone she meets and not violence. Source

This Dog Was Scared, Wounded, And Starving When They Found Her. Now Look At Her!

Our Indian friends at Animal Aid Unlimited recently discovered a street dog that was in desperate need of help — and would’ve died without a rescue. The pup was suffering from a maggot-infested neck wound that was both threatening her life and making it miserable.

Without treatment she would have died in a day or two. Luckily they got to her in time and she’s been transformed into the most adorable, happy little dog now!

The men and women behind Animal Aid Unlimited really are angels on Earth.

If you’d like to contribute, please visit their site and donate! They do truly wonderful work and help animals that otherwise would be forgotten.

This Dog Was Shot 18 Times With A BB Gun, But He Pulled Through In The Best Way

Universe, meet Brody. He’s an 8-week-old puppy from Rock Hill, South Carolina, and he’s basically the cutest.

While it’s not obvious in the image above, Brody’s life recently hung in the balance after he endured being shot 18 times with a BB gun. He was rushed to a local animal hospital when a maintenance worker at an apartment complex noticed that the dog was bleeding heavily from several open wounds.

Earlier that day, the employee saw that a fairly large group of teens had been playing with the dog. That’s what he thought at the time, at least. After seeing what Brody had been through, however, he came to the horrifying conclusion that the adolescents were taunting and abusing the animal for their own amusement.

The kind folks at Ebenezer Animal Hospital whisked Brody away to assess his condition.

Frankly, they were disgusted by what they saw. “There is no doubt that this is one of the worst acts I’ve ever seen,” Dr. Jay Hreiz explained to a local news outlet. Although the pellets fortunately didn’t cause damage to any vital organs, the dog was shaken up and terrified. He lost a lot of blood after the attack, but doctors knew that the determined little guy would pull through.

Because putting puppies under general anesthesia at such a young age is risky, vets decided to forgo removing the pellets. “He’s really young, so he has a remarkable ability to heal at his age. Brody may be able to live a healthy, normal life with all those BBs in him,” Dr. Hreiz said. He will, of course, be monitored closely over the course of his life to ensure that he’s still in good shape.

As of now, Brody is convalescing, and his wounds are healing nicely. All he has to do at this point is get plenty of rest.

Thanks to a non-profit organization called Project Safe Pet, Brody has already found a forever home! It will take him a little while to start trusting humans, but given what he’s been through, that’s totally okay.

(via Huffington Post)

A 14-year-old and a 17-year-old have been arrested in connection with the crime, and police are confident that the two will be convicted. After going through something immeasurably awful, little Brody managed to walk away with a new family that will always keep him safe, and some well-deserved justice.

They Saw A Cargo Truck, But What It Was Carrying Had People Chasing It In Horror

These dogs never did anything wrong. Their only crime was being born. When locals saw this cargo truck packed to the gills with dogs, they sadly knew exactly where it was headed…

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They were in there so tight.

The drivers weren’t taking them to a shelter where they’d find new homes. Nor were they bringing them to get much-needed health checkups.

No, these criminals were carting the pups to a dog meat festival in the Jilin province of northeastern China.

When the truck was spotted, countless concerned citizens took to social media to notify animal rights groups like Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection and the Humane Society International.

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They quickly assembled a team that followed the truck until the authorities could be brought in on the matter.

Had the truck continued on to its destination, the nearly 300 dogs aboard it would have been killed in torturous ways, all in the name of an old, outdated tradition.

Thanks to the quick actions of everyone involved, the truck was pulled over and all of the animals were given to police!

The scariest part about the rescue? It’s presumed that most of the pups in the dog meat trade are thought to be either stolen from happy homes or grabbed from the streets.

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It’s hard to even think about what these dogs would have gone through had these people not stepped up.

Amazingly enough, while rescuers were unloading the truck, a mama dog gave birth to four healthy puppies!

They’re all safe because of a few unnamed heroes who made those first calls to action.

(via The Dodo)

Please, please consider donating to these wonderful organizations. Without their quick thinking, these dogs never would have survived.

Don’t Watch This Without A Tissue Nearby. From The 1:30 Mark, It’ll Take You For An Emotional Ride.

Helping those who can’t help themselves is an incredible calling. Annie Hart is well known dog lover and the executive director of The Bill Foundation. She makes it her life goal to rescue animals that suffer abuse or neglect and to find homes for the pitiful animals that are left to die on the streets. Her YouTube channel is full of heartwarming animal rescues, but none so touching as the incredible rescue she just pulled off in December of last year. The dog she found was in such bad shape, it was clear he had been on the streets a long time. She named him Gideon… then saved his life. (Video at the bottom)

Gideon was found with deep lacerations around his neck.

He was emaciated and it seemed that he had been living on the streets for a long time.

It was clear that he was extremely sick. Annie believe he is one of the sickest dogs she ever rescued.

It’s uncertain whether or not Gideon’s former owners were physically abusive, but Annie thought it was obvious that he suffered neglect and deep emotional abuse.

Even though the dog knew he needed help and was terribly ill, he had a hard time trusting his rescuers.

He was literally trembling with fear at the sight of people.

Then, something amazing happened. Watch the video to see how all of this unfolded.

Not only did Gideon’s body began to heal, but his spirit did as well. Instead of quaking in fear when he saw humans, he began to realize they could be a source of love and comfort. The love and hope within him blossomed, shining through. The Animal Wellness Foundation generously paid for Gideon’s medical care, which was more than $4,000. Please support them and help them rescue the pups they come across like Gideon, by visiting their Donation page and giving what you can.

The Animal Wellness Foundation is also fostering Gideon and in charge of finding him a forever home. If you’re interested in applying to adopt Gideon or any of the other wonderful animals they have rescued, please visit their site.

At the very least, please help spread the word about these wonderful miracle workers by sharing this amazing video. Annie saved Gideon’s life. Help save the lives of other dogs and click Share below! Source: The Bill Foundation

A Dog Was In Deep Trouble (And Deep Water) So These Heroes Formed A Human Chain

Fast-moving water can be dangerous for people, animals, and vehicles alike.

If you’re driving through flood waters, you should remember that only two feet of water can sweep away most cars (even large SUVs). So, if you end up in deep, fast-moving water on foot, it’s even more dangerous.

This unlucky dog found himself in a spillway full of water, unable to get back up the slippery slope that got him there.

Luckily, some passers by saw him and did what they could to help.

Not every person would stop and form a human chain to save a stray dog in need. These people are heroes!

When You See This Abandoned, Neglected Pit Bull, Your Heart Will Shatter

Thousands of loving pit bulls end up in shelters around the country each year.

People are quick to abandon these dogs, and because of breed stereotypes, they often ignore them when they see them on the street. Worse still is that potential adopters walk right past pit bulls in shelters for the same reason.

Dennis was one pit bull that sadly became a statistic. When the good people at Hope For Paws found him, he was sick, neglected, and in desperate need of some love. Although the situation looked dire, these volunteers pulled off an incredible rescue. Watch until the end to learn a painful, powerful lesson about animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, Dennis was too weak to pull through, but I know for a fact that these volunteers would do it all again if they could.

Thousands of animals need our help, which makes the work of rescuers so important. Head over to the organization’s website to find out how you can lend a helping hand.