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How This Guy Peels Coconuts Is Literally Insane — I Hope He Has A Good Dentist

If you’ve ever cracked open a coconut on your own, you know how terrible it can be…but this man may have learned the secret to making that process a little bit easier.

It doesn’t seem like a safe method, but it’s very efficient. Just make sure that you consult your dentist before trying this at home.

(source: Marcin Sroka)

I want to know what this guy has going on with his teeth, because I’m pretty sure I’d need dentures after doing that.

How You Can Use These 10 Every Day Objects In Other Ways Is Genius. Absolutely LOVE #7.

Here are a bunch of really clever ideas for what you can do with 10 every day items… things like glass wine bottles, old bicycles or milk crates. With these ideas, hopefully you can turn something that you thought was junk into your very own work of art. Or just a really cool sofa made from wooden pallets. Hopefully these clever ideas will inspire you in some way.

1) Uses for wooden pallets.

2) Plastic spoons.

3) Old dresser draws.

4) Wine bottles.

5) Bottle caps.

6) Tires.

7) Credit Cards.

8) Bicycles.

9) Milk crates.

10) Globes.

Some of those ideas are really great, in fact I kinda want to go to my local thrift store now to pick up some old globes! Share these cool DIY ideas with your friends below.

With A Few Inexpensive Items, You Can Give Your Room A Luxurious Upgrade

If you’re tired of your boring old headboard and you’re also low on cash, check this out.

With a few simple tools, you can revamp this old standby for a fraction of what you’d spend on a new one. This light-up headboard is gorgeous, and you can alter the project to make one that’s chic enough for adults or playful enough for kids! Check out the instructions below.

People are so creative, aren’t they? I never would’ve thought of that! Home decor can cost a pretty penny, but projects like this can help you cut corners without sacrificing beauty or quality.

With This Simple Trick, You Can Remove Sticky Stuff From Just About Any Surface

Every parent knows the annoyance of finding residue from a sticker their kids carelessly pulled off a window or mirror. Try as you might to scrape it off, you eventually give up…sadly, that thing is on there for good.

While there have been countless life hacks to address the issue, as far as we can tell, none work quite as well as this one. So grab your bug spray — yes, you read that right — and get to work on that pesky sticker spot!

Parents, I know just how you feel!

An Old Cabinet From The Thrift Store Was Transformed Into The Coolest Pet Accessory

Are you ready for a purrfect Saturday project?

Litter boxes are naturally unfortunate. Let’s face it, who wants to have a cat’s waste just sitting around out in the open?

But putting a litter box in a tight space can be a real drag, too. A small room with the litter box is basically useless, plus the smell will permeate that small space. However, one clever DIY master decided to build their feline friend a litter box condo that both contained the smell, provided privacy, and looked adorable.

They were lucky enough to find this cabinet at a thrift store.

But if you want to copy this project, you can use any kind of cabinet (new or old). The cheaper, the better, though!

It was going to be the home for their kitty’s litter box, so naturally, some things had to change.

They removed part of the cabinet they wouldn’t need.

They also gave the old thing a new paint job.

And made the cuts necessary with a saw to create a cat-sized door.

Then they bought some new handles…

And set it out to dry.

Then they put the litter box, food, and shovel inside.

Look at that organization!

It looked great, even though a litter box was hidden inside.

Somehow, they made a litter box adorable.

If you’d like to try this yourself, check out their full tutorial on making a “Poop Palace.” If you have a cat (and not a lot of space to work with), you might want to try this out.

Man Builds A House For A Homeless Woman After He Sees Her Sleeping In The Street

One man is taking on homelessness by tapping into the tiny-house craze that’s sweeping the nation right now.

It all started after Los Angeles resident Elvis Summers noticed a 60-year-old woman in his neighborhood sleeping in the dirt a few doors down from where he lived. Feeling like it was his duty as a fellow human to try and do something to help the poor woman, he decided to build a tiny home for her out of recycled materials.

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It took Summers five days to build the home, which comes complete with a window and sturdy wheels to move it between different locations. These materials, including the wheels and two locks for the front door, cost him about $500.

His words say it all: “Nobody should be homeless, especially in one of the richest countries in the world.”

Feeling inspired by what he’d managed to do in such a short time, Summers founded My Tiny House Project LA. He’s already built over 30 tiny houses for homeless people across the city.

20 Absolutely Genius Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

There are so many life hacks out there that can make our lives way easier.

At this point, I’ve seen so many lists of life hacks that I feel like I can hack my way out of any situation. I’ll see something new every once in a while, but for the most part, the lists don’t surprise me anymore.

But I knew there had to be some tips out there that I didn’t know, so I scoured Reddit and the rest of the internet to find these new genius life hacks. Check them out below!

1. Never drive off without your gas cap again.

2. This genius idea will save you a ton of time and keep you from drilling unnecessary holes.

3. Look at his little face! What a great way to keep track of stuff.

Her Rickety Staircase Was Looking Drab, So She Grabbed Some Paint And Some Wood…

After her stairs had endured nearly 90 years of use, one woman named Lynn decided they needed a makeover. But in all her years of staring at them, she could never figure out what to do with the steps. Something had to change, and fast. Her only requirements? Keep costs low, use textured paint due to the slippery nature of the stairs, and incorporate leftover finish from her deck outside.

After a bit of thinking, she came up with a brilliant idea that would satisfy all her needs and look great too!

Here’s what she was working with — they definitely needed some work.

She started with a trip to the arts and crafts store to buy several stencils.

Tip: you can keep costs down by using the same stencils in different ways.

She purchased plywood, 1/8″ in this case, to fit the risers. This makes it so you don’t have to paint the stencils on vertically.

Tip: you can use FREE paint samples of varying colors to do the job.

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For a finishing touch, she put wax on the boards to give them an antique look.

Soon you’ll have beautiful risers anyone would pay good money for.

Just make sure to spray them with a clear coat for additionally durability.

To attach the risers, Lynn used 1″ brads.

What a beautiful staircase! That’s just about the easiest home improvement project, and for such a low cost. Apparently Lynn spent less than $20 on the entire project!

You ready to follow in her footsteps?

You Can Make These Toilet-Cleaning ‘Bombs’ And Never Use Nasty Chemicals Again

Looking for a way to clean your toilet without the hassle?

Then you’ve come to the right place! With just a handful of simple ingredients, you can create something that’ll do 98% of the dirty job for you. What are we talking about?

Toilet bombs!

These nifty cleaning orbs can be made at home with minimal effort…plus, you’ll know exactly what goes into them and won’t have to worry about breathing in toxic fumes while you scrub!

To make yours, all you’ll need are the following:

Use a wooden or non-reactive spoon and combine the baking soda, citric acid, and Borax in a bowl. Stir them and add 20 drops of lemon essential oil. Repeat with each essential oil you want and mix well.

Next, spray the mix with about five spritzes of hydrosol and stir well. You don’t want any fizzing to happen, so continue adding hydrosol until it is just damp enough to pack into a mold. Let them sit overnight.

This video offers a slightly different recipe. Watch how they’re made — it’s so easy!

Cleaning a toilet has never been this easy!

By Mixing Peanut Butter And Eggs Together, You Can Make These Delicious Cookies FAST!

With winter comes the very real possibility of getting snowed in. Much of the east coast just experienced that with Winter Storm Jonas. This can leave you feeling restless and bored, so if you start to get cabin fever, you might want to find something to do.

What better way to pass the time than by making some delicious cookies? These suckers take very little time to whip up and only have a few ingredients. Next thing you know, you’re going to be chowing down on chocolate chip cookies that don’t even require an oven!

Who wants to wait 20 to 30 minutes for cookies to come out of the oven when you can get near-instant gratification right from your microwave?!

Bring it on, snow.