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This Guy Made An Awesome Sandbox With Benches For His Kids

Growing up, my sandbox was a backyard oasis where I could truly escape the stresses of being a kid, while simultaneously exploring my creative side.

There were only ever two downsides to spending all day, every day in my sandbox: the uncomfortable feeling of having sand in every nook and cranny and keeping wildlife from taking up shelter in it.

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Luckily, Reddit user darwin_thornberry has found a way to solve both problems. He built an awesome sandbox for his children with collapsible benches that also serve as a lid. This design is so cool, it only makes me more jealous that someone didn’t think of it sooner.

He began by assembling a wooden base with plenty of room for sand.

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Next, he laid out a series of two-by-fours that he would eventually transform into two benches.

He added sets of hinges that would allow the wooden boards to serve a double purpose.

With the bench seats completed, he began work on the back supports.

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To make the benches fully collapsible, he needed to add more hinges to the back supports.

With both benches finished, the sandbox was mostly complete. All that was left to do was put it in place and add sand.

Now darwin_thornberry‘s kids have an amazing spot to play without getting sand in…uncomfortable places.

Plus, they can keep all kinds of critters out with the collapsible seats that double as a lid!

Oh the things I would have done for a backyard box like this when I was little! For the full instructions, click here.

An Aunt Spotted A $20 Desk And Transformed It Into A Sandpit For Her Niece

When you can’t go to the beach, it’s nice to have a little slice of that paradise closer to home.

As much as I loved spending every waking minute of my youth playing at the beach, I knew my parents couldn’t afford a three-month stay in a beachfront cottage, so I had the next best thing; a sandbox. That little space was perhaps the only reason I would go outside to play in the summer, and it was my favorite toy until a baby toad took it over as his new home — but I digress.

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Understanding the multitude of fun that can be had in a sandbox, decided to build her great niece one for when she came over to visit. Purchasing a $20 desk online, she was able to transform it into the prettiest sandpit I’ve ever seen.

After picking up the desk, was disappointed with its condition and decided that it would be put to better use by repurposing it.

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She purchased a plastic container that could hold quite a bit of sand and traced the dimensions of the bin onto the desk.

Using a jigsaw, she cut out the space and removed a good portion of the desk to better serve a tiny toddler.

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She dismantled the desk drawers and added a piece of wood to hide the plastic container.

All that was left to do was sand down the rough edges and give the desk a fresh coat of stain.

Now her great niece can enjoy all the perks of playing at the beach without having to leave the house!

Check out how Anita made the adorable chair by visiting her blog here.

Building An Aboveground Pool Isn’t As Hard As It Sounds

Once summer begins, I become instantly jealous of every person I know that has a swimming pool.

My grandfather used to work for a pool installation company that offered to install a free pool in our backyard in exchange for letting people come over to see the watering hole in action. However, ironically, my grandfather couldn’t swim, so he opted out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now, if I were a petty person, I’d probably resent his decision a bit more, but luckily, I know enough people who own pools not to be bothered.

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And after this Reddit user detailed his building of an aboveground pool, I might just let what remains of my grudge go, and build one of these bad boys for myself.

This is the land that would eventually be home to a brand-new aboveground pool.

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But first, some excavation needed to be done.

He poured out six tons of sand for the base and dug holes for the patio supports.

Of course, he had to make sure that all the patio blocks were level. Then it was time to install the pool track.

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In a matter of minutes, it was on to assembling the pool wall.

Side supports were placed over the exposed bolts holding the wall together.

Before installing the liner, the builder placed it in the sun to make it more flexible.

A pool cove is a gentle slope of sand around the edges. A plastic liner goes under it and then the sand in the middle must be evened out, which you can see below.

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Next came the installation of the pool liner.

He used an industrial vacuum to ensure all air was removed from under the pool liner.

All pools need to be maintained, so the pump, filter, and water system had to be added.

All that was left was to fill this bad boy with water.

Who knew building your own aboveground pool was that easy?

It only took two days to make this! Awesome.

For the full instructions of this epic build, click here.

These 32 Do-It-Yourself Backyard Ideas For Summer Are Totally Awesome. Definitely Doing #14!

There are many advantages to owning a home, but being able to customize it may be one of the best. If you’re handy with a hammer (and honestly even if you’re not) some of these craft projects can take your backyard this summer from “blah” to “WOW THAT IS AWESOME.” Thanks to many creative people on the Internet, we have discovered some pretty genius ideas for projects you can work on in your back yard this summer. Check them out!

1.) Set up a lounge movie theater in the back yard using floor cushions.

2.) Plant giant allium flowers to make your back yard look like something out of Dr. Seuss.

3.) Build a simple treehouse for kids or adults.

4.) Add a beer cooler to a patio table.

5.) Put marbles in your fence’s holes (or drill them yourself).

6.) Convert an old bunk bed into a stargazing lounge.

7.) Make a giant Scrabble set.

8.) Build a fire pit in the back yard.

9.) And if you don’t want to spend too much money, try this cheap fire pit.

10.) Relax in a giant hammock swing you can make.

11.) Make wine bottle tiki torches for a night party.

12.) Make a beach in the back yard.

13.) Create a sofa on the lawn (maybe not for the faint of heart).

14.) Go camping in the back yard using some tents and pillows.

Or just add pillows to a tent to make a cozy reading nook.

15.) Use a trampoline instead of a diving board in a pool.

16.) Build some small teepees for backyard fun for the kids.

17.) Build simple, rustic coffee tables out of whiskey barrels.

18.) Upcycle used tires to make a playground.

19.) Get some neighborly help and build a simple gazebo for everyone to enjoy.

20.) Help your indoor kitty get some sun by building a walkway.

21.) Make a simple shower in the back yard using a hose.

22.) To make a simple canopy, just put a sheet over a line strung between trees.

23.) Having your own pizza oven in the back yard would be heaven.

24.) Build a simple bar for entertaining.

25.) Hack and IKEA table to make an outdoor stove.

26.) Build this lounge area on your porch so you can really enjoy it.

27.) Build a game of Twister on the lawn.

28.) Use salad bowls to make a DIY set of speakers.

29.) Build an extra seating area by using cheap pallets.

30.) Give kids a place to play by setting up a chalk board outside.

31.) Repurpose old windows to build a mini-greenhouse.

32.) Build little hideouts by just using hula hoops and shower curtains.

(H/T BuzzFeed) It’s about time you get outside this year… so try out this DIY projects (and share them with others).