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In The Middle Of A Desert, You’ll Find Something From A Bizarre Dreamworld

The desert is a barren wasteland that is devoid of water and life. Very few plants grow in deserts, very few animals live there, and even fewer humans call them home. But that doesn’t mean that incredible things don’t happen in arid lands around the world.

This is the Empty Quarter Desert — the largest continuous desert in the world. A bizarre natural phenomenon has started to occur there. A river of sand has started flowing through this wasteland, and it’s as confusing as it is beautiful.

Some people believe that a flash flood might be the culprit. They hypothesize that water is flowing just under the surface, making the sand move. Check it out for yourself:

The explanation may be shaky, but one thing’s for sure: this phenomenon has certainly created a buzz. People are investigating it and trying to figure out what’s going on. Regardless of what’s making it happen, I think the sand river is really rad.

What This Man Found 350 Feet Deep In A Canyon Will SHOCK You. How It Ends? Even More so.

On June 20, 2010, Zak Anderegg was hiking alone in an Arizona desert. While trying to find his way through a canyon, he managed to find so much more: a stuck puppy and a heartbreaking example of just how cruel humans can be. Take a look at how Anderegg handled finding a dog at the bottom of a 350’ canyon.

The entrance.

The exit.

The dog eating a much needed meal.

Unable to rescue the dog that afternoon, Anderegg left food and water and set out to fetch what he’d need to save the pup’s life.

He was back the very next morning, ready to bring the dog to safety.

The poor little guy had to spend some time at the animal hospital.

And even after that, it took him a while to get his strength back.

But it all led to him finding a new home and a new name: Riley.

Riley with his savior.

Riley living the life he was always meant to lead.

According to Anderegg, there’s no way Riley got down in that canyon on his own. As angering as it is to know that there are people out there who would leave a pet to die in a desert, it is comforting to know that there are also people like Zak Anderegg who would stop at nothing to help that discarded dog. Check out this video for more on Riley’s rescue.

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Sand Is Literally Erupting In The Deserts Of Saudi Arabia

Just when you think you have nature figured out, a weird video like this one comes along. Below, you can see a crew of men in working somewhere in the desert of Saudi Arabia, trying to fill a hole. However, every time they fill it with sand or other debris, after a few moments, it shoots back out, sort of like a geyser.

Is there some sort of monster living below the sands of Saudi Arabia?

It sort of looks like the monster from “Return Of The Jedi.”

Likely, what we’re seeing here is a naturally occurring blowhole. According to the National Park Service, blowholes are formed from small openings in the ground through which air blows out or sucks in. This is caused by a temperature gradient between the air inside the hole and outside of it. Once the temperatures inside and outside the hole equalize, that’s usually when the hole stops blowing.