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Greg Gutfeld: After month of terrorism, Democrats debate guns

Those still awake 40 minutes into the Democratic debate Saturday night heard the candidates argue how they’d deal with ISIS and Syria, but not until the moderators set the candidates against each other on the issue of guns and gun control. Fox News host and author Greg Gutfeld made note of how the candidates were happy to discuss their plans to place restrictions on gun rights in the United States.

What, this?

Don’t tell us to watch your “high-stakes” debate and then hassle us towake up.

Ratings for Saturday’s Dem debate signal ‘mission accomplished’ for the DNC

Last month, even Vox admitted that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC were trying to schedule Democrat debates on nights when viewership would be down. Judging from the early numbers, that strategy was a success:

The celebrating at DNC headquarters might start early this week:

That they are.

Hillary Clinton says Benghazi victim’s mother ‘absolutely wrong’

After moderator Jorge Ramos brought up heremail scandal and the possibility of an indictment, it looked as though Wednesday night’s Democratic debate couldn’t get any more contentious for Hillary Clinton. Oh, but it could, in spectacular fashion.

Despite boos from the audience, Univision hit Clinton with video of Patricia Smith,whose son Sean Smith was killed inBenghazi, calling Clinton a liar for blaming a video for the terrorist attack that killed Sean and three others.

Clinton claimed but showed no sign of remorse, and went so far as to call Smith “absolutely wrong,” dodging by claiming that she and the State Department were working from whatever limited information they had available.

(An email obtained by Judicial Watch appears to show the State Department scrambling on the night of Sept. 11to linkthe Benghazi attack to an Internet video,even revealing that the“White House is reaching out to U-Tube [sic] to advise.”)

Answered, yes. Answered truthfully?

Hillary calls for resignation of Michigan governor, but ‘crickets’ when it comes to this pol?

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is facing criticism over the city of Flint’s switch to a water source that is lead-contaminated. Some, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are calling for the governor to resign.

Hillary’s selective outrage was noticed during last night’s Democrat debate:

Maybe Hillary can be asked why one deserves the benefit of the doubt and the other does not.

Another good question!

Yet another inconvenient fact for Hillary to ignore.