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This reason the WH is ticked at Wasserman Schultz will blow your mind


Yep, that too.

As Twitchy readers know, the Obama administration is not very happy with Little Miss Debbie, liar liar pants on fire. It’s not really surprising that everyone has had enough of her cuckoo pants. But then there’s this point:

Apparently, DWS is too narcissistic for the Obama administration. Ponder that.

— Just Karl (@justkarl) September 17, 2014

Minds. Blown.

@justkarl @instapundit Only one narcissist allowed at a time.

— Dan Floyd (@westpatravel) September 18, 2014

@justkarl @instapundit Exodus 20:5. Barak Obama is a jealous god.

— ExPat (@NH_ExPat) September 18, 2014

Feel a little sorry for her? Yeah, don’t.

I would almost feel sorry for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz if she weren't such a contemptible harridan. Who am I kidding, no I wouldn't.

— Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) September 18, 2014


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‘Nice backpedaling’: Debbie Wasserman Schultz does damage control after ticking off pro-aborts

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is facing plenty of criticism from the Left side of the aisle after a New York Times interview in which she said women have been “complacent” about abortion rights since Roe v. Wade:

After the interview backlash (some progressive groups have called on DWS to resign as DNC chair), Schultz tried to do damage control:

Stay tuned, and pass the popcorn!

(h/t @students4lifehq)

Vox gives up Dem debate schedule secret (and Iowahawk narrows it down even more)

The Debbie Wasserman Schultz-led DNC has been criticized by some scheduling so few debates for the Democrat candidates. Even Vox pointed out that the few debates that have been set don’t seem to be during times that would maximize the viewing audience:

In other words:


Can you guess how DNC responded to Wasserman Schultz’s Scott Walker B.S.?


As Twitchy reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz — sitting congresswoman and DNC chair — essentially accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, of beating women. And you know what? The DNC is pretty OK with that:


Kudos, DNC. You managed to insult victims of actual domestic violence and condone vicious slander. All in one day!


Maybe the DNC is cool with downplaying such moral degeneracy, but others? Not so much:





Twitchy coverage of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has some advice for ‘bigot’ Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio opposes same-sex marriage. And he says for that, he’s been called a bigot.

Which sounds about right to the Huffington Post:


On Sunday, the Republican presidential hopeful, 44, told “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson that he’s fed up with being “called a bigot” for holding “traditional values” when it comes to marriage.

“Increasingly, Americans feel out of place, because it seems like the people who have access to power and influence win, and everybody else is left on the outside looking in,” Rubio said. “People that hold traditional values are often described as bigots and haters.”

Arguing thatPresident Barack Obamahas said that “people that dont support same-sex marriage are wrong,” Rubio then added, “I have been called a bigot for not supporting [same-sex marriage].”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is only too happy to lend her voice to the shrill, self-righteous chorus:

Last time we checked, Marco Rubio’s not the one condemning “GOP rhetoric” in order to avoid offendingterroristswhoactually hate gays and have no qualms about murdering them.

So, with all due respect, Debbie, give it a rest already.

See what domestic abuse belittling Wasserman Schultz said about GOP, women


Yes, that is the truth every day. But what sparked that particular reply? Oh, just this:


The article is as utterly absurd as you’d expect. But Debbie wanted to make sure y’all didn’t miss it.


She totally loves women, you see.


Milwaukee? Hmm, is that where said this?


That’s right. As Twitchy reported, Debbie Wasserman Schultz further exposed herself as the loathsome hack that she is when she pretty much said Gov. Scott Walker beats women. The GOP has a woman problem? Take a look in the mirror, woman-user Debbie.


Amen. But to the disgraceful Debbie, the end justifies the means. Even if the means are abused women.


Dear Debbie: That’s not true. Contrary to your obvious belief, women can and do think for themselves.


And here is an exit question for those “feminists” who heart Debbie and the Dems:


We’re waiting.


‘Right on!’ Scott Walker capitalizes on Wasserman Schultz’s smear campaign

Can you guess how DNC responded to Wasserman Schultz’s Scott Walker slander?

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz solicits funds for battle in ‘blood-red states’


As Twitchy has reported in the months leading up to next Tuesday’s election, fundraising emails from Democrats have been desperate and creepy, contained incoherent screaming and have sounded resigned to defeat.

Jonah Goldberg shared one of the latest emails from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and it sounds a little more optimistic, except with a more lurid description of certain states:

Now they’re “blood-red states”? Oh, Debbie…

What’s coming in the email next from DWS?

That’s most certainly in the realm of possibility.



‘Seriously?’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s fundraising strategy has gone to the dogs

Hey Valerie Jarrett, if O-care makes people human, what were they before?


Seriously? Next they’ll be performing Obamacare baptisms in water blessed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


Lo, there was a mighty wind coming forth from the White House, and it laid waste to our healthcare! And the sheeple were pleased.


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Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s fundraising strategy has gone to the dogs


In their attempts to raise funds to stave off potential catastrophe at the polls next month, Democrat tactics have included begging and incoherent screaming.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is using a new strategy:

NOW will you send money to the DNC?


“Demmy” doesn’t necessarily stand for “Democrat.” After all, the “DWS” in “DWS PAC” has nothing to do with her initials.

Ratings for Saturday’s Dem debate signal ‘mission accomplished’ for the DNC

Last month, even Vox admitted that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC were trying to schedule Democrat debates on nights when viewership would be down. Judging from the early numbers, that strategy was a success:

The celebrating at DNC headquarters might start early this week:

That they are.