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‘Bizarro’s world’: AP’s Obama headline grabs Dana Perino’s attention


An Associated Press story running on Yahoo captured the attention of Dana Perino:


“Obama fundraises for Dems; demands GOP cooperation.” But of course!


It’s true that the article also contained some gems, such as this:


The Comedian-in-Chief keeps the jokes coming!

Dana Perino: ‘How many times can an immigration bill die?’


How many times can an immigration bill die and come back to life? At this rate, the world may never know.

Dana Perino is asking the question tonight, which makes sense, since the bill that refuses to die dates back to the Bush administration.



Dana Perino: Don’t talk politics on Thanksgiving


President Obama and his friends at Organizing For Action want you to ruin Thanksgiving by evangelizing for Obamacare. Dana Perino of Fox News’ The Five wisely counsels avoiding politics entirely. Intra-family relationships are often strained as it is, and there are bound to be sharp knives at the table.


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Dana Perino blasts Obama’s plan to join UN’s climate ‘name & shame’


The Obama administration is working with the United Nations on a climate change agreement and reportedly has no plans to keep Congress in the loop:

In preparation for this agreement, to be signed at a United Nations summit meeting in 2015 in Paris, the negotiators are meeting with diplomats from other countries to broker a deal to commit some of the world’s largest economies to enact laws to reduce their carbon pollution. But under the Constitution, a president may enter into a legally binding treaty only if it is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

Part of the agreement would allow the U.N. to publicly “call out” countries they deem threats to the environment, including the United States. Dana Perino doesn’t like the sound of that:




The Obama administration’s plan to skirt Congress on a climate change agreement with the U.N. made National Review’s Jim Geraghty and others take notice of Obama’s governing style preference:


Hearts? Melted: Dana Perino shares story of GWB’s kindness to a Marine


The sweet, thoughtful letter Alabama kicker Cade Foster received from George W. Bush says so much about the 43rd president. Dana Perino, who served as W’s press secretary, was touched by the letter and shared this story:


A class act with a big heart. Always. Is it dusty in here?


‘Egads!’ Dana Perino meets a ‘scary’ new friend while visiting the south

Just where did she spot this creature?



‘Amen, sister’! Dana Perino has a message for our perpetually late POTUS

President Obama was 50 minutes late for today’s presser on Ukraine.

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino took the opportunity to issue a reminder:

You listening, Mr. President?

Dana Perino models the limited edition George H.W. Bush sock

That’s not quite true. If you do donate to the Republicans, though, the GOP will send you a pair of limited edition George H.W. Bush socks.

Would you like them better if Dana Perino of “The Five” modeled them?

This guy would take a pair.



‘Now that’s scary’! Jasper Perino gets Halloween makeover [Photoshop]

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your TV …


Thank goodness it’s only a Photoshop. But still. It’s frightening.

For the record, Jasper’s mom isn’t afraid to say she likes it:

You know, now that we think about it, maybe Jasper can pull it off. He needs just one more thing to make the costume complete:




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‘Funny & scary’: Dana Perino marks the Ides of March with a wise warning

Today is the Ides of March, but Dana Perino thinks we should be more worried about something else:

That’s good advice.

Funny and scary because it’s true. But why stop at March?



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