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This Guy Made An Awesome Sandbox With Benches For His Kids

Growing up, my sandbox was a backyard oasis where I could truly escape the stresses of being a kid, while simultaneously exploring my creative side.

There were only ever two downsides to spending all day, every day in my sandbox: the uncomfortable feeling of having sand in every nook and cranny and keeping wildlife from taking up shelter in it.

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Luckily, Reddit user darwin_thornberry has found a way to solve both problems. He built an awesome sandbox for his children with collapsible benches that also serve as a lid. This design is so cool, it only makes me more jealous that someone didn’t think of it sooner.

He began by assembling a wooden base with plenty of room for sand.

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Next, he laid out a series of two-by-fours that he would eventually transform into two benches.

He added sets of hinges that would allow the wooden boards to serve a double purpose.

With the bench seats completed, he began work on the back supports.

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To make the benches fully collapsible, he needed to add more hinges to the back supports.

With both benches finished, the sandbox was mostly complete. All that was left to do was put it in place and add sand.

Now darwin_thornberry‘s kids have an amazing spot to play without getting sand in…uncomfortable places.

Plus, they can keep all kinds of critters out with the collapsible seats that double as a lid!

Oh the things I would have done for a backyard box like this when I was little! For the full instructions, click here.

Man Who Survived Oakland Fire Comes Under Attack After His Insensitive Remarks

As an artist, sometimes you get so caught up in your work that you fail to notice the world around you.

The Ghost Ship was an artistic conclave in Oakland, California, where artists came to get their creative juices flowing as well as to show off their talents through art shows and performances. With its elaborate decorations, it was as though creativity and inspiration enveloped the entire warehouse, so it came as quite a surprise when the building and the creativity of these artists all went up in smoke.

Following the horrible warehouse fire that took the lives of over 33 people this weekend, the owner and founder of the Ghost Ship is being put on blast for some seriously insensitive remarks.

Derick Ion Almena angered people on social media when he posted an uncouth message on Facebook. In it, he stated that he worked so hard to create his warehouse and that he was left “standing in the poverty of self worth.” He paid no mind to the many people who lost their lives that day because his warehouse was not up to code.

Following the fire, Almena and his wife were able to safely retreat to a local hotel.

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This Is The Last Thing You’d Expect To Do With Drywall, And That’s Why It’s So Cool

When you think about drywall, you usually don’t associate it with high art. While artists work in various media, construction materials like drywall and joint compound don’t usually make the creative cut. That being said, something that’s unique to artists is their ability to breathe new life into something mundane, and to elevate utilitarian materials.

Bernie Mitchell is one of those artists. A drywall contractor by trade, Mitchell takes materials that are often robbed of their dimensionality and transforms them into work that’s fit for gallery space. Check out his stunning process in the video below.

The coolest art is sometimes the art that’s least expected. To learn more about Bernie Mitchell’s drywall work, check out his website and follow him on Facebook!

This Car Crash Survivor Did Something So Empowering With Her Back Brace

After surviving a terrible car wreck, life is tough for victims, since physical and emotional scars have a way of making people feel depressed and isolated. This young woman was no exception. Following her accident, not only was her back hurt, but she was forced to wear a brace that would undoubtedly attract unwanted attention.

And that’s why she decided to do something about it and take back control of the situation. As of now, she’s rocking that back brace in such an empowering way!

This brace sticks out like a sore thumb, am I right?

That’s why she turned it into something totally new. She looks so cool!

The level of detail is pretty incredible.

And the intricate design gives her a cool steampunk vibe.

(via Reddit)

This work is important because it could help others who find themselves in similar situations get through the tough times. There’s something powerful about watching someone overcome adversity and take ownership of everything that life throws her way.

There Are 2 Things About These Beautiful Images That You’ll Miss. But When You See It… Wow.

The Maldives is a gorgeous island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea. It’s known for its clear water and natural beauty, so it’s easy to understand why artist Zaria Forman focused on the chain of atolls in one of her most recent projects. She spent September of 2013 in the island paradise, inspiring these sets of images. However, these aren’t just photos of beautiful ocean scenery. She hoped to raise awareness of a very real predicament the Maldivians are facing: the entire nation could be underwater within this century.

The island nation, due to rising sea levels, could soon be underwater.

Zaria hoped that her images could draw some attention to the problem.

And did we mention these images aren’t photos?

They are hyper-realistic drawings, made with pastels.

Zaria has a very special skill.

This is the kind of attention that the nation needs.

Maybe someone can find a way to stop the rising tide.

Source: Zaria Forman via My Modern Met “I hope my drawings will raise awareness and invite viewers to share the urgency of the Maldivians’ predicament in a productive and hopeful way.  I believe art can facilitate a deeper understanding of crises, helping us find meaning and optimism amidst shifting landscapes.” Zaria’s site lists all of her works, and a percentage of each sale will be donated to 350.org. 350.org is a “global climate movement” that wants to keep our world healthy and prevent its downfall. Zaria’s work is beautiful… but it’s also for a good cause and a totally mind-blowing because of it’s photorealism. Please share it.

A Boat Builder Had A Crazy Idea In The Forest. One Year And $11,000 Later, THIS Perfection Exists.

I’ve never met Brian Schulz, but he’s now my hero. He had an idea to build a Japanese Forest House in the middle of an Oregon forest… and after 1 1/2 years and $11,000, he completed it. What’s even better about this home in the woods, it was mostly built from natural, locally sourced materials. In other words, this place was mostly funded by his hard work and innovation – something truly inspiring. Take a look at Schulz’s home and his journey along the way below.

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this is the finished home in the woods of Cape Falcon, Oregon.

As mentioned above, the truly inspiring part about this house is that nearly everything you see was locally sourced.

Schulz said, “it is undeniable that the pursuit of local materials connects more deeply to your landscapes.”

“The simple act of searching adds richness to our lives,’ he added.

The entire idea started when he went to a recycling center and found a brass sink.

He started fantasizing about building an entire house around it.

So… he did.

He set out to salvage all of the necessary materials.

It’s incredible that so much of what you see in this house was pulled from his local surroundings.

Schulz says, “With deep enough pockets a person might be able to duplicate such a structure by writing a large check to a talented builder, but that would risk missing the point entirely.”

He also did quite a bit of traveling to find all the right resources. He conveyed that this was one of the best parts of the process.

“You meet people, you discover new places, you have adventures, you learn things, AND, you come home with beams, windows, doors, and shingles.”

No home would be complete without an outhouse.

A (mostly) natural outhouse.

This is Brian with a kayak that he built. He clearly has an unbelievable talent.

Schulz stated that the $11,000 cash mostly went to concrete, insulation and shakes. After all, it’s tough to build a home this awesome completely from your surroundings. All in all, he did a fantastic job that should inspire the creativity in all of us. As much as I love the house, his experience building it is absolutely priceless. Source: Cape Falcon Kayak A year and a half of work deserves some credit. Share this awesome house with others; inspire them.

He Started Shaking Sand Onto A Table, And By The End, He’d Created Something Incredible

In Hindu culture, rangoli is an art form that’s centered around the creation of ornate designs made out of colorful sand. Created to honor deities, they are meticulous and beautiful. The most fascinating thing about them, however, is how they’re made.

Watch what happens when this artist starts shaking sand onto his work space.

Seeing creators in action is always such a humbling experience. If you want to learn more about rangoli, check out this blog!

What Happens When This Glass Cube Spins Is Odd, But Totally Amazing

There are plenty of people in the art world who blend traditional artistic methods with state-of-the-art digital animation, but there are relatively few who can create moving images without digital editing.

But conceptual artist Thomas Medicus pulls it off perfectly. By creating hand-painted images, placing them behind refracted glass, and combining all of that work into one cube, he achieves a visual effect unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The material that he used to create this piece is stunning in its own right.

Emergence Lab

But what’s inside really sets it apart.

Each one of these images was created by hand, and every one has an anamorphic counterpart.

Seeing them next to each other reveals the intricacy of his technique.

The best part of all is watching each pair blend seamlessly into the next.

To see this incredible cube in action, check out the artist’s video below:

(via Colossal)

To see some behind-the-scenes images and more incredible work by Thomas Medicus, be sure to check out his website. For daily updates, follow the artist on Instagram!

I Didn’t Even Know This Was A Thing. And Now I Can’t Get Over The Awesomeness.

There are many different mediums artists can use to express themselves. Guido Daniele, for instance, chooses to use something that most of us have ourselves. Instead of buying canvas or paper, he paints hands. A gallery that includes some of his work was posted online, stunning users. It’s hard to believe what you will be seeing is something as simple as a painted hand:

Thai dragon


Bald eagle

Bald eagle close-up









Old elephant


Asian elephant



Seriously. All of those were just hands. Guido Daniele is seriously talented. I’ll never look at my own hands the same way again. Source: Guido Daniele Share his awesome work with others by clicking on the button below!