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Diane Ravitch slams Common Core approach to teaching Gettysburg Address


Education policy analyst Diane Ravitch is no hard-right conservative, but she does deviate from the Obama Administration on certain issues, including the Common Core education standards. This morning, Ravitch tweeted that the Common Core approach  to teaching the Gettysburg Address is a “travesty.”

The bizarre approach was highlighted in a recent article by Valerie Strauss in the Washington Post:

Imagine learning about the Gettysburg Address without a mention of the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg, or why President Abraham Lincoln had traveled to Pennsylvania to make the speech. That’s the way a Common Core State Standards “exemplar for instruction” — from a company founded by three main Core authors — says it should be taught to ninth and 10th graders.

“How is it possible,” Ravitch asks, “for any student to understand the meaning of the Gettysburg Address without knowing the historical context in which it was delivered?”

Good question.


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The naked truth: Adult models slam Common Core math


It is stupid, and Ms. Lace’s colleagues in the adult modeling industry agree.

@Britney_Lace So stupid!!! Whoever came up with that common core garbage is an Idiot. Glad its not in TX #HellNo pic.twitter.com/oFjLCyQoFP

— Daisy Lynn (@MissDaisyLynn) September 25, 2014

@Britney_Lace common core is so ridiculous. It makes it so much harder and more complicated😕

— Cassidy Nicole (@CassidyNicoleXO) September 25, 2014

@savino_v @Britney_Lace it really is! It makes it almost impossible for kids to get help with their homework because no one understands it!

— Cassidy Nicole (@CassidyNicoleXO) September 25, 2014

@CassidyNicoleXO @savino_v That's exactly right. It's fucking stupid.

— Britney Lace™ (@Britney_Lace) September 25, 2014


Another Common Core ‘math’ problem that ‘makes no sense whatsoever’

Help! We need a translator for this Common Core ‘math’ problem

Just try to decipher this unintelligible Common Core math question – we dare you!

Good luck solving this 3rd grade Common Core math problem

More Common Core insanity: Check out these times tables

Unreal: Check out this ridiculous Common Core math problem [pics]

You have to see these unintelligible Common Core assignments posted by angry parents


Kasich unsure why conservatives hate Common Core so much

Tomorrow night, CNN will bring yet another GOP debate to our TV screens, while tonight, Fox News has devoted its programming to town halls with the remaining GOP candidates. Greta Van Susteren was up first, setting aside “On the Record” to spend an hour with Ohio Gov. John Kasich and a studio audience made up largely of university students.

Kasich made it clear he wouldn’t be promising free college, although he did advocate for community colleges as an inexpensive path towardhigher education. But K through 12?Kasich seemed stumped by a question on Common Core: Why are conservatives so opposed to it?

Or maybe they hate it because it got into their children’s classrooms and they’ve experienced it first-hand.

There’s a good way to find out if he does, and while we’re at it, we might as well subjectall the candidates.

‘Hilarious and sad at the same time’: Common Core’s version of Scrabble


Inspired by Twitchy’s post about “Connect One,” blogger/tweeter Caleb Howe brings us Common Core versions of other board games.


Every tile is blank. Just like Common Core students’ brains!

See all of Howe’s brilliant Common Core “Bord Gaimz” here.

‘Common core insanity’! Mom knows ‘garbage math’ when she sees it [pic]

A mom whose child apparently attends school in New York City is not a fan of Common Core math. She recently posted a copy of this ridiculous math problem:

The Common Core standard that aligns to this question — CC.1.OA.6 — indicates that this convoluted problem is for first graders.

The mom who posted the problem, Amber Papadopoulos, previously tweeted numerous politicians urging that New York withdraw from Common Core:

Papadopoulos is just the latest in a long line of parents to post ridiculous Common Core math problem to Twitter. We recently wrote about a kid who missed a Common Core math problem because he didn’t use “friendly” numbers. In January, we noted a confusing Common Core problem that required first graders to use “number bonds” to complete a  “math story.”

Backlash to the Common Core standards has been growing around the country. Gov. Mike Pence, R-Ind., recently signed a law withdrawing his state from the program.


Dumb and dumber: Check out the latest silly Common Core math problem [pic]

Another Common Core ‘math’ problem that ‘makes no sense whatsoever’

Help! We need a translator for this Common Core ‘math’ problem

Just try to decipher this unintelligible Common Core math question – we dare you!

Good luck solving this 3rd grade Common Core math problem

More Common Core insanity: Check out these times tables

Unreal: Check out this ridiculous Common Core math problem [pics]

You have to see these unintelligible Common Core assignments posted by angry parents


Comedian Louis C.K.: Common Core makes my kids cry; Updated [pics]


Well, even a blind squirrel’s been known to find a nut every once in a while. Maybe.

This morning, crass comedian Louis C.K. — who has made no secret of his mad love for Obama — appeared to many to take a swipe at Common Core, the educational “standards” championed by so many D.C. Dems (and a few hack Republicans):


Now, he is a comedian, so there’s a good chance he was just being snarky, piggybacking on the “Thanks Obama” meme. But one thing’s for sure: For many parents and teachers, Common Core is no laughing matter:




More from Louis C.K.:




Comedian Louis CK to drop out of RTCA Dinner

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Tea Party president in Stop Common Core shirt denied access to Kasich event

The president of the Cincinnati Tea Party says she was denied admittance to a get-out-the-vote campaign stop by Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich Monday night and threatened with arrest because she intended to ask a question about the governor’s support for Common Core.

Tea partier @annbecker1999 ejected from @JohnKasich #ohgov rally. Disruptive, or just wearing anti #CommonCore shirt? http://t.co/DmC2FnEXDW

— Chrissie Thompson (@CThompsonENQ) October 14, 2014

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s state capital reporter, Chrissie Thompson, reports:

Ann Becker, tea party president and a Butler County voter, said she was wearing an “Ohioans Against Common Core” T-shirt when private security stopped her from entering the event at Voice of America MetroPark and asked if she was invited.

The security officer went inside to confirm the invitation with Butler County GOP officials, who hosted the rally, while about eight other people got into the event without being stopped, Becker said.

Becker, who served as a Butler County GOP central committee woman until May, said she was told she was not on the guest list, even though she showed the officer the email RSVP she had sent to the Butler County GOP earlier in the day.

“He said I had to leave the premises immediately or I would be removed,” said Becker, who was among a group of T-shirt wearing protesters who were denied access to the event.

UPDATE: @JohnKasich campn spox @conniewehrkamp says local tea party hed @annbecker1999 ejected 4 being 'disruptive,' http://t.co/4S4b3bzZT6

— Carl Weiser (@cweiser) October 14, 2014

Becker posted a photo of her “disruptive” group to her blog:


Well, at least someone tried to talk some sense to the governor about Common Core.

@annbecker1999 Welp, so much for that guy.

— Eric Silver (@EricSilverUSA) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 Way to go, Ann! Keep up the good work! #CommonCore must go! Ohio voters deserve answers from Gov. Kasich.

— Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 @OhioAgainstCCSS I hope you got the police officers name who stood with this fascist government. Shame on you @JohnKasich

— ✝Joe B✝ (@NRA_LIFER) October 14, 2014

@NRA_LIFER @OhioAgainstCCSS @JohnKasich Officer was just doing his job. Knew it was wrong.The Butler Co GOP/Kasich staff pulling the strings

— Ann Becker (@annbecker1999) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 Ejected from a .@GOP Rally by a Republican Governor who we got elected in 2010. & These people expect us to send $ & Vote

— Roy Wagner (@royw07) October 14, 2014

‘They’re making kids stupid now’: Check out this Common Core math problem

As a matter of fact, we have had a look at Common Core, and no, we don’t get it either. Check out this fourth grade math problem, and if you become confused, just remember to “use number bonds to help you skip-count by seven by making ten or adding to the ones.”

Well said.


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Jeb Bush calls Common Core a ‘truth serum’; Michelle Malkin injects dose of reality

Ah yes, the greater good. Former Florida governor and Common Core proponent Jeb Bush knows all about the greater good:

During his speech at this morning’s Broward Workshop business breakfast, Bush dished up a hearty helping of Common Core slop:

Bush has repeatedly explained the standards, implemented and controlled by the states, are designed to make the United States more competitive with the rest of the world. He said those who oppose the standards support the “status quo,” oppose testing and are worried too much about children’s self-esteem.

“Let me tell you something. In Asia today, they don’t care about children’s self esteem. They care about math, whether they can read – in English – whether they understand why science is important, whether they have the grit and determination to be successful,” Bush said.

“You tell me which society is going to be the winner in this 21st Century: The one that worries about how they feel, or the one that worries about making sure the next generation has the capacity to eat everybody’s lunch?”

Speaking of lunch, Michelle Malkin has lost hers:

True story. If Bush is so concerned about education, he ought to set an example and get himself educated:



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#StopJebBush: Ohio parents against Common Core to protest Monday at RNC fundraiser

It’s on! Tomorrow afternoon, Ohio parents and activists will gather outside an RNC fundraiser to protest Common Core champion Jeb Bush’s lead role in expanding the role of the federal government in education. Bush is the featured speaker at the event scheduled at the Queen City Club in Cincinnati.

More from the organizers:


We want Reince Priebus to see that Southwest Ohio opposes Common Core, and that Jeb Bush is not the candidate that base of conservatives in THE key county in THE key state want to see on the 2016 Presidential ballot.

THE TRUTH BRIGADE PLAN: MONDAY, JUNE 16, 4:30 to 6pm, prior to the 5:00 pm event and dinner.
PLACE: Meet on the sidewalk outside of the Queen City Club, 331 E. 4th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

You know who else officially opposes Common Core? The RNC. Perhaps Reince Preibus might want to read that resolution to Jeb Bush.


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