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28 People Who Really Know What It Feels Like To Be #Blessed.

Every person in the world knows what it’s like to just miss the mark. Maybe you got to McDonald’s at 10:35 AM, so you won’t get breakfast. Or maybe your DVR cuts off the last few minutes of your favorite reality TV show. Close calls can make anyone’s blood boil, when they leave you out in the cold.

Like most things in life, though, close calls can be a two-sided coin.

These examples prove that sometimes it’s better, and even life-saving, to juuuust barely miss something.

1. This hole in one.

2. This semi that wanted to say hey.

3. This shark trying to photobomb tourists.

4. This baseball player who forgot what direction the ball is supposed to go.

5. This pedestrian who’s never been happier to see a light pole.

6. This tripped up train observer.

7. This train enthusiast with little common sense.

8. This guy who may or may not have pissed off the person in charge of signs.

9. This minor crash that could have made conditions even icier.

10. This disappointed sea creature.

11. These skippers who skimmed each other.

12. This lucky guy who will make his delivery on time.

13. This woman sheltered by more than her umbrella.

These Brushes With Death Will Open Your Eyes To How Sacred Life Is.

There is nothing that makes you feel more thankful for what you have in life than a close brush with death. That kind of experience can turn the rich into philanthropists and the non-believers suddenly become staunchly religious. Here are some miracle survivors and the stories that changed their lives forever. 

1.) Dr. Mary Neal’s Kayaking Trip.

Dr. Mary Kneal was kayaking down a remote Chilean river when her vessel capsized and she was trapped underwater between 15-25 minutes. While underwater she swore she heard God tell her she needed to survive to help her family through a future tragedy. Rescue workers were surprised to find her alive, despite two broken legs. Ten years later, her son Willie died in a car crash and Mary was there to help her family through the tough times.

2.) Coltyn’s Birth.

On Christmas Eve, Tracy Hermanstorfer was in labor with her third child, Coltyn when her stopped beating. She lost consciousness and the doctor’s had to perform an emergency C-section. Coltyn seemed unresponsive. Then suddenly, to the amazement of her husband, Mike, Tracey regained consciousness. A few moments later Coltyn suddenly began taking his first breaths of life.

3.) The Marriage That Saved A Life.

Donnie Register was helping two customers at his antique shop when one of them pulled a gun to his head. As the man shot, Register threw his hand up as a last ditch form of protection. Amazingly, his gold wedding ring deflected the shot.

4.) The Leap Of Faith.

Lareece Butler survived a 3,000 free fall from the sky after her parachute turned out to be faulty during a sky diving trip. As she fell, the ropes of the parachute got twisted, causing them not to completely in dispatch. Amazingly she survived the fall with only a broken leg, a fractured pelvis, a concussion, and hopefully the desire to find a new hobby.

5.) Ian McCormack’s Dive Into The Afterlife.

While diving for lobster on the island of Mauritius, Ian McComack got a painful sting by a box jellyfish. As McCormack felt his body enter a state of paralysis, he was rescued by and sent to the hospital, but by the time he arrived he was pronounced dead. Fifteen minutes later he returned to the land of the living and had full mobility of his limbs.

6.) Don Piper’s Car Crash.

As Don Piper was returning home from a pastor’s retreat, he was hit by an incoming truck and all he remembers is instantly transported to some sort of heaven like place where his dead friends and relatives greeted him. When he awoke, he found that he had already been pronounced dead, as a tarp had been draped over his body. He survived despite the fact that every bone in his body was broken.

I’ve never had an experience quite like these, but I did once drop an M & M from my eighth-story apartment window. Watching that delicious candy fall was enough to make me hold life more sacred.