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Twitter hit by mother of all fake news bombs as CNN’s Brian Stelter links to Dan Rather’s Facebook page

After what seemed like months of back-and-forth between President Trump and CNN over fake news and “violent” wrestling GIFs, the New York Times went and surprised everyone Monday night with one of those Trump-Russia bombshells everyone had come to expect. Sure, the sourcing was anonymous, but it turns out the story was solid.

For almost a full day there, it seemed as if the news media had remembered its core mission: to rid America of its elected president after failing to prevent said election. And speaking of journalists who failed to prevent an election, look who popped up just as the country was digesting some real news:

‘Hulk’ actor Mark Ruffalo wouldn’t like you when you’re angry

Finding a liberal actor in Hollywood isn’t much of an accomplishment, but we have to give Mark Ruffalo some credit for being consistent in his beliefs whatever the issue, you’ll find him committed to thefar left side of it. Is it ironic that Ruffalo plays the Hulk in the “Avengers” movies, the big green guy whoseimmeasurable strength grows in direct proportion tohis rage? Moviegoers might love the Hulk, but Ruffalo doesn’t want to set a bad example on film, or in reaction to the terrorist attacks on Paris.

That’s a lot of retweets, but we disagree; the intended outcome of the Paris terrorist attacks was to kill as many innocents as possible and frighten the survivors into compliance.

Ruffalo also retweeted this bit of rhetorical Fruit Stripe gum to chew on from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who made his debut on Twitter crying into his sweater but confessedto becoming “physically enraged” at the Supreme Court’s “gutting” of the Voting Rights Act.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes slams cable news coverage of the ISIS threat


What a fool. Does he not watch his own network?

Here’s MSNBC on terrorist “chatter.” Kind of scary to us:

Find out the online chatter from jihadist groups after airstrikes against ISIS: http://t.co/U3fmsSTCoZ pic.twitter.com/qOoeoM51aw

— msnbc (@msnbc) September 24, 2014

And here’s MSNBC telling us the Khorosar group is coming after “Western targets”:

Who is Khorasan? Laith Alkhouri, senior analyst at Flashpoint, has details on the terror group http://t.co/tWz5gaqOFT pic.twitter.com/IMpCYtB4g6

— msnbc (@msnbc) September 24, 2014

Or how what Chris Matthews is peddling? It’s “chilling”:

A chilling new audiotape from #ISIS @ghoshworld @howardfineman http://t.co/G0nMMujGdy

— Hardball (@hardball) September 23, 2014

Even Lawrence O’Donnell had a guest on who compared our targets in Syria to you know who:

Laith Alkhouri on Khorasan: "They're really the true legacy of bin Laden." #lastword

— The Last Word (@TheLastWord) September 24, 2014

But, of course, it’s fine if you get your climate alarmist news from the cable channels, right?

.@chrislhayes: "The climate change threat is one we can be sure won't be solved with military might." #inners

— All In w/Chris Hayes (@allinwithchris) September 24, 2014

The streets of NY are overrun by hundreds of thousands of people demanding action on climate change #HBRoundtable http://t.co/AgHOCWkRWJ

— Hardball (@hardball) September 23, 2014


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Riots have ‘officially gone too far’: Chris Hayes threatened with mace


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is in the thick of it in Ferguson, Missouri.


But wait. It gets even worse.



MSNBC’s Chris Hayes warns Ferguson police; Lack of self-awareness astounds



Oh yes, another progressive of pallor sought to scold over the Ferguson, Mo.,  looting and riots. Enter ace douche MSNBC’s Chris Hayes:


Behold the terrifying power of Chris Hayes! Or something?


Who knows? We’ve lost our cuckoo pants to English dictionary.


But wait, there was more!


Truth. Lapdog media won’t show anything that doesn’t further their wanted narrative.



But back to his oh-so-scary threat to the police:


Speaking of bikes, remember this?


Self-awareness meter says “staggering lack.”


‘Free smug!’ Salon prog of pallor writer scolds white people for condemning Ferguson looting

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ bike stolen — will the guilty party lean forward?

Predictions: Which one will be Obama’s oh-so-brilliant statement on Ferguson riots?

Bogus rumor: Column of tanks headed to Ferguson, Mo.

Hapless rioters attempt to shatter bus stop shelter with a trash can [Vine video]

‘And the riots have started’: Protest escalates in Ferguson Mo. [pics, Vine, video]; Updated: Looting, vandalism, violence

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Now someone is shooting at Ferguson, Mo., police

‘Breaking Bad style’: Ferguson, Mo., looters load ATM onto truck

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‘F*ck the police’: ‘Disturbed’ online protesters want #JusticeForMikeBrown

Could Chris Hayes have made a more irresponsible Ferguson tweet than THIS?

That couldn’t have happened, could it have? Oh, yes. It did.

Good Lord, man (term used loosely). What in the hell is wrong with you?

Hayes provided no context for that tweet whatsoever. In fact, a previous tweet served only to inflame further:

There was a traffic accident in Ferguson Sunday night, but it is unclear if he was referring to that.


Because, again, no context was provided by Hayes. Perhaps because “tough guy” Hayes was too busy screeching about being “threatened” with mace.

His irresponsible and inflammatory tweet was retweeted over 4,500 times. Dangerously fanning the flames, Hayes? Achieved.

Hope you are proud of yourself, Hayes.

Other Twitter users swiftly and rightly called out Hayes for his dangerous irresponsibility.


And an exit suggestion for Mr. Hayes:

But that wouldn’t fan the flames and push a narrative that the media wants now, would it?

Despicable, Mr. Hayes. We’d say you should be ashamed, but it’s already quite clear that you have no shame. Nor any professional ethics or integrity. Case in point:


Unreal! Half a day later, Chris Hayes admits ‘dead body’ in Ferguson wasn’t really a dead body

What an atrocity he is.


Ferguson riots have ‘officially gone too far’: Chris Hayes threatened with mace

Aching sides! ‘Tough guy’ Chris Hayes warns Ferguson police; Lack of self-awareness astounds

Chris Hayes offers Columbus PSA; Richard Grenell shares ‘related news’

Today is Columbus Day, which means many on the Left are busy pointing out how terrible it is to have a holiday based on Christopher Columbus (though many are perhaps nevertheless taking advantage of the day off).

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes offered this Columbus Day public service announcement:

No but for real: Christopher Columbus was a world-historical asshole.

— Christopher Hayes (@chrislhayes) October 13, 2014

Richard Grenell suggested Hayes should be worried about other things:

In related news, MSNBC ratings slump @chrislhayes: No but for real: Christopher Columbus was a world-historical asshole.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) October 13, 2014

For real!



Fan those flames! Chris Hayes speculates what could turn #ShawShooting into ‘massive scandal’

‘Recognizing the atrocities’: Seattle demonstrators urge City Council to replace Columbus Day [photos]