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Texting And Walking Is Dangerous, But THIS Is Ridiculous. People Have To Stop.

Ever look up from your own phone while walking and realize that you can’t move any faster because another oblivious person in front of you is trying to balance looking at their phone and walking, too? Well, the city of Chongqing, China may have the solution to this problem — if you’re willing to put away your phone for a few seconds, that is. 

In a 100-feet stretch of sidewalk, city authorities have divided the walkway into two lanes.

One for walking and the other for texting while walking.

Those who weren’t looking at their phones appreciated the first phone sidewalks in China, but many pedestrians were too busy looking at their phones to even notice the lanes.

In a recent Chinese survey, 80% of the 10,0000 people polled admitted to having a “severe” addiction to their phones.

The lanes were supposedly installed to make people more aware of how much time they spend on their phone when they should be focusing on what they’re doing.

(via Amusing Planet)

Wow. Have we really come to texting and not-texting walking lanes? It seems like some of us need to re-evaluate our phone usage. Nowadays, it seems like the only time people aren’t on their phones is when I message them to see if they want to hang out. And when we do hang out, they’re glued to their phones. It never ends!

He Saw An Old Woman Struggling To Get Across The Street And Did Something Awesome

And they say chivalry is dead…

But according to this video of a young man in southeast China, it’s very much alive and kicking.

When an unidentified guy saw an elderly woman having trouble getting across a busy intersection, he stepped in to help. But he didn’t just hold her hand as she crossed…no, he went above and beyond the call of duty.

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Young man sweeps off an elderly lady with walking difficulty off her feet to help her cross road in #China’s Fujian

Posted by People's Daily, China on Monday, March 7, 2016

(via Huffington Post)

What a nice young man! The best part is that he didn’t leave her immediately — he made sure she regained her balance and bearings. I bet he carried her across the next street as well. That’s an old-school gentleman if I’ve ever seen one.

They Saw A Cargo Truck, But What It Was Carrying Had People Chasing It In Horror

These dogs never did anything wrong. Their only crime was being born. When locals saw this cargo truck packed to the gills with dogs, they sadly knew exactly where it was headed…

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They were in there so tight.

The drivers weren’t taking them to a shelter where they’d find new homes. Nor were they bringing them to get much-needed health checkups.

No, these criminals were carting the pups to a dog meat festival in the Jilin province of northeastern China.

When the truck was spotted, countless concerned citizens took to social media to notify animal rights groups like Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection and the Humane Society International.

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They quickly assembled a team that followed the truck until the authorities could be brought in on the matter.

Had the truck continued on to its destination, the nearly 300 dogs aboard it would have been killed in torturous ways, all in the name of an old, outdated tradition.

Thanks to the quick actions of everyone involved, the truck was pulled over and all of the animals were given to police!

The scariest part about the rescue? It’s presumed that most of the pups in the dog meat trade are thought to be either stolen from happy homes or grabbed from the streets.

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It’s hard to even think about what these dogs would have gone through had these people not stepped up.

Amazingly enough, while rescuers were unloading the truck, a mama dog gave birth to four healthy puppies!

They’re all safe because of a few unnamed heroes who made those first calls to action.

(via The Dodo)

Please, please consider donating to these wonderful organizations. Without their quick thinking, these dogs never would have survived.

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