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This Man Set A World Record For Doing Something Alarmingly Awful. Ew.

When is the last time you did planks at the gym? How long did you hold it for? For those not familiar, planks are an exercise in working your core muscles. You start in the push-up position on your arms and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute.

Well, I guarantee you that Mao Weidong, a member of Beijing’s SWAT team, has your best plank time beat. He recently set the world record for longest plank ever.

Weidong held the plank position for 4 hours and 26 minutes.

The previous world record was 3 hours and 7 minutes. Weidong beat that time by an hour and 19 minutes.

Most people can only hold the plank position for 30 second to a minute.

Here he is, proudly displaying his world record certificate.

Via: Telegraph

Bravo! That’s impressive. I can only imagine how much his abs hurt the next day. Maybe it’s time I renewed my gym membership…

China’s Biggest Ride-Hail App Wants To Be An All-Around Transportation Platform

The newly merged companies Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache are considering bus-hailing and carpooling, in addition to a way to hail nearby designated drivers after a few drinks. And they’re confident they can beat Uber.

Tyrone Siu / Reuters

China’s largest ride-hailing company is looking to move well beyond just taxis and limos to create a comprehensive transportation platform for the world’s most populous country.

Earlier this month, Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache ended their pitched battle for the No. 1 spot and merged to create a united company estimated to be valued between $15 and $20 billion, according to a company spokesperson (though earlier reports peg the combined entity’s value at $6 billion). The merger combines the resources from Kuaidi Dache backers Alibaba — China’s answer to Amazon — and SoftBank Capital with those of Didi Dache backer Tencent in a fight for the Greater China market.

With its deep pockets and newly expanded footprint, the company — which will continue to operate under both brand names — is looking to offer consumers more than just a way to hail a taxi or a limo. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Kuaidi Dache chief strategy officer and co-founder Joe Lee said the company is exploring projects such as applying the mobile technology to hail buses — almost like a massive version of UberPool — and (curiously) giving people the option to hail nearby drivers to bring their cars home when they’re drunk.

“With the big data we have collected we can do so many things,” Lee told BuzzFeed News. Lee said the companies are also exploring carpooling — a service not readily available in the country. “In China people are lacking of trust of each other,” he said. “But we already broke that lack of trust issue with the [feedback system] for riders and drivers. I think that we can use that [newly established trust] to also introduce carpooling.”

Among the players vying for the same market is Uber, which recently received funding from Chinese web services company Baidu. But Uber is only operating in nine Mainland China cities, as opposed to the 350 that Kuaidi Dache alone is operating in, and Lee says the American company is inherently disadvantaged in China.

“Uber definitely is a very respectable player; it was one of the earliest players in the market,” Lee said. “And Baidu definitely has a strong establishment. [But] this car service operation requires a very strong offline team. That service mentality has to be developed. Baidu is a search engine. It does not have a strong offline team and Uber definitely not.”

Among the new ride-hail behemoth’s advantages are its deep pool of drivers — 2 million, by Lee’s estimate. It also has the considerable resources of Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache’s respective backers. Alibaba, for example, has Alipay, the leading third-party paying app in the country according to Lee, and Tencent is behind the leading instant messaging apps WeChat and Weibo.

“We have a lot of strategic resources,” Lee said.

But the newly merged company also has another fundamental advantage over Uber: It’s legal. The companies partner with fully licensed car rental companies, not private drivers — a fact Lee says facilitated the company’s rapid expansion. Uber, otherwise known as “everyone’s private driver,” has been facing significant regulatory setbacks in the region, and while the company has seemingly overcome similar setbacks in the U.S., international markets and regulatory agencies won’t necessarily cave to the company’s demands in the way some local U.S. agencies have.

“From the government officials that I personally or my team has been in touch with, Uber doesn’t have a very strong relationship with them and they don’t know the policies,” Lee said. “As you can imagine, the most important part is you have to spend a lot of time talking to the government.”

The joint company is also considering using its new market share and resources to expand outside of the Greater China region. According to Lee, Kuaidi Dache has already had luck in Hong Kong, where it launched late last year. Lee said they expected to have a difficult time breaking into the market, which had several existing ride-hail players like Easy Taxi and Uber. But in a matter of months, Lee said, Easy Taxi bowed out of the Hong Kong market and Kuaidi Dache became the No. 1 player. “I am sure the way we have done things in China can be replicated in other countries,” he said. “Our team has the international capability to move to different countries.”

However, as BuzzFeed News reported, several Uber competitors around the world have floated the idea of a global anti-Uber alliance that may include things like cross-booking, or even a global network of taxi drivers. Potential players in the alliance include SoftBank-backed Olacabs and GrabTaxi, which both also operate in Asia. Just shortly after BuzzFeed News reported on the alliance, SoftBank Capital led a $600 million round of funding in Kuaidi Dache. And Lee confirmed there certainly have been talks — though nothing set in stone — among the players, including Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache.

When asked whether the newly formed company’s plan to expand beyond Greater China would jeopardize the potential alliance, Lee said, “As you can see in China, even two big competitors can merge with each other. Any kind of cooperation to any degree is feasible in the future. However we don’t have a solid agenda. The talks haven’t gone that far yet.”

A Woman Eating Live Scorpions Is Horrifying…I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing the culinary delights of different parts of the world.

From a Western perspective, China offers up some of the most…unique foods of all time. More specifically, Chinese street food is unlike anything you’ll find in most parts of North America or Europe.

As evidence, I present to you the following video. It features a woman at a market in China enjoying some tasty skewers…of live, baby scorpions. I know — it sounds insane. Stranger yet, she seems to be genuinely enjoying the taste of them.

Best not to watch this around lunchtime, I think.

I’m all for trying new foods, but I think eating squirming baby scorpions is just a little too exotic for me. To each their own, as they say.

Texting And Walking Is Dangerous, But THIS Is Ridiculous. People Have To Stop.

Ever look up from your own phone while walking and realize that you can’t move any faster because another oblivious person in front of you is trying to balance looking at their phone and walking, too? Well, the city of Chongqing, China may have the solution to this problem — if you’re willing to put away your phone for a few seconds, that is. 

In a 100-feet stretch of sidewalk, city authorities have divided the walkway into two lanes.

One for walking and the other for texting while walking.

Those who weren’t looking at their phones appreciated the first phone sidewalks in China, but many pedestrians were too busy looking at their phones to even notice the lanes.

In a recent Chinese survey, 80% of the 10,0000 people polled admitted to having a “severe” addiction to their phones.

The lanes were supposedly installed to make people more aware of how much time they spend on their phone when they should be focusing on what they’re doing.

(via Amusing Planet)

Wow. Have we really come to texting and not-texting walking lanes? It seems like some of us need to re-evaluate our phone usage. Nowadays, it seems like the only time people aren’t on their phones is when I message them to see if they want to hang out. And when we do hang out, they’re glued to their phones. It never ends!

What Happened When They Put These Catfish Together In The Same Tank Is Insane

Most people associate catfish with either really good fishing or really good eating. These delicious creatures never seem to have a care in the world. If you judge them by their appearance, they look like they’d rather float along lazily in the water than fight to the death over a meal.

Well, apparently this laid-back perception is dead wrong. Catfish aren’t just aggressive — they’re cannibalistic. Check out the madness in the video below.

(source: People’s Daily 人民日报)

I can totally understand why that catfish ate the other one. Catfish is delicious, and I don’t think anyone would argue with me about that. Still, if you’re sharing a tank together, that’s a pretty evil move.

He Saw An Old Woman Struggling To Get Across The Street And Did Something Awesome

And they say chivalry is dead…

But according to this video of a young man in southeast China, it’s very much alive and kicking.

When an unidentified guy saw an elderly woman having trouble getting across a busy intersection, he stepped in to help. But he didn’t just hold her hand as she crossed…no, he went above and beyond the call of duty.

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Young man sweeps off an elderly lady with walking difficulty off her feet to help her cross road in #China’s Fujian

Posted by People's Daily, China on Monday, March 7, 2016

(via Huffington Post)

What a nice young man! The best part is that he didn’t leave her immediately — he made sure she regained her balance and bearings. I bet he carried her across the next street as well. That’s an old-school gentleman if I’ve ever seen one.

They Saw A Cargo Truck, But What It Was Carrying Had People Chasing It In Horror

These dogs never did anything wrong. Their only crime was being born. When locals saw this cargo truck packed to the gills with dogs, they sadly knew exactly where it was headed…

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They were in there so tight.

The drivers weren’t taking them to a shelter where they’d find new homes. Nor were they bringing them to get much-needed health checkups.

No, these criminals were carting the pups to a dog meat festival in the Jilin province of northeastern China.

When the truck was spotted, countless concerned citizens took to social media to notify animal rights groups like Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection and the Humane Society International.

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They quickly assembled a team that followed the truck until the authorities could be brought in on the matter.

Had the truck continued on to its destination, the nearly 300 dogs aboard it would have been killed in torturous ways, all in the name of an old, outdated tradition.

Thanks to the quick actions of everyone involved, the truck was pulled over and all of the animals were given to police!

The scariest part about the rescue? It’s presumed that most of the pups in the dog meat trade are thought to be either stolen from happy homes or grabbed from the streets.

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It’s hard to even think about what these dogs would have gone through had these people not stepped up.

Amazingly enough, while rescuers were unloading the truck, a mama dog gave birth to four healthy puppies!

They’re all safe because of a few unnamed heroes who made those first calls to action.

(via The Dodo)

Please, please consider donating to these wonderful organizations. Without their quick thinking, these dogs never would have survived.

Chinese Lake Three Times The Size Of Los Angeles Dries Up In Just Weeks

China’s Poyang Lake is — or rather, was — the largest freshwater lake in the country.

A drought began in September, and the lake has since dried up and become grassland that can be traveled across on foot. Once three times the size of Los Angeles, it’s now almost completely dry.

Poyang Lake is connected to the Yangtze River and used to span over 1,737 miles. Full of life, it was home to freshwater fish and a large number of shrimp.

Now, the lake is nearly unrecognizable from above.

There have always been fluctuations in the water level of the lake during the dry season, but the drought that the region is currently experiencing is unprecedented.

Getty Images

According to the Jiangxi Hydrology Bureau, Poyang Lake’s low-water period has been growing longer and longer since 1952.

What Happened Live On The Air During This Show Is Beyond Disturbing

Demonic possession is a bit of a touchy subject. Some people believe 110 percent in demons and their ability to influence our lives. Others, however, think demons are just another form of fantasy and an excuse for people to indulge their superstitions. Whichever camp you fall into, when video of a supposed demonic possession surfaces, it’s hard not be shocked by it. Take this video, for example…

In it, a Thai model by the name of Thippawan “Pui” Chaphupuang is being interviewed on a talk show. Everything is going fine until about 13 minutes into the interview. That’s when she informs the hosts that she is possessed by a “pop,” a cannibalistic spirit in Thai folkore. Pui then supposedly allows the demon to speak through her to the hosts…and well, things get creepy.

For those who can’t speak Thai, one of the hosts asks the demon, “Why can’t you leave her?” To which it replies, “Someone sent me here!” The demon then goes on to demand pig’s blood, according to the translation.

Creepy, right?

Check out how protesters in Hong Kong clean up after themselves! [photos]


As Twitchy noted during the “People’s Climate March,” protesters in New York City left quite a mess after they were done demonstrating to save the planet.

Not so in Hong Kong where those protesting the authoritarian rule of mainland China are giving the world a lesson in “civil” civil-disobedience and showing just how easy it is to clean up after themselves — unlike those dirty hippies in the Big Apple.

Check out these amazing photos:

Hong Kong #UmbrellaMovement protestors #recycle and clean up http://t.co/ElnGk4auNg image via @larryau pic.twitter.com/4g2XCUxsFx

— Veolia UK (@VeoliaUK) October 1, 2014

Besides cleaning up and recycling protestors also try and clean graffiti in #HongKong https://t.co/0mHxKaqFKP pic.twitter.com/JjyE2a9j1a

— Annemarelle vSchayik (@annemarelle) October 1, 2014

Only in #HongKong.. #OccupyCentral protestors clean-up after themselves: #OccupyHongKong pic.twitter.com/OjXXS63Twc

— Auskar Surbakti (@AuskarSurbakti) October 1, 2014

Only people from Hong Kong would protest…then clean up after themselves and sort their recycling pic.twitter.com/Fzsht0s76t

— Seb Black (@SebBLACK) September 29, 2014

This is how we do things in #HK. The tyrants in office, shame on you! #HongKongProtests http://t.co/eIm4Nq5nx9 pic.twitter.com/T0xP1LDVlh

— Joe K T Tang (@JoeKT10) September 29, 2014

When my people protest, we make sure to recycle, compost and throw away trash too. #civilized http://t.co/hLunYFRnXX #OccupyCentral

— Jason Poon (@jasonhpoon) October 1, 2014

a truck finally came to collect the piles of trash accumulated at tamar which have started to stink #OccupyCentral pic.twitter.com/8GKDhX8IKK

— Jeffie Lam (@jeffielam) October 1, 2014

#HongKongStudents picking up trash when crowd of #OccupyCentral disperses. #KindAct #HelpHongKong pic.twitter.com/Q1UIj0Ty0J

— 幸木みゆき (@KiramekuNamida) September 29, 2014

Great job, Hong Kong and maybe one day protesters in America can follow your lead.