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When They Found This Poor Cat Frozen In The Snow, They Knew They Had To Do Something

This frozen cat was able to keep one of its nine lives thanks to a couple that was quick to the rescue.

As the cat sat shivering in a puddle of water in Russia, this caring couple happened to stumble upon it, and they knew just what to do. Grabbing bucket after bucket of warm water, they took turns showering the cat in hopes of warming it up enough to save its life. After a few minutes, the couple wrapped the cat in a coat and headed for a safe place.

Watch the rescue unfold in the video below.

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This couple is proof that you don’t have to be a superhero to help save a life. Keep up the good work, guys!

Instead Of Euthanizing Unwanted Cats, This Shelter Is Giving Them A New Purpose

Despite the work of tens of thousands of animal shelters and even more volunteers around the country, nearly 3 million companion animals are euthanized each year. More than half of them are cats. To combat this, SpokAnimal struck up a program with the goal of giving unwanted cats a second chance.

So how do they do it? They match cats to farms, warehouses, and other properties where the furry felines can offer their rodent-killing services.

Not only are they saving the cats from certain death, they’re also giving them a new purpose in life.

Learn more about the program here!

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SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. is on a mission to save as many cats as possible. Find out how they’re helping ferals get a second chance at life.

Posted by The Animal Rescue Site on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

You can find out how to help these cuties, along with other shelter animals, by visiting SpokAnimal’s Facebook or by donating on their website.

They Found A Tangle Of Newborn Kittens In The Bushes, But Watch What Happens

“I had heard the stories, but then it happened to me.”

When Imgur user arthisbeapirate heard strange noises coming from her bushes, she went to investigate. Pulling the leaves back, the woman and her neighbor discovered three tiny, day-old kittens.

And no mother.

Initially leaving them with the hope that the momma would return, arthisbeapirate had no idea that this simple, fluffy discovery would forever change her life…

After hearing little chirps coming from her bushes, arthisbeapirate expected to find baby birds. Instead, she discovered three tiny kittens.

Soon, she’d find a fourth one not too far off.

They left the tiny tykes, hoping that mom would return, but she never resumed her motherly duties. So they gathered the four cuties up — three were still tangled in umbilical cords — and brought them to the vet.

Sadly, one passed away during the cord separation surgery.

Arthisbeapirate brought the three of them home, but after countless bottle-feeding sessions, the two other kittens that had once been attached also passed away.

Left with only one little girl, arthisbeapirate did everything she could to make sure she’d have every chance of survival.

Thankfully, this little lady was the strongest of the litter. Arthisbeapirate named her Ripley.

One day, she finally grew to the point where she could open her eyes and the dangerous period of her life seemed to pass.

Ripley immediately began to act like a real cat.

…Which meant occasionally getting into trouble.

But as she grew, every day truly was a blessing…even when she had to get spayed!

What a lucky lady.

The stuffed animal that kept her company during the most trying time in her life has remained by her side.

Recently, Ripley turned one!

What a sassy survivor!

If you’d like to read more about Ripley’s story, and all the work her guardian angel did to make sure she survived, check out her full story here. It’s a true tearjerker.

What This Kitty Did As A Fireman Tried To Rescue It Is Such A Cat Move

After receiving a call about a cat that needed to be rescued, these firefighters raced to the scene. The poor kitty appeared to be stuck on the outside of a balcony a few stories up, and it didn’t look like it knew how to get itself out of the sticky situation. Wasting no time, the crew loaded one firefighter into the lift and sent him up to help the poor thing out.

But something hilarious happened just as he approached the kitten that cracked up every single spectator down below.

That’s such a cat move. We’re happy that the kitten is safe, but we do feel a little bit bad that the firefighters had to waste so much time. At least they got a good laugh out of it!

She Was Found On The Street Near Death, But Wait ‘Til You See What Happened

Helping stray animals in need can be tricky, especially without the proper experience or supplies.

When one couple found a badly hurt and sick kitten, they weren’t sure how to keep her alive (let alone help her get better). But thanks to lots of love and sheer determination, the family gave this little fuzzball a second chance at life.

This is Penny. Her mother carried her near a home, put her on the ground, and never returned.

It’s not clear why she was abandoned, but it could have been because of her failing health.

The family discovered her on a Sunday, so they couldn’t take her to a vet. Her mouth was full of blood and gravel.

Her eyes were also shut and crusted with blood.

They did their best to keep her warm and hydrated while they waited to get into a vet’s office.

The next day, a vet examined her and said she was in a very bad state.

He thought she was only one week old and he was very worried about her eyes.

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A rescue organization helped the couple looking after the kitten, giving them milk and some medicine. Soon, Penny opened her eyes.

Here she’s 2-3 weeks old.

As she got better, it was clear that Penny’s mouth was crushed (possibly because she was hit by someone or something).

Because of that injury, her eyes water a little and she’s missing her upper right teeth…

…but she also has a permanent look of adorable smugness.

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Thanks to all of the love and attention, Penny became healthy and grew quickly.

This is Penny’s little smirk when she was 2 months old.

The rescue kitten was quick to bond with the couple’s other cat, Eden.

Ahhhhh, being a house cat is the good life!

“8 months later, Penny is now a chubby kitty! She’s full of energy, always playing, and always looking for cuddle.”

That smirk melts my heart!