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This Is How the IUD ACTUALLY Works

Here’s a nifty crash course in case you’re confused.

1. Recently, Colorado state Senator Kevin Lundberg was quoted as saying that IUDs potentially work by “stopping a small child from implanting.”

NBC / Via buzzfeed.com

This according to a recent article in the Coloradoan, about proposed funding for a program that would provide low-income women access to long-acting birth control methods like the IUD.

The authors of the article clarified that Lundberg was referring to a fertilized egg when he said “small child.” But… still.

2. Obviously, women do not have small children swimming around their uteruses.

So what was he talking about? Here’s what you have to know:

3. This is what an IUD is:

IUD stands for intrauterine device, which is a form of long-lasting, reversible birth control that a doctor implants into your uterus. Different kinds can last anywhere from three to ten years, and they’re over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Research shows they’re as safe for teens as they are for older women, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended them as an excellent option for adolescents.

4. Here’s how IUDs ACTUALLY work:

“The major mechanism of action is that it prevents sperm from getting up into the uterus,” Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine tells BuzzFeed Life. It also thickens the cervical mucus, making it a very hostile environment for sperm. “It basically kills sperm on contact,” says Minkin. It’s also possible that hormonal IUDs might stop the release of an egg, but that’s not the primary mechanism.

HOWEVER, if by some strange accident sperm does make it up there and somehow meets with an egg and fertilization occurs, it’s possible that the presence of the IUD would prevent implantation. How? “We’re not 100% sure. Many people think it’s an inflammatory response,” explains Minkin. Or it could be that the IUD thins the lining of the uterus, making it harder for an egg to attach. This doesn’t mean that it kills the tissue, it just wouldn’t implant, and you would have a normal period. That said, no small children would have been harmed in the making of that period. “What it would be is a collection of cells,” says Minkin.

Worth noting: Lundberg and others also characterize the IUD as an abortifacient (meaning it can induce an abortion), which is based on the fact that it prevents implantation. In order for that to be true, one would have to define life at the exact moment an egg is fertilized. However, it’s widely believed in the medical community that pregnancy doesn’t occur until a fertilized egg has been implanted in the uterus.

5. SO TO SUM UP: IUDs don’t reroute any small children swimming around in your fallopian tubes (smdh).

Getty Images Ryan McVay / Via thinkstockphotos.com

Sure, it’s possible that they could prevent implantation in very unusual circumstances. But even in that case, no toddlers would be involved whatsoever… because that’s not how female anatomy works.


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Giant birth control pills warn of Hagan challenger Thom #TooFarTillis


The outing Tuesday of “Mark Uterus,” super-feminist alter-ego of Colorado Democrat Mark Udall, was a huge hit. It was a great zinger directed at a man almost singularly focused on women’s issues, but feminists of course tried to spin it as a great compliment.

Voters preparing for tonight’s debate between North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis took a different tack, branding the Republican challenger #TooFarTillis for his own part in the “war on women.” And hey — costumes!

Know what is more dangerous for the US than Ebola? #TooFarTillis views on birth control and birth control. #ncsen

— Allyson Raines (@TheLadyAdvocate) October 9, 2014

His views on birth control and birth control. And don’t forget that other vital issue to women: birth control.

Overhearing great convo during #ncsen "Abortion is a decision for a woman and her family. #TooFarTillis doesn't understand that."

— Allyson Raines (@TheLadyAdvocate) October 9, 2014

We rallied in Wilmington before this final #NCsen debate to hold #TooFarTillis accountable! #ncpol pic.twitter.com/v2OHde3L7T

— PPActionFundCNC (@PPCNC) October 9, 2014

@PPCNC @PPact accountable for what?

— Presidebt Ebola (@Barack_Ebola) October 9, 2014

Minimum wage is dangerous? Really Thom, your views on women's healthcare are what will put women and families in danger. #TooFarTillis

— Allyson Raines (@TheLadyAdvocate) October 9, 2014

.@kayhagan trusts women. @ThomTillis thinks politicians & gov't should control what they can do with their bodies. #TooFarTillis #NCsen

— Planned Parenthood (@PPact) October 9, 2014

The #TooFarTillis crew was out for Tuesday’s debate as well.

Pillamina is rallying outside the #ncsen debate rallying for affordable birth control! #TooFarTillis pic.twitter.com/oOCCRZS00g

— Planned Parenthood (@PPHSNC) October 7, 2014

The women of 1954 love Thom Tillis! 2014? Not so much. #TooFarTillis #ncsen pic.twitter.com/5sVkyTZRBQ

— PPActionFundCNC (@PPCNC) October 7, 2014

When women's health is under attack, what do we do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK! #TooFarTillis #NCSenate pic.twitter.com/LJfvLbNf5Q

— PPActionFundCNC (@PPCNC) October 7, 2014






Why You Should Definitely Use A Condom Tonight

Unless you want a major snowstorm souvenir, wrap it up.

1. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a massive blizzard hitting the Northeast today and tomorrow.

Real feel: Stay in and have sex.

2. So while you’re stocking up on milk, bread, bottled water, and wine, there’s one more thing to add to the list: condoms.



3. After Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, some hospitals in areas that were hit hard saw an uptick in births nine months later.

Some New York City hospitals estimated a 10-30% increase in due dates nine months after Sandy and hospitals along the Jersey shore noticed a 20-35% percent rise in post-Sandy births. So, yeah, people were definitely getting busy during those power outages.

4. Hey, blizzard sex is a great way to pass the time when you’re looking at 2-3 feet of snow.

According to a survey by Trojan condoms, 7 in 10 Americans have gotten busy during extreme weather. Obviously. Because what the hell else are you going to do when you’re stuck inside with potentially no power but all of the wine?

5. But unless you want your blizzard souvenir to be a baby… or an STD… wrap it up tonight.

Universal Pictures / Via hellyeah-stevecarell.tumblr.com

Sincerely, BuzzFeed Health.

Sally Kohn: Low-wage workers can’t afford to buy their own birth control


Set aside for a moment the fact that Hobby Lobby’s health plan included coverage for 16 forms of non-abortive contraception. Is liberal commentator Sally Kohn right that in the absence of an employer subsidy low-wage workers wouldn’t be able to afford birth control?


Yep, $9 per month:

Birth control pills can be purchased for as low as $9 per month at a pharmacy near Georgetown’s campus. According to an employee at the pharmacy in Washington, D.C.’s Target store, the pharmacy sells birth control pills–the generic versions of Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Ortho-Cyclen–for $9 per month. “That’s the price without insurance,” the Target employee said. Nine dollars is less than the price of two beers at a Georgetown bar.

That seems to be the going rate at most pharmacies.

For those who are really struggling to pay the bills., there are other forms of birth control that cost even less.


One more thing: The poor, exploited full-time hourly workers at Hobby Lobby make more than the minimum wage. Much more.


Which is why Sally Kohn fits right with all the other liberals who’ve been spouting off about this issue.


Democrat talking point: GOP candidates want to ‘block birth control’

Sen. Kay Hagan: ‘A woman’s right to contraception shouldn’t be up for debate’

Lena Dunham weighs in on SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby ruling

Paul Begala’s ‘dumb’ spin on how Hobby Lobby ruling ‘is a winner for you’ is a loser

Rep. Jared Polis shows off Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision; Updated

‘Heap pissed off’! Elizabeth ‘Lie-awatha’ Warren ‘can’t believe’ Hobby Lobby outcome

‘Clueless or lying’: Sandra Fluke ‘purposefully ignoring’ fact in Hobby Lobby decision


Wendy Davis: Hobby Lobby decision ‘restrict(s) access to birth control’


Straight out of the Democrat playbook


Is anyone falling for this crap?


Democrat talking point: GOP candidates want to ‘block birth control’

Sen. Kay Hagan: ‘A woman’s right to contraception shouldn’t be up for debate’

Lena Dunham weighs in on SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby ruling

Paul Begala’s ‘dumb’ spin on how Hobby Lobby ruling ‘is a winner for you’ is a loser

Rep. Jared Polis shows off Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision; Updated

‘Heap pissed off’! Elizabeth ‘Lie-awatha’ Warren ‘can’t believe’ Hobby Lobby outcome

‘Clueless or lying’: Sandra Fluke ‘purposefully ignoring’ fact in Hobby Lobby decision


Surprise! Sandra Fluke still whining about Hobby Lobby

It is really sad that the American experiment has devolved into people whining about having to pay for stuff with their own money.  Even worse, we now have candidates and politicians who make it their raison d’être to force one group of people to pay for another group of people’s birth control.  And they’ll use any chicanery necessary to get their way.

Heh. Facts are a pain in the neck.

And let’s not forget that Fluke’s math was already debunked after Sandra’s fellow birth control enthusiast Amanda Marcotte posted it. ‘Cheap my ass’: Amanda Marcotte’s birth control spending nearly exceeds the GDP of Chad

That’s true. And as Oliver Willis has told us, the left doesn’t question the legitimacy of Supreme Court rulings with which they disagree.

Hobby Lobby (and everyone else) must be made to comply 100%.



‘Cheap my ass’: Amanda Marcotte’s birth control spending nearly exceeds the GDP of Chad

‘Huge lie’: Oliver Willis claims libs ‘don’t question legitimacy’ of unfavorable court rulings; Memory jarred

Twitchy coverage of Sandra Fluke

Man leads anti-Hobby Lobby gals in ‘Birth control is here to stay!’ chant on SCOTUS steps

Yep, the birth control-mongers are chanting on the Supreme Court steps as counter-demonstrators to the pro-life, pro-religious liberty women on scene.

And look who was leading them:



More confirmation: Optics and logic are not their strong suits.

Elizabeth Warren: Govt shutdown was to ‘deny workers access to birth control’

The lines between parody and politics have been greatly blurred by today’s Democratic Party.

Wait. What? Seriously?


Do these people have ANY other concerns apart from forcing employers to pay for employees’ birth control? The national debt? IRS and VA corruption? Who would have thought they could have ridden such a lame horse for so long?




The SenateDems account was actually paraphrasing something that Senator Fauxcahontus herself actually said. More than once. Out loud even.


From Senator Elizabeth Warren’s page:

“In fact, letting employers decide whether women can get birth control covered on their insurance plans is SO important that the Republicans are willing to shutter the government and potentially tank the economy. Over whether women can access birth control coverage.” —September 30, 2013

“Remember last year’s government shutdown that nearly tanked our economy? That all started with a GOP threat to get Democrats to change the law so employers could deny coverage for birth control.” —July 9, 2014

And from today’s Washington Examiner:

“Remember last year’s government shutdown that nearly tanked our economy?” Warren asked. “That fight started with a GOP effort to hold the whole operation of the federal government hostage in order to try to force Democrats and the president to let employers deny workers access to birth control.”

Obsess much?

Editor’s note: The headline of this post was updated to indicate that the words tweeted by @SenateDems were a paraphrase of remarks made by Senator Elizabeth Warren.