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15 Animals That Don’t Give A Damn About Our Stupid Human Laws

Humans have made up a lot of rules to keep order, but in the animal kingdom? Things are still a bit more wild!

The 15 animals on this list don’t give a damn about stupid human rules. Do we seriously expect a sign to keep dogs out of a park? Or a front door to keep kangaroos from breaking in and eating all of our toilet paper? From the looks of things, some of these animals are completely aware that they’re breaking the law, but they couldn’t care less.

1. “A sign won’t stop me! My kind has been climbing these rocks for centuries.”

2. Bold move, bird. You are a true rebel.

3. This mama cat is already teaching her baby how to break the rules.

Mama cat teaches her kitten how to break the rules.


This Is The Best Excuse Ever To Not Deliver A Package. Oh My.

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever been given? What’s an acceptable reason for not completing a project, showing up for work or meeting your date? Well, this postman in Canada discovered exactly what the best excuse is that anyone could ever use. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. You’d be forgiven if you had this backing you up:


After Matt Fane tweeted out this photo of the late notice (which was left at a neighbors house), it wasn’t long before the good ole Canada Post came tweeting to the rescue like their Mountie brethren, offering to save the day.


And to further calm down you Internet people, Matt later tweeted out photographic evidence that indeed, Pooh Bear often stretches his legs by roaming around his neighborhood.


Oh, Canada. We certainly do love you and your postal carriers.

At An Animal Sanctuary In Laos, He Spotted A Bear Doing Something Strange In His Pen

Bears are already cute, but what this one in Laos was doing takes the cake.

While a man was visiting the small Southeast Asian country of Laos, a trip to the local zoo turned into something incredible. When he showed up at the sun bear pen, he noticed one of the inhabitants was doing something a little odd…

Why, hello gentleman bear.

Although this is adorable, it could be a sign of past abuse.

It’s possible this bear was rescued from a bile farm.

A bile farm is a facility that keeps bears captive in “crush cages” to harvest their bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It’s used in Chinese medicine, but life on such a farm is terrible for any creature.

There’s no information on the background of this bear, but hopefully his bipedal walking is just a quirk and not a sign of a lifetime of abuse. At least he can get out and enjoy the sun now!