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SERIOUSLY? CBS News spots ‘downside’ to improving economy (Tony Katz translates)

SERIOUSLY!? Eric Holder draws ‘ABSOLUTE RED LINE’ for Trump as eyes roll

The anti-Trump Resistance “take to the streets if Mueller is fired” talking points were sent out last week, and former Attorney General Eric Holder joined in by taking an approach his former boss made famous:

Pardon me? President, Hillary Clinton talk over ‘informal lunch’

President Obama had an “informal lunch” with Hillary Clinton today, and something tells us it was more than an opportunity for two formerco-workers to catch up on current events. The press wasn’t invited, which is no surprise, so the rest of us are left to guess what each of the two wanted from each other.

The vice president would have loved to have dined with them, but he was busy in Ukraine pledging millions to help thatcountry fight corruption.

At least Biden would have thought to have broken out the selfie stick.

Nice try! Josh Earnest’s effort to link Philly cop shooting to gun laws backfires

Last week, a man in Philadelphia ambushed a police officer and fired 13 shots at point blank range, striking him three times. The officer miraculously survived the attack. According to authorities, the suspect said he “did it in the name of Islam” and had reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest turned it into another gun control issue:

There’s a detail about the story Earnest is probably overlooking intentionally:

But other than THAT, maybe the White House can blame the NRA again.

HA! Obama’s anti-wall lecture sets off Laura Ingraham & Tammy Bruce’s hypocrisy detectors

Speaking during an appearance in Germany, former President Barack Obama had some strong words to say about President Trump’s promise to build a wall:

Business trip: President to designate national monument between fundraisers


CBS News’ Mark Knoller reports that President Obama will take a brief break from fundraising in California Friday in order to designate 346,000 acres of the San Gabriel Mountains as a national monument.

@markknoller A national monument to Obama in the San Gabriel Mountains?

— Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard) October 10, 2014

Possibly. Hey, wouldn’t this official action make at least part of this trip reimbursable by taxpayers?

@markknoller @mrzmazz .His lame excuse to charge this fundraising trip off as official business.

— 4chunat1 (@4chunat1) October 10, 2014

@markknoller Now taxpayers can pay for all expenses since he is going to visit national park. DNC shld pay for his fundraising expenses

— menunu (@barbszoo22) October 10, 2014

That fact doesn’t seem to have slipped past Knoller, either.

The monument designation is political outreach to conservationists and also offsets some of the DNC's political costs of his trip.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 10, 2014

@markknoller Not necessarily in that order

— Uncle Billy (@FOWfan01) October 10, 2014

@markknoller The latter reason is the ONLY reason he did it, Mark. You should be journalist enough to report it as such. @HarrietBaldwin

— America's Tears (@AnnKateri04) October 10, 2014

Well, it’s pretty.

Photo gallery: the sights of our next national monument in Southern California http://t.co/aljEa7Ziur pic.twitter.com/7FF5Rs0Pm7

— Wilderness Society (@Wilderness) October 10, 2014

Sunset in the San Gabriel Mountains of #California. Photo by Mike Hathenbruck. pic.twitter.com/tV7ca3s7L4

— Beautiful Pictures (@BEAUTIFULPlCS) October 10, 2014


‘Seriously, who does this?’: Epic Obama tattoo fail


Gah! What the hell is wrong with you?




A tramp food-stamp?


“Once?” We’re thinking “if” might be the right word to use. There may be no coming back from that much stupid.



White House remembers Grand Canyon Park anniversary in predictable way [pic]


Just because we’ve become accustomed to the White House Twitter feed inserting pictures of President Obama in tweets that are supposedly honoring anniversaries and birthdays of people, places and things otherwise unrelated to the president doesn’t mean they ever cease to amuse:


Why break precedent?


The metaphor of the backdrop might have made it a little more appropriate for Obama to appear in the photo:



President who doesn’t do photo ops to veto defense bill in front of cameras

President Obama is today expected to veto a defense bill he doesn’t like:

President Obama will issue a rare veto of a defense policy bill Thursday in a showdown with Congress over broader spending levels, the White House said.

The veto of the National Defense Authorization Act is an extraordinary use of one of the president’s most powerful executive tools. While the White House had problems with some of the bill’s provisions, Obama’s main objection is that the bill uses a budget gimmick to increase defense spending without increasing domestic spending first. The president wants Congress to lift the automatic budget caps known as sequestration included in a 2011 budget agreement.

Obama will not only veto the bill, but reportedly he’ll do it very publicly:

Hold on just a second:

Obama has proven he’s willing to bend his own rule from time to time.