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These 32 Bad Translations Are The Worst The World Has Ever Seen…LOLOL!

English is a notoriously difficult language to learn as an adult. There are countless ways to mess it up and the grammar rules are downright insane. That’s why, in many foreign countries, the English translations you find can be hilarious. They’re especially bad (and also awesome, in a way) in countries that use a different alphabet. When people in Asian countries attempt to make bi-lingual signs or products… the resulting “Engrish” is just too good NOT to love.

1.) Is that a haiku?

2.) Kissing sounds? Adorable!

3.) That’s not the only thing.

4.) These can be so tricky.

5.) Aww, that’s so sweet.

6.) What?! My favorite.

7.) At least they know their buffet food is gross.

8.) I absolutely HATE tense chicken feet.

9.) Nacho Hippo? Nothing can go wrong here.

10.) NOOOOO! I thought that was just a conspiracy theory.


12.) They always think they are holier than thou, too.

13.) No. No I won’t.

14.) More lawns need to feel confident about their emotions.

15.) Rushing: what you do when you really have to pee.

16.) Ummm. Thanks?

17.) But where can I get coffee, then?

18.) Ugh, those are the worst.

19.) Because old crap would be gross.

20.) I’ll have the “Ugh, whatever.” please.

21.) That sweet, sweet tiny grass.

22.) Heyyyy, back off, okay? I enjoy my meal how I see fit.

23.) Sorry, man, I can’t control the rain.

24.) Ah yes, that ancient and wise phrase.

25.) And I will not.

26.) Ah yes, his classic catchphrase.

27.) That just sounds like an insult.

28.) Is that an offer or a command?

29.) At least they don’t pretend to know why.

30.) That’s convincing.

31.) Okay, sure?

32.) This is a mint for your mouth, right?

Traveling through different countries around the world can be an awesome experience, even if it’s just to experience the awful English translations. Share these hilarious typos and mistakes by clicking below; you’ll make someone’s day.

If These Translations Were Any Worse…Wait, They Can’t Get Any Worse.

Translating one language to another is not an easy task, especially when that language is English. With its rules and exceptions to said rules, English is not an easy language to write in. That said, there’s still no excuse for translation fails as bad as the ones below. Did these people simply look at the foreign texts and guess what they meant without context? Well, they were better off doing things that way, because these are truly terrible…and good for a laugh. Take a look! 

(via epicdash)

These are pretty terrible. Maybe it’s time to pay someone who understands both languages instead of using Google Translate. It’s a thought…