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He Took A Bunch Of Old Pennies And Turned Them Into Gorgeous Coasters You’ll Want!

Pennies are hands down the most annoying, useless bits of change ever.

Seriously, though, when was the last time you used any change for your grocery store purchases, let alone those copper fiends? For me, pennies used to be things that I just avoided and tried to pawn off on other equally uninterested people. I can’t blame those people for not wanting them, though. You can’t even use them in vending machines.

But when I came across this cool DIY project from Instructables user MrJB, my mind changed completely! You’ll understand why when you see the beautiful coasters he made.

First he gathered about four dollars’ worth of pennies.

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Then the crafter started gluing them together one at a time.

He formed them into hexagons to get a nice, rounded look.

To finish each hexagon, he added a layer of clean pennies around the outside.

The pieces with the older-looking pennies would be placed between the brighter ones.

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Next, he stacked four hexagons per coaster, spiraling them for a circular appearance.

Then it was time to glue the layers together.

But he wasn’t done just yet. For the last step, he smoothed a dollop of Vaseline onto the center of a tinfoil sheet.

This would stop the epoxy finish from bonding to the foil and ruining the coasters.

With everything ready, the crafter spread epoxy over each piece, making sure to coat all of the sides.

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After waiting 24 hours for them to dry, he used a utility knife to cut off all of the excess finish.

The only thing left to do was to test each one out. Fortunately, they were all great!

I had no idea pennies could look so cool!

I kind of need these for my home.

(via Little Things)

If you could mail me all of your old pennies, that’d be great. But if you’d rather save them to make your own shiny coasters, you can find the full instructions here.

Man Finds Hidden Safe Full Of Vintage Money And Guns In His Grandparents’ House

When Redditor evilenglish’s grandparents died, he was devastated.

He loved spending time with them, and one of his most cherished memories is reading “Treasure Island” with his grandpa as a kid, which inspired dreams of finding his own buried treasure. This is why what his grandparents left for him is so special.

Their farmhouse in Tennessee was given to him, and when he went there one day to go through all of their belongings and clean it out, his fantasy of discovering hidden treasure came true.

When he opened their closet door, he was greeted with an unpleasant sight.

The carpet was dirty and disgusting, so he decided to tear it up and throw it away.

That’s when he came across this strange slab and realized it was actually a safe.

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After pulling off the metal cap, he found a combination lock. He was really excited to unlock it and see what was inside, but he couldn’t figure out the code.

He decided it was worth it to hire a locksmith, who had trouble opening it himself because of the limited amount of space he had to work with.

But after a lot of effort, the man was able to remove the lock.

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Then it was finally time to open that bad boy up!

At first, he saw what looked like a pile of wet bricks. He remembered that there had been a pipe leak in his grandparents’ house a few years ago, and concluded that some water had gotten into the safe.

The bricks turned out to be a bunch of vintage coin books.

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The moisture had damaged their covers, but the coins inside were still in pretty good condition.

There were so many items packed inside the safe. Below is only a third of them.

His grandma was an avid coin collector, so there were plenty of them.

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Some, like this silver dollar, were in mint condition because of their protective cases.

Others were only wrapped in plastic or paper, but they seemed to be fine.

Unfortunately, the stacks of dollar bills he found weren’t as well preserved.

Among the piles of money, there were also a few of his grandpa’s antique guns and wristwatches.

He even came across a few bars of silver — talk about treasure!

But the best part of his experience was probably discovering that this old toolbox was actually a treasure chest.

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When he opened it, he was delighted to see that it was chock-full of jewelry.

(via SlipTalk)

What an awesome farewell gift that these people gave to their grandson! Whether they meant for him to discover it or not, I’m sure he’ll be telling the tale of his treasure find for years to come.

When This Sheep Wants Back Scratches, All She Has To Do Is Ask!

The simple things in life make all the difference. That’s a sentiment we’re sure this adorable sheep can get behind. She loves nothing more than getting scratched, so when she needs a little love, she asks visitors at the petting zoo to offer it up.

Watch what she does when they stop scratching!

Could you say no to that face? I certainly couldn’t.

No Photoshop Here… Just The Most Incredible Nature Moments Ever Caught On Camera.

These incredible photos are the kind that make people speak up online and say “FAKE!” Before you jump to any conclusions, remember that nature can be pretty amazing and doesn’t need Photoshop to be impressive. So check out some of the most epic moments in nature caught on film in the gallery below. Just open your mind to the possibility that these are real… once you do, you’re going to be blown away!

1.) C’mon little guy. YOU CAN DO IT!

2.) Uh oh, here comes trouble.

3.) Attackkkkkk!

4.) A touching family portrait.

5.) Just two buddies, hanging out.

6.) Who said frogs can’t go boating?

7.) Happiest. Alligator. Ever.

8.) Reptiles and amphibians, BFF.

9.) Oh, hi!

10.) Tally ho, mighty steed!

11.) Hey, wanna be my friend?

12.) Hehehehe! That tickles!

Source: Reddit Why wouldn’t a frog be floating down a river on a tiny boat made from a broken tree branch? Share him and his epic animal friends with others by clicking on the Share button.

Here Are Seriously Impressive Pumpkin Carvings. They’re No Ordinary Gourds.

It’s finally fall and you know what that means: your porch is in desperate need of a jack-o-lantern.

Instead of the same old silly face you create every year, why not try to kick it up a notch with your carving knife? Take a look at some of these impressive pumpkins and you’ll definitely get inspired to give your own fancy gourd a shot. They’re extra-gourd-inary!

1.) A geometric gourd.

2.) Peek-a-b—omg.

3.) Who needs a lampshade when you have a pumpkin?

4.) Some scary skull action.

5.) This guy has a serious case of helmet hair.

6.) Can you see the meta-pumpkin through the trees?

7.) These eyes are spooky realistic.

8.) Jack Skellington sends his regards.

9.) This would look great at Hogwarts.

10.) A Dia De Los Muertos homage.

11.) I hope this Death Star isn’t as vulnerable as the original.

12.) “Ugh, it still has its seeds.”

13.) Make use of the stem AND the olives no one in your house likes!

14.) Thank goodness this pumpkin is against cannibalism.

15.) This pumpkin is for The Birds.

16.) This guy is clearly judging you…

17.) Where the wild pumpkins are.

18.) This is a gorgeous Ganesha-gourd.

19.) I think this guy has a headache.

20.) This pumpkin had too much sugar.

21.) The last samurai pumpkins.

22.) With great pumpkins comes great responsibility.

23.) Legos creating their own likeness.

24.) Much fancier than a regular bouquet.

25.) What a dreamy carousel.

26.) Spooky shapes.

27.) Good news: rotting pumpkins can get in the fun too.

28.) Those poor oranges never saw it coming.

29.) This extraterrestrial is way creepier than E.T.

30.) Howl-oween.

31.) A pumpkin fit for a Khaleesi.

32.) This is a pumpkin feast.

33.) This pumpkin has some things to say.

34.) Art gecko.

35.) This sea turtle seems just fine on land.

36.) Ouch…

37.) Puss in Boots has never looked cuter.

38.) Wolfman seems less scary in gourd form.

39.) You’d look this mad if you tried to breathe through a pumpkin, too.

40.) Yep. This is what the child of Slimer from Ghostbusters and Tooie from Little Shop of Horrors would look like.

41.) Gourd sweet gourd.

(H/T: This Old House.)

Now you’re ready to crack open your own pumpkin and see what you can do. We can’t wait to see what you make!

These 25 People Won So Hard At Life You Can’t Help But Tip Your Hat. #15 Though… LOLOL.

Not everyone win at life. It’s a sad fact, but one people must accept. Sometimes, there are people in the world that win so hard at life, they stop everyone else from having even minor victories. Instead of finding extra french fries at the bottom of their fast food bag, they find $100 bills. Take these people for example. They just pulled off epic wins so incredible, they may never top it in life. Talk about pressure (and #WINNING).

1.) Oh, you’re going to pan to the audience? PERFECT.

2.) Disaster imminent? Nah.

3.) This dog knows what’s UP.

4.) Just dunking, no big deal.

5.) This guy can turn into a chair. You’re welcome.

6.) This is how you REALLY hockey.

7.) Walking down the stairs takes too much time.

8.) She just took cheerleading up a notch.

9.) Troll cat is winning.

10.) This is what a close call looks like.

11.) Normal bowling is just too boring.

12.) Protesting for the WIN.

13.) This is a hero among heroes.

14.) Epic recovery, kid.


16.) Because gymnastics wasn’t hard enough.

17.) Even putting on clothes can be cool.

18.) Cone of shame? More like cone of awesome.

19.) This kid is going places.

20.) Juggling or eating… why not do both?

21.) Don’t. Mess. With. Her.

22.) No one has a better reaction than this kid.

23.) PSYCHE.

24.) Double-psyche!

25.) Oh look, a truck! Let me ramp off of it.

(H/T Ebaumsworld) It just doesn’t get any better than narrowly avoiding disaster and then coming out so far on top, you look like some kind of mind-reading, incredible wizard. Share these people’s awesome victories and cross your fingers some day in the future you can nail it like they did.