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Can You Guess What These Everyday Objects Shot Close-Up Are? Beautiful!

“I spy with my little eye…”

Did you ever play that game as a kid? I used to love tricking my siblings by picking out the tiniest object in the room, but this video takes that concept to a whole new level.

By utilizing multiple lenses and complex editing techniques, Macro Room reveals the hidden texture and beauty of things that are all around us. The result is a brain teaser unlike any other.

Can you identify these everyday objects? It’s a lot harder than you might think!

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Who knew that the bristles of a toothbrush could be beautiful? I’m going to take a much closer look at things from now on.

Man Who Survived Oakland Fire Comes Under Attack After His Insensitive Remarks

As an artist, sometimes you get so caught up in your work that you fail to notice the world around you.

The Ghost Ship was an artistic conclave in Oakland, California, where artists came to get their creative juices flowing as well as to show off their talents through art shows and performances. With its elaborate decorations, it was as though creativity and inspiration enveloped the entire warehouse, so it came as quite a surprise when the building and the creativity of these artists all went up in smoke.

Following the horrible warehouse fire that took the lives of over 33 people this weekend, the owner and founder of the Ghost Ship is being put on blast for some seriously insensitive remarks.

Derick Ion Almena angered people on social media when he posted an uncouth message on Facebook. In it, he stated that he worked so hard to create his warehouse and that he was left “standing in the poverty of self worth.” He paid no mind to the many people who lost their lives that day because his warehouse was not up to code.

Following the fire, Almena and his wife were able to safely retreat to a local hotel.

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This Woman Creates Adorable Animal Embroidery That’s Impossibly Tiny.

English illustrator Chloe Giordano uses several different mediums to express her creativity. Perhaps the most impressive are these delightfully intricate embroideries depicting adorable animals which are so detailed you won’t believe it was all done with a needle and thread.

Each of her tiny deer, mice and rabbits look like they could jump off the fabric and come to life — teeny, tiny life. 

The animals are barely bigger than a thimble.

Here’s a look at her process and painstaking attention to detail.

You almost want to reach through the screen and pet it!

Everything from the leaves to the little cotton tail are intricately threaded to perfection.

The blend of thread creates amazing layers of color.

And it’s not just animals: she also creates a gorgeous subtle fade with calligraphy.

And beautiful book cover designs.

(via Bored Panda)

I want one for my living room! You can check out more of Chloe’s awesome work on her website and blog

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Yes, This Is A Ship. But When You Look Closer, You’re In For A Shock Because WOW.

Armed with only box cutters, hot glue, a hand full of able bodied volunteers and enough cardboard to make Amazon jealous one man managed to sculpture this breathtaking sculpture of a full-sized ghost ship.

Explaining where he gets all the cardboard for his sculptures he says: “Cardboard is everywhere. Over the years I’ve developed a system called ‘trolling’ which is a process of driving around the streets with a buddy looking for piles of cardboard. We have some go to sources but it’s more fun to ‘troll'”…so pretty much dumpster diving in the name of incredible art.

This particular Ghost Ship sculpture he says was a massive undertaking for a Halloween party at Treasure Island hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

At the front of the cardboard ship is the figurehead. Probably the most impressive piece on the whole ship.

That mast and figurehead would put the fear into any 17th century sailor.

The side of the ship even looks like it’s been made from wood.

The details are just incredible.

To think I had a hard time building a bridge out of toothpicks as a kid.

Source: reddit.com

Imagine Just Casually Strolling Down The Street When All Of A Sudden… WATCH OUT! Wait, What?

British chalk and street artist Julian Beever (not to be confused with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber) is known all over the world for his stunning pavement drawings, and especially his 3D illusions, which are drawn in a special distortion to create an impression of 3D when seen from one particular viewpoint. His works are so amazing that people call him the Pavement Picasso, and when you see these incredible works of art below you’ll agree.

What immense imagination he has, some of these don’t even look real, like they are from some other magical realm. Source: Julian Beever and imgur Share these incredible pictures of Julian’s street art with your friends below.

Something Is Different About This Portrait. It’s Not Just A Dog.

This amazing portrait of a beagle taking a bath looks so incredibly realistic, but that’s not the only thing that’s special about it. Joel Brochu, the artists who brought this work to life, made it with sprinkles. Using over 220,000 of the tiny toppings, some double-sided tape, and a pair of tweezers, Brochu created something that looks so real, you can almost smell the wet dog. Almost.

Take a look!

Wow! That looks so life-like!

Aw! I don’t think this pup likes taking a bath.

I guess I wouldn’t either if I were made up of little sprinkles.

And lots of ’em!

Brochu used six different colors of sprinkles to make this portrait.

That is some seriously sweet detail.

(via designtaxi, Art Stormer)

Well, I can think of one artist who deserves some ice cream!

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These Tiny Sculptures Were Made WHERE!? I’m Not Sure How This Was Even Possible.

Recep Alcamli is a chemical engineering student from Turkey who moonlights as an amazing sculptor of tiny art. In his free time, Alcamli creates tiny, intricate carvings out of graphite on the tip of pencils. These carvings are a sight to behold.

Just wait until you see #13. I can’t believe his hands were steady enough for it.

1.) Tiny, dancing man.

2.) Rock and Roll!

3.) A diner table and chairs.

4.) The friendly owl man.

5.) Peace, Love, and Tiny Art.

6.) The patience it must take to get those numbers…just wow.

7.) Quite the fashionable footwear.

8.) Sweet bicycle.

9.) He’s deadly serious about his art.

10.) We heart you, too.

11.) Not sure if this is supposed to be an apple or a pumpkin.

12.) Recep spelling his name.

13.) I am blown away by this one. You have to have steady hands for this work.

14.) How the…!? This is amazing.

15.) The key to your heart.

16.) You have to be careful not to sneeze when you’re doing this.

17.) That acoustic guitar looks better than the one I have at home.

18.) A screwdriver.

19.) A sword for ants.

20.) Who is that supposed to be?

21.) A nice little railway tunnel.

22.) Abstract.

23.) I wonder how long it takes him to create each of these sculptures…

24.) A tiny majestic eagle.

Via: Bored Panda

This makes me wish I were talented in the visual arts. It’s also doubly amazing because Alcamli is doing this while studying full time to be a chemical engineer. For more tiny, amazing carvings, make sure to follow Alcamli on Facebook.

By Adding Color To Famous Photographs, This Artist Forces Us To Confront The Past

There are certain images that become inseparable from the human psyche over time — photographs that capture human history in a series of familiar snapshots.

Whether you’ve dedicated your life to historical study or you’re a casual consumer of the past, you probably associate tattered, striped uniforms with one of the most devastating tragedies in human history, and the file in your mind marked “Civil Disobedience” is probably labeled with horrific pictures of a monk on fire. But in those images, stripes aren’t white and blue. Fire burns in monochromatic plumes.

And for that reason, we’re able to draw a bold line between past and present — us and them. While black and white images are powerful, they’re also remote. They signify some elusive “other.” In an effort to not only blur that line, but to erase it completely, artist Marina Amaral colorizes history’s most ubiquitous imagery.

“Looking at photographs in black and white creates obstacles,” Amaral explained to ViralNova. “This is especially true when we want to establish emotional connections with the past.”

“When a photo is in color,” she writes, “it is no longer distant. It represents something that could’ve happened yesterday.”

Before she begins the colorization process, the artist spends countless hours pinning down the story behind each image. “I use color to help viewers see the past in the same way that people did when the photo was taken,” she said.

It’s this sense of proximity that Amaral aims to achieve in her work, and her success in that regard is undeniable.


Her efforts push important moments in history so close to us that we can reach out and touch them.

Amaral’s mission is clearest in her most unsettling images. Photographs that were once allowed to slip into some hidden, immutable space are fundamentally changed and impossible to ignore.

“I hope people can appreciate my work,” she writes. “I’m not trying to replace the original images. Instead, I want to offer a second perspective.”

When confronted with her work, we’re suddenly unable to comfortably throw the past in sharp relief against the present.


The fact of the matter is that these images make us run through the gamut of human emotion, with responses ranging from joy to discomfort to total despair.

While Amaral always hopes to give her audience a more authentic sense of the past, this endeavor is also deeply personal.

“My knowledge of human history grows with each colorization,” she writes. “The process helps me develop a more empathetic vision of the way things were. To me, there’s nothing better than that.”

To see more of Marina Amaral’s work, be sure to check out her website. For regular updates, follow her on Twitter.

Watching Pointillism In Action Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

David Bayo is a wonderfully creative French artist who specializes in transforming the seemingly mundane into something spectacular one tiny dot at a time.

Bayo works with pointillism, an artistic process in which small, distinct dots are applied in patterns to form an image that appears totally solid, as if drawn in a more traditional style. In this time-lapse video, you can see the painstaking process it takes to complete one of his stunning pieces. This particular drawing took over 90 hours and an incredible one million ink dots to finish.

Wow, that was mesmerizing to watch. I just hope he gave his drawing hand a week-long vacation after that.

This Is What Would Happen If Disney Characters Dressed Up On Halloween.

It’s fun to think of your favorite characters as though they were everyday people. You can even imagine what they’d do if Halloween was right around the corner.

That’s exactly what artist Isaiah Stephens was thinking about when he created his Halloween series. It features some beloved Disney characters donning other iconic outfits for what we can only imagine is a pretty amazing, if fictional, Halloween ball. 

Rapunzel as Sailor Moon

I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like Rapunzel’s been pregaming.

Flynn Ryder and Maximus (from Tangled) as Marty McFly and Doc Brown

Animals in the Disney-verse are way more enthusiastic about Halloween costumes than they are in ours.

Jane (from Tarzan) as Lara Croft

Exploring jungles and getting into sticky situations are second nature to both characters, so Jane will have an easy time getting into character.

Wendy Darling as Princess Leia

This is the perfect costume for someone who likes nightgowns as much as Wendy.

Peter Pan as Link (from Zelda)

Oh come on, Peter, you’re not even trying.

Tinkerbell as The Bride/Black Mamba/Beatrix Kiddo (from Kill Bill)

Peter wanted her to go as Navi to complete his (lazy) Link costume, but Tink had a better idea.

Esmeralda (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Michonne (from The Walking Dead)

There are a lot of Disney characters with weapons here and I am digging it.

Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) as Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter)

Both bookish and strong-willed, this was a natural choice for Belle.

Quasimodo (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Austin Powers.

If only he’d been around during the 1960s, he could have really pulled off the International Man of Mystery thing.

The Beast as The Hulk

We hope he applied that green hairspray (approximately 30 bottles of the stuff) in a well-ventilated area.

Mulan as Xena, Warrior Princess

Tired of being mistaken for a dude, Mulan decided that she would do something a little more feminine this year.

Li Shang (from Mulan) as Mako (from Legend of Korra)

The pyrotechnic shoes make this costume really stand out.

Snow White as Wonder Woman

When she realized they had the same color scheme, Snow simply altered one of her old dresses to make this costume.

Alice (of Wonderland fame) as Buffy Summers (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

She already dealt with a slew of childhood nightmares in Wonderland, so what’s a few vampires?

Milo (from Atlantis: The Lost Empire) as The Doctor

His appreciation for extradimensional travel and magical doodads made this the obvious choice for Milo.

Kida (from Atlantis: The Lost Empire) as Storm (from X-Men)

Kida used what she knew for this costume: white hair, magical blue light, and showing some skin.

Prince Naveen (from The Princess and the Frog) as Captain Jack Sparrow

It’s a good costume to cover your tipsiness, as well as an excuse for dudes to wear lots of eyeliner.

Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog as Korra (from The Legend of Korra

After being on the receiving end of some sorcery, Tiana wanted to try being the one with the magical powers.

Aladdin and Abu as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu (from Pokemon)

It makes sense, especially since both enjoy the company of small, shrieking animals.

Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Chun-Li (from Street Fighter)

After the daily grind of princess duties, Jasmine is happy to cut loose and do a lot of high kicks.

Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty) as Daenerys Targaryen

Aurora got Maleficent to partake in this costume by promising that this time, she was in fact invited to the party.

Prince Philip (from Sleeping Beauty) as Indiana Jones

Cinderella as Annabeth Chase (from Percy Jackson: Heroes of Olympus)

Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) as Raven (from Teen Titans)

It’s a little spooky and still shows some (detachable) leg. Perfect for Sally!

Giselle (from Enchanted) as Daphne Blake (from Scooby Doo)

Sometimes costumes are based simply on what kind of hair you have.

Megara (from Hercules) as Catwoman

Megara has just the right amount of sass to pull this off.

Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as Black Widow (from The Avengers)

Ariel and Megara planned ahead of time and rappelled into the party in unison.

Merida (from Brave) as Rogue (from X-Men)

Merida lent her bow to Pocahontas for their costumes. Plus, she has better hair for Rogue.

Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen (from The Hunger Games)

We hope Pocahontas watches where she points that thing at this hypothetical party.

Charlotte LaBouffe (from The Princess and the Frog) as the Pink Ranger

Charlotte is really, really into pink, so this was the natural choice.

This series is hardly all Stephens has created, and you can check out the rest of his inventive takes on popular characters on his deviantART page