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He Put A Bed Frame In His Yard To Add A Country Vibe To His City Apartment

When you live in a concrete jungle, it’s easy to start missing the great outdoors. You miss the trees, you miss the open spaces, and you even begin to miss the yard that you had to mow a billion times a year.

But if you’re growing tired of your concrete space, have no fear. With a little creativity and some simple materials, you can add some country flair to your city dwelling.

Doesn’t that look awesome and comfortable? Having your own private backyard that you can nap in is every city dweller’s dream!

This Apartment Is Really Nice… But When You See What It Has, OMG. I Am Incredibly Jealous.

Most modern apartment design focuses on minimalism, fancy art, luxurious amenities and costing more than any living space ever should. Although the price is still probably outrageous, architect David Hotson found a way to mix in some whimsy into modern design. This is Skyhouse.

What makes Skyhouse unique isn’t its location or Feng Shui (although both are impressive). It’s the slide inside that pulls it all together.

Skyhouse was created in a NYC apartment space.

It is in a previously unoccupied penthouse.

The interior design is gorgeous.

It’s minimalistic…

But also filled with eye-popping color and art.

It’s an impressive house.

But mainly because of the slide.

Instead of taking stairs to get around this massive apartment, you take the slide.

The tunnel starts at the roof…

And it runs all the way to the ground floor.

This fun pad is located in the middle of NYC, in one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers.

Skyhouse’s design mixes fun in with modern ideas. There’s a rock wall, a swing…

The slide isn’t the only awesome part of this apartment.

Living in here would be a child’s dream.

It’s at the summit of the skyscraper.

Making this a rooftop playground.

Every day would be fun if you lived here.

(H/T Where Cool Things Happen)

The price of living in a space like this is probably obscene, so just let Skyhouse be an inspiration to you in your future building and design endeavors. “Fancy” shouldn’t mean “devoid of fun.” Even nice apartments can have a few pieces of playground equipment stuck inside… and they are still incredible. This apartment is to die for, share it with your friends!

Wait Til You See What Happens When The Sunlight Hits This Place… WHOA!

In the middle of Shiraz, Iran, there is one of the most beautiful things any human will ever see. The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, stands apart from so many other architectural wonders I have ever seen. Every day, when the sunlight hits the mosque, the entire building is flooded with a rainbow of color. Almost every color imaginable dances across the floor. The walls and ceilings, intricately painted, glow bright with their colors. It’ll take your breath away.

The exterior of the mosque is already beautiful. You can tell from a distance that every surface is covered in color. But when you’re inside and the sunlight hits, it’s magical.

The mosque’s construction began in 1876 and was completed in 1888.

Since then, each morning is a beautiful display of color.

It would be hard to speak if you saw this beauty in person.

Not only do the stained glass windows give off an incredible display, but the thousands of painted tiles in the mosque are filled with color.

Only a few other mosques in the world feature stained glass windows.

Beauty lives inside of this building.

And as you get closer, it just gets more impressive.

Via Bored Panda Even if you’re not a student of architecture and design, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of this building. Churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship are often quite beautiful, as people tend to put their heart and soul into the design. Should you ever be traveling in Iran, visit the Pink Mosque. But if not, share these gorgeous photos with others. More people need to know about this simply stunning building.

No, This Is Not A Plane Crash In The Forest. Take A Step Inside This Thing – AWESOME.

From these pictures you might think an airliner miraculously landed in the woods, but that is actually one man’s dream home. You see, Oregonian Bruce Campbell doesn’t just love planes, he lives in one. After buying a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 a few years ago, Bruce had it moved to his plot of land in the middle of the Oregon woods, parking it in what might be termed his garden. After the rather large mobile home was in place he got to work on turning the aircraft into a home for him to live in.

Campbell left most of the outside of the plane as was.

The entrance to the airplane home is at the back.

Instead of transforming the 1,066 sq ft interior of the plane to resemble a modern home, Campbell chose to leave a lot of the original equipment intact.

He uses the cockpit as a reading room and he even installed a computer monitor right in the middle of the instrument panel.

But there is no home without a bathroom, so he got one of the original plane bathrooms up and running.

He’s managed to turn the plane into quite a cozy space, but his most intriguing renovation has to be the transparent floor.

The original floor was torn out and replaced with translucent panels, allowing visitors to see the super structure’s ribs and controlling cables running from the cockpit to the wings and tail.

There is plenty of storage in the cargo hold and the wings serve as a great deck.

It must be awesome to meet new people and invite them back to his place…umm, his plane.

While most of us would use these stairs to get off a plane as quickly as possible, he sees it as a welcome home sign.

It’s wonderful when people have such a passion for something in their lives.

If anything, that is a very unique home, even if the interior is a bit plane.

Take A Guess What’s Inside This Rock Structure. You’ll Probably Be Wrong… It’s That Awesome.

The architects at Ensamble Studio are the bright minds behind this unique vacation home in Spain. … but not the only minds. They created this tiny home to be rustic, but modern, from the ground up. It was important to choose the right location, building materials and hay for this project. That’s right. Hay. The hay was for Paulina the cow, an incredibly important collaborator for this architectural achievement.

Hay bales were stacked together and then covered in concrete.

The mass was buried in soil and allowed to harden.

Once cured, the shape was exhumed and sliced open.

That’s when Paulina the cow’s natural talents really shone.

Paulina was then allowed to eat away at all of the hay on the inside of the structure.

It took her about a year to clear out the hay.

The resulting space was incredibly unique and cozy.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Who knew that bovines could have such a good eye for architecture?

Source: Ensamble Studio via Ignant.de To learn more about Paulina’s incredible creation (with the help of Ensamble Studio), watch the video below.

Not many people put the idea of “cows” and “architecture” together very often. When those thoughts do come together, though, it can have an amazing result. Share this awesome vacation home, thanks to a creative cow and architectural firm, with others.

If You Visit These 14 Unique Hotels, You’d Never Leave Your Room. They’re That Cool.

Face it, your family is probably tired of going to the same old Holiday Express every year for vacation. The view of that concrete parking lot and lukewarm continental breakfast just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to look forward to your getaway, and these unique hotels are the perfect answer.

These exotic destinations will make your kids forget all about their smart phone and really get the family bonding going. The hotels in this list may seem extreme or expensive, but once you stay at one of these places? You’d never want to leave.

(via Mashable.)

You could spend the whole vacation in your room at any of these places and still have the most exciting time. Click on the Share button below to show these awesome hotels and rooms with others. (Maybe your significant other will get the hint if you share it enough times…)

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Yes, This Tiny Home Is Very Cool. But There’s Something That Makes It Completely Brilliant.

The designers at I-Beam Design created the Pallet House Project because they were inspired by one simple, but unbelievable, fact: 84% of the world’s refugees could be housed with a year’s supply of recycled American pallets. Just based off of a year and a half year of pallet production in the US alone, 33 million refugees could live in a Pallet House. That’s a lot of housing for a LOT of people in need. What makes their design so brilliant is that virtually anyone can build it very cheaply and in less than one day.

The Pallet House, by I-Beam Design, was conceived as a transitional shelter for refugees returning to Kosovo.

The pallet house is simply and provides great flexibility in terms of configuration. Each family could build a house based on their needs and size.

Since the house is made from spare wooden pallets, it is easy to acquire the materials to build the shelter.

Not only that, but the house is very simple. Only basic tools are required to build it.

You could add on to the house with found materials, such as plastic sheeting or tarps.

The pallet houses can even be upgraded to include insulation, heating and cooling.

I-Beam Design provides “IKEA-style assembly instructions” so that anyone can assemble these houses. You don’t need a background in carpentry.

For only $75, you can buy a pallet house information kit that includes: pdf plans, sections, elevations, photos, diagrams, renderings and a materials & tools list.

Even though the pallet house was originally designed for refugees, you could use those plans to build yourself a beautiful little camper cabin or shelter.

It’s amazing what can be done with materials America “wastes.”

So for less than $100, you can learn how to build a shelter (basically, a house) that is without plumbing but will protect you from the elements. Building a small cabin (or even a treehouse for your children) was never so easy. If you’d like to buy the plans yourself, please visit I-Beam Design’s website. Source: I-Beam Design

This Looks Like A Charming Little Cabin. And It Is… But It’s So Much More Than That. Trust Me.

If you think that what you see below is just an adorable log cabin, you’d be dead wrong. Sure, it looks like a quaint cabin (in almost every way) but thanks to some sneaky architecture that’s just a disguise. Kelly Davis, the architect who created this faux-cabin at Canoe Bay Escape, is a visual trickster (and quite possibly a magician).

It may look like a cabin, but this is actually an RV (no joke).

This “cabin” is only 400 square feet, which doesn’t sound like much.

But it’s actually bigger than some 1 bedroom apartments.

The ESCAPE cabin was originally conceived as a high quality cabin, NOT an RV.

Now, ESCAPE is part of the tiny house movement. This movement, which is growing in popularity, has focuses on living with a smaller financial, environmental and physical footprint.

It doesn’t look like most other RVs, but it fits the standard of the Park Model RV, which can be up to 400 square feet.

Not only is the cabin made of extremely high quality materials (featuring cedar lap siding, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and much more), but you never know how small it is thanks to the brilliant design.

Compromises must be made when creating a tiny home. There’s no room for a full kitchen or bathroom, but one look at ESCAPE and I would completely forget about that.

The cabin/RV is settled at Canoe Bay Escape, surrounded by gorgeous views on all sides.

More and more people will follow in the footsteps of these incredible tiny homes, both saving their own money and the environment.

Although, ESCAPE in particular would actually run a person around $79,000, which is quite pricey for an RV.

But if you could live in this beautiful and small home, it would be worth it.

And the brilliant design isn’t just for show (or to meet the tiny home standards). It’s also efficient: “The unit at Canoe Bay is heated by a sealed combustion, high efficiency fireplace….there is no furnace. No one has opted for a furnace. The fireplace is rated at over 90% efficient and even through this brutal winter – our temps have consistently been -20 to -35 below zero – the fireplace has easily heated ESCAPE and saved us plenty of money. Remarkably better than even we expected.” No heating bills, less to clean and an amazing looking cabin? I’m sold and ready to build my own tiny home. As Alek Lisefski of Tiny Project said, “While living in a such a small house, my space, and in turn each area of my life, will be simpler, less chaotic, and free from all but what is essential.” I think he has a point. Sources: Tree Hugger To share this small, but awesome, RV with others click the button below.

This Is What Happens When A Rich Guy Buys A Water Tower From 1938. It’s Ridiculously Awesome.

So there was a water tower in a small Belgian village that no one paid much attention to. That is, until a businessman decided to convert it into the dream home I had no idea I wanted. The entire exterior was restored to its original state and the inside, well… the photos speak for themselves.

This place is incredible. Not only visually but the high tech features and, most of all, that awesome view.

This 100ft (30 meters) water tower located in the small Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel was originally built between 1938 and 1941.

It stood empty for most of the last decades, until local businessman Patrick Mets hired Brussels based architecture firm Bham Design Studio in 2007 to convert the former water tower into an amazing family home. Just look at this room.

It’s incredible.

Seriously, incredible.

Even the cat’s lair was given special attention.

No dogs allowed apparently.

The gorgeous spiral staircase goes upstairs.

Aside from the large glass window panes and being built in an old water tower, what makes this home so unique is its high-tech features.

There are movable projectors and an advanced domotics system that lets you control every aspect of the home.

From the color of the lights…

…to the temperature in each part of the home.

Kitty approves of his water tower home.

The real prize of this place is where these stairs lead.

Way up high.

Once you’re on the top floor, you get closer to the epic terrace.

That beautiful view makes this place one in a billion. You get a 360 degree panoramic view of everything.

I want to live here. Right now.

Photos by: Andreas Meichsner, Jasmine Van Hevel, Mauro Brigham and Olivier Papegnies

I would never guess such a masterpiece would be in something like a water tower…but I’m in love. I want to live in a tower tower, even if that means one with water still in it. I’ll manage.

Bham Design Studio: the firm that completed the transformation

Share this awesome home with others. Let’s all live in water towers.

If You Think This Is Your Average Beach Resort, Look Closer. Because This Is Pretty Insane.

Looks can be deceiving, even for something as big and as seemingly obvious as a beach. What you see below is NOT a well manicured tourist beach in Japan. It’s something much different. If you like going to the beach, but don’t fancy going into the water (because that’s where the sharks live), then there is a resort in Japan that is just for you. This is the SeaGaia Ocean Dome, the world’s largest indoor water park. Basically, it is an enormous man-made beach.

The Ocean Dome holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest indoor water park.

It’s 300 meters long and 100 meters wide.

The perfectly regulated water is approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round.

Unlike the real ocean, the Dome features some specialty pools, a wave pool for surfers, kiddie pools, water slides and perfect weather.

There are also numerous hotels, restaurants, shops and other activities inside the SeaGaia area. You wouldn’t have to go far to be entertained (even if the real coastline is close by).

When swimming in the Ocean Dome, you wouldn’t have to worry about jellyfish, sharks, stepping on coral or any of the hazards you would at the coast.

Plus, if you have sensitive skin it would be easy to stay out of the sun, as the entire dome is covered in a retractable roof.

There are some parts of going to the beach that are hard for people to appreciate (myself included). Don’t feel bad that there is real coastline less than a mile away from the SeaGaia resort. When people go to SeaGaia, it’s not for the fresh air. They go so that their senses can be completely fooled and they can enjoy all of the amenities of a record-breaking water park. Via Excitris Share this awesome park and dream of warm weather.