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A Baby Orangutan Was Emotionally Abused For Years This Will Break Your Heart

People have a strange habit of wanting to adopt wild animals as pets. The more exotic the animal, the bigger the status symbol it is. Sadly, though, they have little regard for the creature’s needs or the manner in which they are meant to grow up.

This orangutan was taken from her mother so she could be a pet. Little did the owner know, this would put a severe amount of stress on the baby ape. They have some of the highest rates of dependency on their mothers of any animals in the kingdom. This is because they need to learn so much in order to survive in the jungle, so when they are taken from their moms, they suffer extreme emotional trauma, and things like this happen…

Thankfully, Joss was rescued and is being rehabilitated by the International Animal Rescue. Hopefully after a lot of love and work, she’ll become a well-adjusted baby. If you’d like to, you can donate today to ensure that things like this don’t happen again.

When You See This Abandoned, Neglected Pit Bull, Your Heart Will Shatter

Thousands of loving pit bulls end up in shelters around the country each year.

People are quick to abandon these dogs, and because of breed stereotypes, they often ignore them when they see them on the street. Worse still is that potential adopters walk right past pit bulls in shelters for the same reason.

Dennis was one pit bull that sadly became a statistic. When the good people at Hope For Paws found him, he was sick, neglected, and in desperate need of some love. Although the situation looked dire, these volunteers pulled off an incredible rescue. Watch until the end to learn a painful, powerful lesson about animal cruelty.

Unfortunately, Dennis was too weak to pull through, but I know for a fact that these volunteers would do it all again if they could.

Thousands of animals need our help, which makes the work of rescuers so important. Head over to the organization’s website to find out how you can lend a helping hand.

Loud Duck Gets The Attention Of A Man Who Helps Rescue Her Babies

When her babies got in trouble, this mama duck knew exactly what to do. She quacked for help!

She might not be able to show it, but this mother duck must feel so grateful for the helpful humans that came to help rescue her babies. Nine kids are a lot to handle, and when they’re all so curious and running around all over the place, things happen.

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While taking a stroll one day, her little ducklings fell down a storm drain. That’s when the alarmed mama began quacking and squawking like crazy. Luckily, there was a kind man nearby who came over to investigate. Once he realized what had happened, he called the Phoenix Fire Department for help.

Awesome work by all those involved!

I was really hoping to see her reunited with her babies at the end, but at least we know they all ran to her and are now safe and sound.

Police Officers Rescue The Unlikeliest Creature From A Dumpster. And Then Adopt Her!

There are plenty of stories about fire fighters and police officers being called to rescue cats stuck in trees, but when officials in Fairfield Township, Ohio, got a call about a potbelly pig that was stuck in a dumpster, they were stunned.

The pig had gotten into the dumpster after two teens got tired of carrying it down a road and decided to take a break. Not wanting their pig to run away, the teens decided to put the animal into a nearby dumpster. They later found out that this probably wasn’t such a great idea. They simply couldn’t get the pig back out and had to call 911. After police and an animal rescue group got it out, the teens admitted that caring for it was too much, and they ultimately gave it up for adoption. Fortunately, a kind police officer gave the pig a loving home.

You should always be very careful about taking in an animal that you might not be able to care for. Sure, potbelly pigs are cute, smart, kind creatures — but they also grow up to be a lot larger than most people realize.