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This Baby Giraffe And Infant Elephant Are The Cutest Best Friends You’ll Ever See

One of my favorite things in the world is when two animals who normally wouldn’t be friends become the best of buds. We’ve seen plenty of cases of dogs and cats doing just that, but it’s not often that you see giraffes and elephants becoming inseparable.

At David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust‘s orphanage in Kenya, a three-week-old elephant called Loboito has become completely attached to a baby giraffe named Kiko, so much so that he follows his much taller friend everywhere.

The magical friendship started after Kiko (a mere one-week-old at the time) was found abandoned in Meru National Park. After being brought to the orphanage, he was made to sleep with the baby elephants as he was much too small to sleep in the giraffe stable.

While their friendship may not last when the pair grows older and they start hanging around their own kin, it’s nice to know that these two orphans have someone to lean on for now. Although, poor Kiko might fall over if Loboito leans on him too much!

Mother Nature Will Blow Your Mind Once You See What’s Inside This Jellyfish

You wouldn’t think that the underside of a jellyfish would be a safe place to hang out, but when predators start circling these baby fish, they know that there’s one place where the big guys won’t think to look.

Watch as Earth Touch captures one of the most bizarre forms of symbiosis.

The fish hiding inside the jellyfish are scads and the predatory fish are groupers. When the little scads were near the jellyfish, they noticed that the groupers stayed away from them. Clever, right?

Helpful Bird Feeds Two Hungry Great Danes Some Tasty Milk-Bones. What A Friend!

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But did you know that birds are dog’s best friend?

Don’t believe me? Well then prepare to be amazed as you watch Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feed his two best buddies some Milk-Bones, by fishing them right out of the box and throwing them onto the floor, where the two grateful Great Danes eagerly wait for their treats.

I suspect it’s payment for protection from the family cat.

(Source: rrry1950)

These three partners in crime are just too adorable. I wonder if I can teach a bird to feed me cookies the same way?

Didn’t Think Cats And Dog Could Be BFFs? You’ve Been Lied To For Far Too Long!

Cat and dog people, we’ve been lied to for so, so long.

For years, everyone’s told us that it’s one or the other…that felines and canines simply don’t get along. But if there’s one thing we know after watching this adorable video, it’s just how wrong those people are. Rolling around together, sleeping, and cuddling, our furry friends actually never seem to want to be apart. They’re basically the epitome of friendship.

As it turns out, we all can just get along!

I Definitely Never Thought I’d See These Animals Hanging Out Together.

If cats and dogs can be buddies, no animal friendships should surprise us. Yet this one blew me away. Deer and chickens? It doesn’t seem wrong, but it certainly doesn’t seem like something that would ever happen.

In the Scottish Highlands, anything is possible… when it comes to deer and chickens palling around, at least. What’s crazy about the pairing is, once you see a deer and a chicken together, it seems like something that should happen everywhere. If you live in a place with both deer and chickens, you have to put them in touch the way Martin Davies, because it’s really a treat. Take a look!

A deer and a chicken? What?

Martin Davies

The gang’s all here.

Martin Davies

Wow. They really are close friends.

Martin Davies

That doesn’t mean the deer should let the chicken walk all over them like that.

Martin Davies

Well, I guess it is pretty adorable.

Martin Davies

(via The Dodo)

What a crew! I hope their bond is from a legitimate fondness for each other, and not a mutual fear of being eaten by surrounding humans.