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You Won’t Believe How Your Workspace Has Changed Over The Years… Wow.

Our workspaces have changed dramatically over the years. In 1984, your average office desk had a basic computer, a Rolodex, a fax machine, and a schedule. Technology eventually made these things obsolete, and replaced them with efficient software.

The fine folks at the Harvard Innovation Lab visualized the technological transformation of the modern American office in the new video below. You can also see images juxtaposing desks from different eras. Isn’t technology amazing?

The office worker’s desk as it looked in 1984. So cluttered.

Here is the average desk in 2005. Much less cluttered than 1984, but still not quite there yet.

Ahh… modern 2014 desks. No clutter, just a laptop and a smart phone. The only thing missing a giant cup of organic, fair trade coffee.

A side-by-side comparison.

Check out the full video of the office transformation below.

Via: Design Boom

As a member of the Millennial officer worker generation, I can’t imagine working like people did in 1984. How did anyone get anything done with that clutter?