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19 Bars In America You Should Drink At Before You Die

♫ From sea to shining sea. ♫

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the coolest bar they’ve ever been to. Here are their responses:

1. The Tunnel Bar — Northampton, Massachusetts

The Tunnel Bar is built underground in an old pedestrian tunnel. The arched stone walls, sleek bar, and big, comfy chairs make it the ideal place for a classy evening out. I’d kill to go back there.”

—submitted by Bergin Smith, Facebook

2. The Carousel Bar & Lounge — New Orleans

The Carousel Bar & Lounge in Hotel Monteleone is a French Quarter staple, having been in business for 65 years. Inside, visitors can enjoy a cocktail while going for a spin on the gorgeous merry-go-round.

—submitted by Trina Bazzell, Facebook

3. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s — Los Angeles


“When you drive up to the house, it looks like there’s a garage sale going on. You tell the attendant sitting in the lawn chair that you’re there to party. You then walk into the garage and enter the bar through a refrigerator. You’re suddenly in the living room, where it’s basically the 1970s!”

—submitted by carvajaldiez

4. The View Lounge — San Francisco

Flickr: Marriott International / Via Flickr: marriott

The View Lounge, perched atop the Marriott Marquis hotel, offers enchanting views of the San Francisco Bay area, a whole 39 floors above the hubbub of the streets below. The lounge just reopened in January 2015 after extensive renovations.

—submitted by Sarah J. Morris, Facebook

5. Please Don’t Tell — New York City

Flickr: John / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: johnjoh


“To enter this East Village speakeasy, you actually go through a secret door inside a phone booth after giving them a ring. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, awesome eats, and amazing drinks (the bacon-infused bourbon Old-Fashioned is a favorite). It’s reservations only.”

—submitted by True Burns, Facebook

6. Minus5 Ice Bar — Las Vegas

“Everything inside is made of ice, and before you go inside they give you huge coats to wear. It’s a pretty cool place.” There are two locations in Las Vegas, at Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo, plus one location each in New York, Orlando, and Grand Cayman.

—submitted by Haleigh Rice, Facebook

7. The Signature Lounge — Chicago

Flickr: Andrew Seaman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: inthe-arena

“On the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center, the Signature Lounge overlooks the heart of the Loop, providing amazing views of the city during the day or night. Drinks are a little pricey, but well worth it.”

—submitted by Kyle Johnson, Facebook

8. No Vacancy — Hollywood


No Vacancy features a speakeasy theme, burlesque dancers, and a live band!”

—submitted by Mary Kay O’Connor, Facebook

9. Percy’s & Co. — Seattle

Percy’s in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle has an old-timey feel, with wood and brick throughout. They serve up the most amazing drinks, made with herbs and produce they grow themselves.”

—submitted by melaniec4322cface

10. Clockwork — Raleigh, North Carolina

“The decor and the patterns on the walls at Clockwork are absolutely stunning, and the huge gold statues and retro furniture are icing on the cake. Plus, they make phenomenal cocktails with ’70s-inspired names like The Pussy Galore and Who Loves You Baby.”

—submitted by monicac4216b8e75

11. The Laundry Room — Las Vegas

The Laundry Room is a hole-in-the-wall speakeasy tucked inside Commonwealth Bar. You need a secret code to get in — it’s texted to you with your reservation. They make amazing custom drinks and give you something unique if you don’t see anything you like from the menu.”

—submitted by maryfs2

12. The Way Station — Brooklyn, New York


“At this Doctor Who-themed bar, the bathroom is in a TARDIS, there’s a ton of Doctor Who decor, and there are even Whovian-themed drinks!”

—submitted by desireep4f89dab91

13. Punch Bowl Social — Denver

So you want to play arcade games, but you also want to go bowling, and you also want to have a drink? You can do all three at Punch Bowl Social, which also has locations in Austin, Portland, and Detroit.

—submitted by abbeyvandez

14. Seacrets — Ocean City, Maryland

Flickr: Jim Allen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jhallen59

Seacrets is very low-key, but it’s a super cool place. You sit in tubes and tables that are actually in the water, and drinks are brought out to you.”

—submitted by Lauren Danielle Morales, Facebook

15. Noble Experiment — San Diego

Flickr: Venus Kitastojgawasic / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: djvenus

The wall of this East Village speakeasy may be lined with golden skulls, but Noble Experiment is anything but dead when night falls. It’s a must-see in San Diego, but make sure you make a reservation: The bar seats only 35 people at a time.

—submitted by mckennak4541b8779

16. The Unicorn Bar — Seattle

Flickr: Andy Pixel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: smull

The Unicorn Bar, an aptly named carnival-themed bar in Seattle, features an arcade, a claw machine, and a photo booth. One thing’s for sure: You’ll definitely never be bored here.

—submitted by alicek4d4b3c09b

17. Manifesto — Kansas City, Missouri

Manifesto is a speakeasy in the basement of the Reiger Hotel. Their cocktails are perfectly balanced and crafted, and they’re incredibly delicious. They’ve got an extensive menu with seasonal selections and Kansas City-inspired cocktails. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time.”

—submitted by Lynn Driscoll, Facebook

18. The Safe House — Milwaukee

Flickr: Ashleigh Bennett / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ashleighb77

We’re about to tell you a secret, so listen up: If you’re in Milwaukee, make sure you check out this spy-themed bar, which operates under the guise of International Exports Ltd. And if you’re hungry, check out its “Cloak & Dagger Spycialties.”

—submitted by Jennifer Klumpp, Facebook

19. Founding Fathers Pub — Buffalo

Flickr: Mark Hogan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: markhogan

“The entire bar is decorated with flags and pictures of presidents. Don’t be surprised if the bartender asks you some trivia questions when you walk into the bar.”

—submitted by rachels43751e1cd

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MST3K wisacre Mike Nelson reveals secret to conquering America


Mike Nelson from Rifftrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 has stumbled upon what could be America’s greatest weakness.











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What Happened When She Saw This UFO Might Be A Coincidence, But What If It’s Not?

UFOs are known for doing a few things when they’re spotted by humans. They sometimes cause blackouts and make cars start all by themselves, but they don’t usually break cameras.

But this might be a new tactic if the latest news out of Brazil is true. A woman there claims that the camera on her smartphone mysteriously broke after she accidentally snapped a startling picture of a UFO.

The woman said that she was watching a soccer game in the city of Marmelo when she got bored and started taking pictures of the scenery around her. That’s when she caught this UFO cruising through the sky.

According to the woman, she didn’t actually see the UFO at first. But after snapping the picture, her smartphone suddenly turned off and there was a bright spot on the screen where the UFO had been.

Those who have seen the photo believe that it might be the same UFO that was spotted in La Paz, Bolivia, on December 6, 2015.

You can see the UFO from that Bolivian sighting in the video below.

(via Mysterious Universe)

If UFOs are now going around and breaking people’s cameras, I think we might have a bigger problem on our hands than we originally thought.

The Reviews Of This Anti-Vaccine Children’s Book Are Next Level Savage

“The best book I’ve read since Infant Car Seats Are For Sissies.”

Melanie’s Marvelous Measles was written to convince children and their parents that it’s ok to not get vaccinated.


Here’s the author describing it in her own words:

Melanie’s Marvelous Measles was written to educate children on the benefits of having measles and how you can heal from the naturally and successfully. Often today, we are being bombarded with messages from vested interests to fear all disases in order for someone to sell some potion or vaccines, when, in fact, history shows that in industrialised countries, these diseases are quite benign, and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to the body.

Having raised three children vaccine-free and childhood disease-free, I have experienced many times when my children’s vaccinated peers succumb to the childhood diseases they were vaccinated against. Surprisingly, there were times when my unvaccinated children were blamed for their peers’ sickess. Something which is just not possible when they didn’t have the diseases at all.

People have been flocking to Amazon to review the book ever since it was published in 2012, here are some of the best.

This reviewer was disappointed that there was no Braille version.


This reviewer was grateful the author provided them with an easy way to explain to their kids why they should get incredibly dangerous diseases.


This carpenter was grateful for the extra work the book gave her.


This reviewer suggested more books by the same author.


This reviewer explained how this book made him grateful for his own childhood experience of measles.


This reviewer thought that it teaches children an important lesson on mortality.


While this reviewer was grateful for the author preaching the philosophical virtue of death.


One reviewer was happy someone had finally articulated the safest way to commit Filicide.


Meanwhile this reviewer was happy the book had taught him the real person responsible for all his diseases: doctors.


Mark Wahlberg praises Palm Sunday, the Lord, and America at #MTVMovieAwards


Well, this might have been a first.


Wahlberg received MTV’s “Generation Award.”


Many viewers cheered his happy praise and spiritual shout-outs.


Yes, there were quite a few curses punctuating his speech.


But Wahlberg also congratulated boxer Manny Pacquiao on his win this weekend and praised America, the land of limitless possibilities.

Amen, brother!


Wreaths Across America honors country’s veterans [photos]


Saturday, Dec. 14th is National Wreaths Across America Day, and volunteers across the country placed thousands of wreaths on graves at Arlington National Cemetery and more than 850 other sites across the country to honor America’s veterans.


More information about the event can be found at wreathsacrossamerica.org.

This Hotel In New Hampshire Has A Seriously Creepy Backstory

New England, being the oldest part of modern America, is chock-full of haunted places. Since Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 interpretation of “The Shining,” haunted hotels have given Americans the collective creeps.

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One of the scariest of these old, haunted resorts is the Mount Washington Hotel, which is located in scenic Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, near the base of Mount Washington.

The Mount Washington Hotel first opened its doors back in 1902. Self-made millionaire Joseph Stickney financed the entire $1.7 million project himself.

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However, a little over a year after the hotel opened, Stickney died suddenly. For the next 10 years, his wife, Princess Carolyn, managed the hotel and spent her summers there. After her death in 1936, strange activity began happening.

In the years since her death, Carolyn’s ghost has been spotted pretty much everywhere on the property. Staffers even set an extra place for her in the dining hall every night.

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Princess Carolyn’s ghost was investigated at one point by the TAPS team for the Syfy show “Ghost Hunters.” During their investigation, they managed to get a few recordings of her voice speaking from beyond the grave.

And they aren’t the only ones who have experienced this phenomenon. Here is some freaky EVP footage from the Princess Room at the hotel.

Of course, Carolyn isn’t the only ghostly resident of the Mount Washington Hotel. Guests have reported encountering a dark figure in one of the building’s newly renovated wings. Some have even heard children giggling late at night.

(via Blogspot)

If you’re in the mood for a haunted vacation, the Mount Washington Hotel still takes reservations. Want to get an in-depth look at the property’s freakiest hangout spots? Strange Escapes, a paranormal-themed tour company, has an upcoming trip to the resort planned. Learn more here.

Bill de Blasio: Jose Antonio Vargas ‘exemplifies what America is about’


As Twitchy reported earlier,  proud “undocumented American” Jose Antonio Vargas was detained at McAllen Airport in Texas and taken to the Border Patrol station for processing this morning. Vargas tweeted that he had only two forms of identification: a Philippine passport and his pocketbook U.S. Constitution.

Supporters immediately began tweeting the #DontDeportJose hashtag, and as the day has worn on, even bigger names have become involved. Take, for example, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who tweeted that Vargas “exemplifies what America is about.”


Florida Rep. Alan Grayson and the SEIU weighed in also, speaking for the thousands of children brought to America illegally as minors.


Do all of these illegals detained at the border “exemplify what America is about?”


Battlefields Aren’t The Only Remnants Of The Civil War. There Are Ghosts, Too.

The American Civil War was the deadliest war in American history. Between the years of 1861 to 1865, it is estimated that 620,000 soldiers lost their lives. It’s no surprise that so much death and destruction from that time period has resulted in a lot of creepy ghost stories.

Here are some that will spook you out of camping pretty much anywhere on the east coast.

1.) Devil’s Den at the battlefield of Gettysburg is infamous for an apparition of a barefoot man. The ghost appears dressed in the garb of a Texan militia unit who fought in the battle. Witnesses who have seen him claim he tells them, “What you’re looking for is over there.” He then will point towards Plum Run and then vanish.

2.) A house on Potomac Street in Harper’s Ferry is haunted by a boy spy sent by Union troops. When the Confederates caught wind of the plan, they found the boy and chased him into a house where their generals were meeting. There, they killed him. The local ghost tour says that this house rarely has an owner who stays very long.

3.) One of the bloodiest battles of the war occurred at Chickamauga Battlefield. Now, it’s home to one of the creepiest and most renowned ghost stories from that era. A spirit named “Green Eyes” haunts the woods. Some say he is a former soldier looking his decapitated head, others say he is a creature half-man, half-beast with glowing green eyes and sharp fangs.

4.) Near the battlefield of Antietam (or Sharpsburg), there have been numerous reports of ghostly soldiers being seen. Not only that, but passers by have heard the sounds of drums and gunfire.

5.) The Nation Soldier’s Orphanage was built to house children who were left without someone to care for them after the war. Its caretaker, Mrs. Carmichael, was a figure that evokes the Miss Hannigan character from Annie… only much worse. She would beat the children, force them to do excessive and tiring work, and even allegedly had a 5×8′ dungeon where she would shackle the children. She was eventually charged for child abuse for a whopping $20.00. There are still reports of hearing screams of and seeing children within the premises.

6.) There have been numerous sightings of Abraham Lincoln’s ghost around the White House. Oddly enough, most of them have been from America’s first ladies.

If you know any Civil War buffs give this a share on Facebook! It’s hard to say whether or not the reports of ghosts are completely factual… but it’s hard not to be a little creeped out by the thought.

13 American Mass Shootings That The Media Never Told You About

You can say what you want about the efficacy of gun restrictions in the U.S., but there is one deadly reality that cannot be ignored: all of these mass shootings are devastating. The most disheartening thing of all is that little has been done to address this issue in America aside from politicians offering empty platitudes.

And every single month, there’s more bad news. It feels inescapable. Unfortunately, the media has been taking it easy on us. The fact of the matter is that 355 mass shootings have taken place on U.S. soil since January of 2015, and we’ve only heard about a small fraction of them.

Here’s a map of the cases that were heavily covered by the media in 2015.

These include the events in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, Charleston, and Roseburg.

An accurate representation of mass shootings in the United States since January, however, looks more like this. There have been upwards of 355 in total.

This map shows a clear disparity between what we’re being told by the mainstream media and what’s really going on. Let’s take a look at a few specific shootings that never made national or international headlines.

1. Savannah, Georgia

On December 2, 2015 — the same exact day as the San Bernardino shooting — one person was killed and several were injured in an overnight shooting in Savannah, Georgia. It was only reported on one local news network.

2. Amarillo, Texas

This shooting, which left several gravely wounded, happened near Hamlet Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas, back in April of this year.

3. Menasha, Wisconsin

Five were shot and four were killed during this random mass shooting on a footbridge in Menasha, Wisconsin, earlier this year. This particular case did receive some national news coverage, but not enough, given the shocking nature of the crime.

4. Brooklyn, New York

Disturbingly enough, six were shot and four were killed during a funeral in Brooklyn back in April. Major New York City-based publications ran the story, but few others published any information.

5. Gates, New York

Seven were shot, six were wounded, and one was killed in this shooting outside of a pub in Gates, New York. This also took place in April of 2015.

6. Shreveport, Louisiana

Eight were injured after a shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana, in July of this year. No one was killed, but civilians and officers were hurt in the process. One of those injured was a suspected shooter.

7. Tucson, Arizona

An entire family of five was killed in this murder-suicide back in May. Police are still unsure of what motivated the crime.

8. Deer Lodge, Montana

This shooting, which killed five people, occurred after a man’s wife started “mocking him.” He became enraged and killed his wife, their children, and himself.

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9. Seattle, Washington

This actually took place just last month. Five were injured after a senseless drive-by shooting in Seattle. Four were shot, and one was hurt by shrapnel.

10. Santa Ana, California

One was killed and four were injured in the crossfire of a deadly altercation in March of 2015.

11. Albuquerque, New Mexico

One person was killed and six were gravely injured after a skate park in Albuquerque erupted in gunfire. The person killed was a high school student.

12. Ocala, Florida

A 19-year-old girl was killed and five more young people were injured during this shooting, which took place at a night club near Palm Beach State College.

13. Douglasville, Georgia

Small children were among those killed when one man shot his ex-wife. Neighborhood kids reportedly liked the woman’s dog, and could often be found playing outside of her house. When they heard gunshots inside the home, they fled. The shooter reloaded after killing his ex so that he could kill the children as they ran away.

(via PBS)

No matter what your stance on gun control may be, it’s clear that the people of this country deserve justice for what’s happened. That was just a small sampling of an insane amount of mass murders, and it makes you wonder why there was so little news coverage. If they don’t consider these cases important, then what is?