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When You See Why He Put His Oven Rack In The Bathtub, You’ll Want To Do The Same

I always dread the afternoon I set aside to clean my oven. The built-in cycle releases toxic fumes into my home, and I imagine it can’t be healthy for anyone who’s still inside while it’s running. But without it, how else do you get rid of the burnt-on bits from hundreds of meals? Well, all you really need is a bathtub, a towel, some dishwashing soap, and baking soda!

No toxic fumes or need to scrub for hours? This is the best cleaning hack ever!

18 Hilarious Times Fathers Had Absolutely No Idea How To Dad

Fathers get a pretty bad rap for their infamously bad “dad jokes.”

While their humor makes us cringe from embarrassment, their judgement when they’re just trying do their job…y’know, be dads, might actually be more amusing.

Take these photos as hilarious evidence that sometimes, fathers just don’t know how to dad.

1. He didn’t know that overalls aren’t meant to be worn topless.

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2. These totally match…

3. No, tights aren’t pants, despite what this father and tween girls will try to tell you.

4. Isn’t the point of onesies that you don’t need other clothing on top?

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5. The hair gel and no-shirt combo is too much. I can’t.

6. He was too busy filming to actually catch him.

7. I’m pretty sure that’s not how it goes.

8. “Wearing things backwards is all the rage”…is what this dad probably said.

9. Let’s hope he’s not in charge of talking about the birds and the bees.

10. Ready for swim class? Check.

11. This dad got confused and put both legs into one pant leg.

12. Dad tried to make her swimsuit more fashion forward. Dad failed.

13. When mom’s away dad will…use a zip tie to do a ponytail.

14. That hat? Yeah, those are shorts.

15. A for effort on that sun block application job.

16. Rompers are annoying when you have to go to the bathroom…or when dad tries to put them on.

17. “So you’re telling me the tie goes in the front?”

18. No…just…just no.

One thing I’ve learned? Dads definitely shouldn’t be allowed to put clothing on their kids…unless, of course, you’re looking for a good laugh.

He Was Just Kayaking When He Saw Something Strange On The Beach So He Did This…

Naude Dreyer has probably seen a ton of wildlife up close while he’s owned and operated Pelican Point Kayaking in Namibia.

But we can’t imagine he’s ever had an experience quite like the one he had yesterday while returning from a tour.

Dreyer found a juvenile male Benguela (or Heaviside’s) dolphin helplessly beached on the shore. Hoping to help the little guy out, he quickly assessed the situation and decided to try to get him back in the water.

Watch what happened when Dreyer coaxed him in…

While sometimes animals beach themselves intentionally, it looks like this kiddo just got lost or swept in by a strong tide.

(via Mashable)

Thankfully, Dreyer was quick to act and probably saved his life…we’re pretty happy about it!

These Doughy Biscuits Are Hiding A Meaty And Cheesy Secret — Oh. My. God.

Personally, I don’t understand why people would choose not to eat gluten.

I mean, me? I can’t get enough of it! For starters, tons of foods that I love have gluten in them. And then there’s the whole thing — science — that says gluten isn’t actually bad for you (unless, of course, you have Celiac disease). If anything, you’re just causing yourself annoyance by having to pay for special gluten-free foods.

But back to the good stuff…this recipe!

When you combine biscuits (in all their gluten-y goodness), ground beef, cheese, and bacon, you’re bound to have a mouth party by the end. Just watch — and try not to drool all over yourself.

First you’re going to need mini biscuit dough. These geniuses used 24 biscuits.

Roll out some ground beef and then cut it into one-inch squares.

Cook it up!

Cook a pound of bacon too, because…well, bacon.

Flatten the biscuits out…these guys are about to get stuffed!

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Add little chunks of mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

On goes little hamburger pieces.

And the bacon!

Repeat, finishing off with a squirt of ketchup.

Fold in the edges to make little balls…

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And load them into a cast-iron skillet — bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Grind up the extra bacon and beef in a food processor.

When they look like this, take ’em out of the oven.

Top with cheese, beef, bacon, and cheese — in that order.

Put the delicious dish back in at 400 for ten more minutes.

Serve with ketchup, mustard, mayo, or whatever your heart desires.

If your reaction is something like this, we don’t blame you.

It’s totally warranted.

This Dad Asked His Little Kids What They Thought About Presidential Candidates

I remember the carefree days when I was a kid…but only vaguely.

I didn’t have to worry about politics, war, or really anything on the news other than those segments that featured cute newborn pandas. Life was good.

Whether or not you allow your kids to be more involved with current events, sometimes it’s hard to shield them from everything. And since children are basically like adorable sponges when it comes to absorbing information, you’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to them remembering something they overheard.

When this dad asked his kids some questions about a certain Presidential candidate, their responses were kind of hilarious.

I do remember thinking everyone older than me at that age was 200, too.

Do you let your kids watch the news if they express an interest in it or do you try to shield them until they’re older?

17 On-Point Gifts For People Who Are Total Grammar Nerds

As an English major, I can’t say I’m perfect when it comes to grammar, punctuation, or spelling, but I do know that hearing or seeing someone make a horrendous error is quite cringe-inducing.

Take this hilarious scene from How I Met Your Mother.

Grammar nerds are a class all their own, which is why if you have a friend who, like Ted Mosby, corrects everyone’s annoying (but totally harmless) mistakes, they’ll love these gifts come the holidays.

1. It’s a disease.

2. We’re still going over this? For shame!

3. All day, every day.

4. You can either memorize this, or, y’know, just learn to spell.

5. Now that’s romance.

6. I could go on all day about this…

7. They’re out there saving lives, folks.

8. Admittedly, this one is super annoying.

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9. When you’re 95 and in an old folks’ home, this will be acceptable.

10. It’s so beautiful…

11. Grammar nerds: we’re bringing sexy back.

12. It’s an important difference.

13. That was a close one.

14. Finally, someone exposed “thru” for what it really is!

15. I will FIND THEM.

16. It’s life or death, Timmy.

17. We’re doing our best to make it better, though! Promise.

But seriously…learn it, live it, love it.

This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued Is So Sad — He Can’t Even Believe It!

While living on the streets is terrifying enough, being in a home and then finding yourself at animal control is probably even scarier for our pets.

They’ve become accustomed to a life filled with love, cushy beds, and quiet naps. Then, for whatever reason, they wind up at the county pound. It’s loud, unfamiliar, and entirely horrible.

That’s why it’s understandable that when A Place To Bark rescued this guy from animal control, he couldn’t believe someone was finally showing him compassion again.

Warning: this is heartbreaking to watch.

But after a little time and a lot of love, this scared little boy became happy again!

A Place To Bark is dedicated to helping rehabilitate and rehome pets that find themselves in high-kill shelters and animal controls. Established in 2001 in the Chicago area, the nonprofit rescue has saved more than 3,000 lives!

If you’d like to help out, you can donate here or follow along with their heartwarming rescue stories here.

When These Inmates Saw Their Jail Guard Collapse, They Escaped To Help Him

People who are in jail are typically identified as criminals…but these inmates are being hailed as heroes.

When a guard at the District Courts Building in Weatherford, TX, collapsed from an apparent heart attack, the men he was standing watch over knew they had to do something.

They broke out of their holding cell and went up the unconscious man. All still shackled, they didn’t grab his gun or his keys to free themselves…no, they did something far more unbelievable.

Authorities say that the guard would not be alive had the inmates not raised alarm.

“He could have been there 15 minutes before any other staff walked in and found him,” a captain with the Parker County Sheriff’s Department noted.

Despite what you might think of criminals, these men were just worried citizens at the time and did their duty to save a man’s life.

This Adorable Yellow Lab Has A Unique Way Of Doing Just About Everything

My dog has some cute quirks, but nothing out of the normal silly puppy realm.

Stella here, on the other hand, has a unique way of doing just about everything. Her human parents insist that the adorable yellow lab is entirely healthy, both physically and mentally…she’s just a little special in how she goes about experiencing the world.

“This is how you use the dog bed, right?”

Water bowl? Nahh.

“Guys! You’re doing it all wrong!”

“Um…do you mind?”

Emergency brake: engaged.

She’s a natural at finding tennis balls in ridiculous hiding spots.

Check out more of Stella’s adorable quirks:

Be sure to follow along with the cutie and her humans over on this YouTube channel. I’m sure her dad will find plenty of other adorable oddities as she grows up.

He Called His Uncle Before His Plane Took Off. When He Hung Up He Was Kicked Off!

A senior at the University of California Berkeley thought his flight from Los Angeles to Oakland, California, would be like any other.

He boarded the plane, took his seat, and made a phone call. The 26-year-old student had just attended an event that featured the United Nations Secretary General as a speaker.

Since the plane was still at the gate, he called his uncle to tell him about the exciting speech.

He told him about the delicious food that was served and how he got to ask a question of the Secretary General.

But as he had the private conversation, he noticed the woman in front of him was listening in.

He said goodbye to his uncle…and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

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The woman told the flight crew that the student had made “potentially threatening comments” during his call.

When he got off his call, a flight attendant came over and walked him off the plane.

The student was then questioned by Southwest Airlines staff before the FBI was called to the scene.

If this sounds unfair to you, you’re not alone.

A man was removed from a plane without the opportunity to defend himself or get any explanation as to why he was being kicked off. Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was ultimately cleared of any suspicion and was given a refund on his flight. He arrived home in Oakland eight hours after he was due to land initially.

It shouldn’t matter that Makhzoomi was speaking Arabic.

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It also shouldn’t have mattered that he’s an Iraqi refugee.

Makhzoomi was having a private, perfectly harmless conversation with his uncle. And yet, he was discriminated against simply because he was speaking an unknown language.

(via The New York Times)

What would you have done if this happened to you? It really puts it all in perspective when you exclude just one tiny detail…the fact that he was speaking Arabic.

Share your thoughts in the comments section.